Acura Automobiles: Honda Begins Monitor Leasing of Walking Assist Device in Japan

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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has begun leasing adult to a sum of 100 units* of a Walking Assist Device to hospitals in Japan that yield reconstruction training / earthy therapy in a area of walking, to guard a use and determine a practicality of a device.

Striving to offer a fun of mobility to some-more people, Honda began investigate and growth of a Walking Assist Device in 1999. As with ASIMO, Honda’s humanoid robot, a Walking Assist Device adopts mild control record that was grown formed on Honda’s accumulative investigate of tellurian walking. The control mechanism activates motors formed on information performed from hip angle sensors while walking to urge a balance of a timing of any leg lifting from a belligerent and fluctuating forward, and to foster a longer travel for an easier walk.

The compress pattern of a device and altogether weight of reduction than 2.6 kg were achieved by a adoption of skinny motors and a control complement that were grown exclusively by Honda, as good as a elementary pattern that enables a device to be ragged with belts. As a result, a device is reduction of a weight on a user and suitable for several physique sizes.

From a early stages of a investigate and growth of a Walking Assist Device, Honda has been operative together with medical corporations, businesses and investigate institutions. Through this process, Honda has perceived certain feedback from recipients of walking training / therapy, earthy therapists, medical doctors and researchers who acknowledge certain efficacy and harmony of a device in a rehabilitation.

To date, Honda has conducted collaborative investigate on reconstruction training / earthy therapy regulating a Walking Assist Device in 7 hospitals. Honda is now mouth-watering a broader operation of hospitals to attend in this monitoring routine by leasing a sum of 100 units of a Walking Assist Device to benefit some-more opinion and feedback from real-world users to serve urge a functions and usability of a device.

Based on a suggestion on that Honda was founded – “utilizing record to assistance people” – Honda will continue a active efforts to comprehend unsentimental use of products useful to people.

* A sum of 50 sets of an M-size and a L-size inclination will be leased, with one set per hospital. A sum of 50 hospitals will be regulating a inclination for a purpose of monitoring a use.

Key specifications of a Walking Assist Device

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