Acura Automobiles: Executive remarks from a Acura press discussion during a 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show

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Remarks by Jon Ikeda, Vice President and General Manager of Acura Dave Marek, Executive Creative Director of Acura

Good afternoon everyone. Thank we for fasten us.

This year, we’re celebrating Acura’s 30th anniversary and we couldn’t be some-more vehement about a movement we’ve energetic and a trail ahead. We’ve suspicion deeply about a history, a heritage, and a soul. And we’ve rekindled a childish suggestion and aspiration that incited Acura into a powerful, challenger brand.

Getting Acura behind to a roots is my tip priority. Moving forward, we’re going to contest by posterior a possess singular ideas and dreams for a future.

It’s been scarcely a year given we re-established Precision Crafted Performance as a instruction of a Acura brand.

This is a purpose. This is because we exist. And many importantly, this is a future.

You can already see this suggestion voiced in a NSX, that is now in patron hands. The NSX represents many some-more than a halo for a lineup. It’s a skeleton for a future, a singular countenance of Acura opening that shapes all we do.

We are impossibly respected that a NSX was recently named Road Track’s 2017 Performance Car of a Year, noticing not usually a implausible creation that a NSX has brought to a supercar universe, though a skill, integrity and severe suggestion of a team.

Now, augmenting a tension of a designs is vicious to a strategy. And with a introduction of a 2017 MDX, we’re holding a initial stairs in bringing a comprehensive pattern denunciation desirous by a Acura Precision Concept to a core models.

With a bolder design, reward interior refinements and particular new selling vibe a greeting to MDX has been tremendous. With a MDX heading a way, we posted a best-ever Oct sales for light trucks.

The RDX also purebred a best-ever October, and it has been a undisguised shred sales personality year-to-date. And a RDX and MDX are dual of a tip 3 oppulance SUVs with buyers under-35. These millennial business are a pivotal motorist for a destiny of a brand. But we aren’t interlude here.

Over a subsequent few months, you’re going to see a Acura Precision Concept pattern denunciation resolutely renovate core models over MDX.

Throughout my career, there has never been a some-more sparkling time.

Advances in electrification, unconstrained vehicles and connectivity are essentially reshaping a destiny of mobility. Acura is energetic to precedence this large change to broach new value to a customers.

Our entrance into a universe of electrified vehicles began in 2012, with a introduction of a 3-motor Sport Hybrid complement on a RLX. This insubordinate powertrain achieves apex levels of indicating and opening by marrying torque-vectoring all-wheel expostulate with electric motors.

For a NSX, we turbocharged a Sport Hybrid judgment to emanate a next-generation supercar, a initial to use electric motors to whet and raise each component of car opening acceleration, braking and cornering.

We were anxious when a NSX, here on a building today, claimed feat during Pikes Peak in a North American racing debut.

Validating opening in a many impassioned of conditions a Acura NSX climbed a 14-thousand-foot rise in 10 mins and 28 seconds, winning a Time Attack 2 prolongation class.

Racing is deeply secure in Acura’s spirit. Very soon, we’ll strike a lane with a rarely expected NSX GT3 with a group of gifted drivers campaigning in both a IMSA Weather Tech and Pirelli World Challenge series, starting during Daytona in January. Stay tuned for some-more news about a motorsports skeleton in 2017.

The second building retard that we wish to speak about now is a trail to a programmed vehicles of a future.

Already, some-more than 70,000 vehicles on a highway now underline a AcuraWatch apartment of active reserve technologies representing a overpass to tomorrow’s rarely programmed vehicles. This fall, a 2017 MDX became a initial SUV in a category and a second indication in a Acura choice to request AcuraWatch as customary apparatus on all grades. We will continue down this path, eventually requesting AcuraWatch customary on all of a core sedans and SUVs.

AcuraWatch will continue to allege with a further of Traffic Jam Assist subsequent year, significantly shortening a highlight of stop-and-go highway driving. The modernized inlet of AcuraWatch enabled a engineers to use a Acura RLX Sport Hybrid as a substructure for a second era programmed growth vehicle, also with us today, that is now contrast in a Bay Area.

It debuted progressing this year, propitious with a new apartment of modernized sensors and processors that support a judgment famous as sensor fusion. Simply put, sensor alloy leverages mixed sources of overlapping information to countenance information with a high grade of accuracy.

The same judgment is practical in a AcuraWatch complement accessible on a vehicles today. We will continue to rise AcuraWatch and we are good positioned in this space.

Now, another plea and event confronting automakers is connectivity, to some-more intuitively confederate a products with a customers’ digitally-powered lives. In other words, we need to compare a bravery of a technologies with a morality and user-friendliness of a designs.

The Acura pattern group has been operative to solve this plea by looking during each component of a complement in unison, earthy and digital, to emanate a true, choreographed in-car experience.

So let’s take a demeanour during what they’ve created, in what we’re job a Acura Precision Cockpit.

The Acura Precision Cockpit previews a styling and record instruction of destiny Acura prolongation models.

Now, because deliver an interior and record judgment during a vital automobile show. Our extraneous pattern instruction was energetic by a Acura Precision Concept and has been impossibly good received.

For today’s buyers generally millennials, a in-car record knowledge is only as vicious as extraneous design.

The Acura Precision Cockpit fuses ergonomic pattern with a never-before-seen handling system, that facilities a new interface that goes over a normal hold shade or remote-based approach.

And to share some-more about this sparkling direction, greatfully acquire Dave Marek, Acura’s Executive Creative Director.

Dave Marek
Thanks, Jon. It’s good to be with we again.

In January, we debuted a Acura Precision Concept during a Detroit automobile show, substantiating a confidant new pattern instruction for a Acura brand.

The Acura Precision Cockpit builds on that direction, delivering a sporty tellurian centered interior design.

Together, a Precision Concept and a Precision Cockpit are a elemental building blocks for Acura’s future. To us, interiors are vicious for communicating performance.

The Acura Precision Cockpit’s seats, steering circle and expostulate mode dial are adopted from a NSX, indicating to a sporty destiny for a brand. Natural wood, leather and alcantara finishes emanate a reward demeanour and feel. The instrument row houses a wide, ultra-clear, 12-inch driver’s display.

The digital scale utilizes a real-time 3D engine to support modernized graphics that raise a pushing experience. For example, a energetic semi-autonomous blueprint displays other cars and highway objects famous by a vehicle’s modernized sensors, visually specifying other cars handling autonomously.

An modernized prophesy mode leverages sensors and synthetic comprehension to arrangement cars, pedestrians, cyclists and other objects vaporous from a driver’s line of sight, along with likely destiny pathways. This mode builds tellurian certainty in a car’s semi-autonomous systems. Distinct colors and animations compare a pushing mode comparison by a motorist – white for Snow, blue for Comfort, red for Sport and orange for Sport Plus.

A matching, far-reaching core arrangement is placed high in a cabin tighten to a driver’s healthy line-of-sight. The core arrangement is operated by a winding touchpad that is optimally positioned in a core stack. This touchpad is ergonomically designed to discharge a need to visually locate a symbol or a switch.

Now, as Jon indicated, a new touchpad we’ve grown is a singular approach. We did a lot of research. Of course, we looked during intelligent phones, tablets and other devices, complicated a patron knowledge and a singular environmental conditions inside a vehicle.

The complement we recognised has been combined with a motorist in mind. A normal touchscreen proceed is intuitive, what we see is what we press.

But it also army a compromised chain of a shade – tighten to a motorist and out of a driver’s healthy line-of-sight.

A normal remote interface – found in many oppulance cars – solves these problems, though creates a new one: a communication between a remote and a arrangement is surreptitious and clumsy.

The Acura Precision Cockpit’s touchpad overcomes these issues by regulating comprehensive position mapping for a initial time in a pushing environment, mixing a coherence and usability of a touchscreen with a comfort and reduced motorist daze of a remote.

With comprehensive positioning, a communication with a touchpad aligns precisely with a actions on a categorical display, expelling a awkward remote knowledge that you’re used to.

Every mark on a touchpad is mapped to a specific duty on a display, only like a touchscreen. The morality of this pattern creates it unique, organic and personal – and quite good matched for performance-oriented machines.

The investigate and growth of a touchpad was certified by tens of thousands of hours during a Ohio State University’s universe category Driving Simulation Laboratory energetic with a assistance of a Ohio RD Center. What we detected was that, on average, drivers spin acclimated and gentle with a new hold pad in only minutes.

Along with previewing a destiny designs, a Acura Precision Cockpit, reveals a Android-based, next-gen Acura OS that will energy a destiny prolongation cars. The user interface is clean, elementary and beautiful, minimizing layers and clearly displaying information to a motorist by a core arrangement with dual dedicated zones. The incomparable left section is dedicated to apps and navigation, while a smaller right section allows a motorist to fast switch by audio, continue notifications.

Every component of a Acura Precision Cockpit, physical, digital and audio was designed by one group operative seamlessly together to emanate a choreographed pushing experience. This is a antecedent complement that we are elaborating into a new interior pattern for prolongation vehicles starting in a subsequent few years.

Now, I’ll spin it behind over to Jon.

Jon Ikeda
Thanks, Dave. And interjection to all of we for fasten us today.

Precision Crafted Performance is a destiny of this code though it’s not a destination.

As we demonstrated today, it’s a mindset and a joining to doing new and severe things formed on a possess singular ideas for a customers.

We have a universe of event brazen of us and we couldn’t be any some-more energized about a ability to emanate a new pushing knowledge that is singly Acura.

Thank you.

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