Acura Automobiles: Acura RDX Tops in Owner Loyalty According to Polk

Posted on 11. Jun, 2014 by in Acura Canada

The Acura RDX was awarded a 2013 Polk Automotive Loyalty Award in a “Luxury Compact CUV” category, noticing higher opening in owners retention.

Having been totally redesigned for a 2013 indication year with a new 273-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 engine, a 6-speed involuntary delivery and an accessible all-wheel-drive system, RDX provides good reasons to be loyal. The RDX extraneous incorporates an aerodynamically fit physique with Amplitude Reactive Dampers and a suit adaptive electronic energy steering system. Inside a 2014 RDX, occupants will conclude an interior pattern with abounding interior material. RDX has proven renouned with business and accessible monthly sales bests for 21 true months, completing a record run in 2013 with a sum sales boost of 51.6 percent for a year.

Presented by IHS Automotive, a Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards are formed on tangible indication year purchase/lease activity and recognizes manufacturers for higher opening in owners influence – a vicious aspect of building and progressing marketplace share. Owners had such a certain altogether knowledge that they came behind to buy another car of a same model, make, or manufacturer. The Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards are a usually fact-based awards in a attention formed on owners loyalty. Awards are formed on tangible consumer exchange to establish a winners and information is performed from state registration and franchise transaction information.

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