Acura Automobiles: American Honda Strengthens Auto Sales Division to Accelerate Sales Growth of Honda and Acura Brands

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American Honda Motor Co., Inc., will strategically realign a vehicle sales and selling operations into apart groups orderly by brand, as a Honda Division and Acura Division.  The moves, effective Apr 1, are dictated to emanate larger clarity and some-more cohesive sales and selling skeleton that are right for a products and business of any brand.

In and with a strategy, a following executive changes were announced:

Michael Accavitti will turn comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of a Acura Division. In his new role, Accavitti will be obliged for all sales, selling and tools and use business for a Acura brand. Accavitti assimilated Honda in 2011, and is now a comparison clamp boss of Auto Operations, that includes shortcoming for inhabitant selling for a Honda and Acura brands.

Jeff Conrad will turn comparison clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of a Honda Division. Conrad will be obliged for all sales and selling activities for a Honda brand. Conrad assimilated American Honda in 1982, and is now a clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of Acura Sales.

American Honda automotive operations have prolonged been distant by duty rather than by brand. These moves will outcome in disdainful divisions, with dedicated sales and selling teams for Honda and for Acura.  Both brands will be housed underneath a singular “American Honda Auto Division” to be headed by John Mendel, executive clamp boss of what is now called a Automobile Sales Division.

“Our idea is to accelerate a already clever sales expansion of a Honda and Acura brands by a some-more cohesive strategy, with a heightened concentration on a singular needs of oppulance and mainstream customers,” pronounced Mendel. “These moves will some-more totally align a vital activities for a Honda and Acura brands underneath dedicated code leaders to take advantage of new opportunities in a marketplace with larger speed and efficiency.”

Further, a plan behind a origination of a Acura Division coincides with a recently announced investiture of a new Acura Business Planning Office, also effective Apr 1. This new entity will concentration on strengthening a business and product strategies for a Acura brand. Erik Berkman, now boss of Honda RD Americas, Inc., will turn an executive clamp boss of Honda North America, Inc., and will lead a Acura Business Planning Office.

“The realignment plan that has total a new Acura Division reflects a flourishing joining and a increasing turn of resources and care we are focusing on a Acura code on a tellurian basis,” pronounced Mendel.

In further to solid sales expansion for a Honda and Acura brands in any of a past dual years, both brands will continue to deliver new models in 2014.  This spring, Honda will launch a all-new 2015 Honda Fit, to be followed after this year by an all-new compress Honda SUV. The Acura code will deliver a all-new 2015 Acura TLX oppulance opening sedan by mid-year.

“The best time to make a change is when you’re in a position of strength and we are not usually entrance off a good sales year, we are stability to emanate new opportunities with a array of new and sparkling Honda and Acura models,” pronounced Mendel.

American Honda enjoyed nearby record vehicle sales of 1,525,312 vehicles in 2013, a second best sales sum in association history. Sales of Honda code cars and trucks totaled 1,359,876 vehicles, an boost of 7.4 percent.  Honda was led by a success of core models, with a Honda CR-V posting all-time record sales in 2013 to arrange as a top-selling SUV in America, a Civic ranking as a top-selling compress car, a Odyssey ranking as a top-selling minivan, and Accord ranking as a best-selling automobile in America with particular car-buyers.

Sales of Acura code cars and trucks totaled 165,436 vehicles, an boost of 5.9 percent, and a best sales sum given 2007. Further, sales of a Acura MDX and RDX in 2013 total to grasp Acura’s best sales year ever for light trucks.


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