Acura Automobiles: Executive Remarks from a Acura Press Conference during a 2018 North American International Auto Show

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Toshiaki Mikoshiba, President CEO of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Good morning, and appreciate we for fasten us currently for a tellurian entrance of a third-generation Acura RDX Prototype.

This new RDX is a many endless Acura redesign in some-more than a decade and a comprehensive denote of things to come. It is a initial in a new era of Acura SUVs and Sedans formed on a strange code promise, Precision Crafted Performance.

We reflected on a path, and step by step began operative to rekindle that same clarity of purpose, sourroundings Precision Crafted Performance as a flame for all to follow.

We have an implausible plans for Acura in a success of a Honda vehicle brand. Over a past 4 years, we introduced a clever intonation of best in category products heading to a record series of new customers.

And this morning, for a third loyal year, a Honda code was respected when a new Accord perceived a Car of a Year award. we would like to appreciate all of a North American Car of a Year jurors for honoring Honda with this award.

Now, a idea is to comprehend this kind of success with a Acura brand.

We have done a vital fasten to Acura, to move any component of Precision Crafted Performance to life by a new era of products. This bid began with a introduction of a decisive code halo, a NSX.

It continued with a fasten to grow Acura Motorsports by a NSX GT3, and now a Daytona Prototype competition automobile that we will entrance with Team Penske in dual weeks.

We set a pattern instruction with a origination of first, a Acura Precision Concept, followed by a Acura Precision Cockpit, substantiating an upscale and particular pattern instruction for all destiny Acura products. This was followed by a modernise of 3 pivotal models featuring a solid pentagon grille, that has been really well-received.

Now, a subsequent era of products will take an even bolder step forward. With this new generation, we will entirely exercise a new Acura pattern instruction inside and out. And we will pursue a singular powertrain plan that underscores a legitimate place as a opening multiplication of Honda.

Today, I’m gratified to announce that we will deliver an all-new dedicated V6 turbo engine in a entrance years exclusively for destiny Acura products.

And building on a success of a TLX A-Spec, relocating forward, all destiny core models will offer an A-Spec variant. This will embody a new 2.4-liter A-Spec TLX indication rising this spring, fasten a well-received V-6 TLX A-Spec.

Our business and code advocates have also been job on us to move behind a Type-S, a name used for high opening Acura models for many of a history.

Today, we am gratified to announce that we will re-launch Type-S in a subsequent few years. This will offer as another pivotal component of Acura’s fasten to performance.

Another vicious new value of a product instruction is a mutation of Acura interior design. Starting with this all-new RDX, we will change Acura interiors around breakthrough ergonomic design, record and sophistication of a Acura Precision Cockpit.

Acura’s new user interface will be a outrageous jump brazen for a customers. But this is customarily one aspect of an impossibly abounding and reward new cabin experience.

Our engineers conducted thousands of hours of investigate to emanate a driver-centric proceed that is a initial of a kind and clearly Acura.

This will be a third era RDX though a initial RDX designed and grown in a U.S. And it will continue to be built in a U.S. for a North American market.

In fact, all though one Acura indication in a lineup is now constructed in Ohio.

Moreover, as a Acura code has stretched to China, we will also furnish RDX there for a initial time to accommodate flourishing direct in a Chinese market.
In a U.S., RDX has achieved 3 loyal years of some-more than 50,000 units in sales, something customarily RDX can explain in this segment. So, we’re starting from a position of strength.

Now, we are recreating RDX from a belligerent adult as a pristine countenance of Precision Crafted Performance. What you’re about to see is not customarily a right product for where we are holding a Acura brand, it’s a right product during customarily a right time for today’s market.

Presenting a initial in a new era of Acura products, it is my pleasure to deliver a all-new 2019 Acura RDX Prototype.

Jon Ikeda, Vice President General Manager of a Acura Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Well here it is, a new RDX Prototype, a generational new product from tip to bottom, inside and out.

30 years ago, it was Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance DNA that captivated me to this company. Intelligent design, innovative technology, a human-centered attribute between automobile and driver, with a concentration on opening and a racing spirit.

Now, from top-to-bottom, we’ve refocused a code around these values. And we’re holding a outrageous jump brazen with this all-new 2019 RDX.

Let’s dive in, starting with a extraneous styling.

Our group during a Acura Design Studio in California started with a fundamentals of performance, bolder and some-more particular pattern with a low and far-reaching stance, wheels out far-reaching during a corners, and brief overhangs to maximize a opening proportions.

When we demeanour inside this RDX, you’ll immediately get a clarity of a upscale inlet and pattern impulse from a NSX.

This atmospheric cabin includes an all-new competition chair and steering wheel, as good as a high-deck floating core console and distinguished expostulate mode selector in a core stack.

There’s also a new ultra-wide breathtaking moonroof that creates an impossibly open and ethereal feel. And it will be customary on each new RDX.

Like each new Acura from here on out, opening is a tip priority.

So, underneath a skin is an all-new Acura-exclusive platform, a ground-up pattern that has been dramatically stiffened and insulated for sharper, some-more nimble handling, and glorious float peculiarity and comfort.

The framework facilities a new, multi-link behind cessation with Adaptive Dampers that are tied into a RDX’s Integrated Dynamics System and new on a RDX and identical in pattern to a NSX with 4 graphic expostulate modes.

Additionally, a steering complement utilizes a non-static rigging ratio shelve for softened performance, larger certainty during high speeds, and pointing during low speeds.

Under a hood RDX gets a comprehensive new engine, a 2-liter VTEC Turbo, charity a many energy in a category with 40 percent some-more low-end torque than a effusive model.

It’s corresponding to a segment-first 10-speed involuntary delivery that responds fast to a will of a motorist with frail and polished shifts that gain on a turbo engine’s prosaic torque curve.

For all-wheel-drive models, 2019 outlines a lapse of Super Handling All-Wheel Drive to RDX in next-gen form with a 40 percent boost in limit torque ability over a stream SH-AWD system. This is utterly simply a many modernized and able torque-vectoring all-wheel expostulate record in a game.

Combine it with a new powertrain, a stiffer physique and chassis, and a softened steering and we have hands down a quickest best-handling RDX ever! But we didn’t stop there.

We’ve installed this new RDX with next-level calm that elevates it to a new position among tip reward brands. There are 5 pivotal areas that we wish to call to your attention.

First, materials. Going forward, if it looks like metal, it’s metal. If it looks like wood, it’s wood. For RDX, we’re requesting brushed aluminum and open-pore timber in a proceed that is understated, nonetheless contemporary.

Next is a many worldly and reward chair in any Acura keyed to a office of opening in each aspect of design. The substructure is a chair support done from high-strength-steel wrapped in full-grain Nappa leather with 16-way energy adjustability and lumbar support for both a motorist and front passenger. It’s an implausible design, providing superb comfort recognised around a tellurian body.

Next is a hi-fidelity audio knowledge we call Acura ELS Studio 3D. This new complement literally provides a new dimension of sound not customarily from left to right or front to behind though tip to bottom. It’s a loyal three-dimensional listening knowledge with 4 speakers mounted in a roof directly above a occupants!

We’re also holding a outrageous jump brazen with an all-new Acura user interface, that we debuted in judgment form final year after study required approaches. A normal touchscreen proceed is intuitive, what we see is what we press. But a chain of a shade is out of a driver’s healthy line-of-sight and usability while pushing is compromised. A arrangement shade positioned high and brazen with a remote interface solves this problem though a communication is customarily clumsy.

The RDX’s singular touchpad is precisely mapped one-to-one with a movement on a 10.2 in. core display. It’s a world’s initial focus of comprehensive positioning in a pushing environment.

A daub on a bottom left of a touchpad corresponds directly with a movement on a bottom left of a display. The handling system, also new from a belligerent up, facilities pleasing graphics and simple, purify menus designed to work hand-in-hand with a touchpad. So, simply we’ve total a usability of a touchscreen with a purify pattern of a remote.

Our investigate has proven drivers turn acclimated with a operation in customarily a matter of minutes. And on tip of a new True Touchpad Interface, we’ve given a RDX a new healthy denunciation debate approval system.

Feeling like Pad Thai? Just contend “Nearest Thai Food” and it will take we to a closest restaurant.

And for a tech savvy customers, RDX also has an interactive, 10.5 inch, tone conduct adult arrangement and 4G LTE WiFi.

The final pivotal point, a AcuraWatch apartment of reserve and driver-assistive technologies is customary on each new RDX. It’s an implausible value that competitors gold in their many costly packages.

I wish to give a discerning scream out to a U.S. pattern and engineering team, led by arch operative Steve Hansen that has towering RDX to a whole new level. They’re sitting adult front and accessible for your questions in customarily a moment.

Thank you, team, for your implausible tough work and passion.

And one final square of news for we today, when this new RDX comes to marketplace mid-year, it will launch with an A-Spec model. Stay tuned for some-more sum in a months ahead.

With this all new 2019 Acura RDX, we will perform a guarantee we began some-more than 3 decades ago.

It’s not customarily a good new entrance in a hottest shred of a market. The Acura RDX is a comprehensive matter about who we are and where we’re headed as a brand. The really clarification of Precision Crafted Performance.

Thanks, everyone, for your time and courtesy and following a integrate of discerning photos, I’d like to entice we on-stage for a closer look.

Thank you!

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