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John Mendel:

Hello everyone. And appreciate we for fasten Honda this morning. we know there are a few press conferences still to come, though we are gratified to pierce down a screen on a OEM side of a 2015 North American International Auto Show.

Over a past day and a half you’ve substantially attended some-more than 25 press events here in Cobo Center, though not one has showcased a conflicting array of modernized products we see here on a Honda Stage this morning.

These products and many some-more still to come are because we’re job 2015 “The Year of Honda.” Over a subsequent 12-18 months, you’re going to see mixed large Honda dreams come true, a new Acura supercar we saw yesterday, a next-generation Honda fuel dungeon vehicle, an impossibly innovative business jet and a lapse to Formula One racing. No other automaker in a universe has a abyss of RD imagination and knowledge to take on all of these challenges, let alone pierce them to market.

These are all-new products and technologies for a business and for a destiny of mobility everywhere, innovations that are truly something usually Honda can deliver. As we can see here, and conflicting a aisle, we’re bringing to life a mantra, “The Power of Dreams”, in unequivocally genuine and constrained ways.

Our springboard is a implausible movement we combined in 2014, with all-time record sales for a Honda brand.  In offer to offered a many Honda vehicles in a 45 years given we began automobile sales in America, what creates it generally gratifying is that we continue to do it a Honda way. That means though compromising a fasten to a customers. 

The record array of patron relations we combined final year was formed roughly exclusively on sales to sold buyers, warranted one patron and one automobile during a time. Accord, again, was a many renouned automobile in America with sell automobile buyers. Civic, again, was a best-selling compress automobile with sell buyers. And CR-V, again, was a undisguised best-selling SUV in America; in fact, it’s been a best-selling SUV in America for a past decade.

For a second loyal year, these 3 models surfaced over a million units in sales. And, full-size trucks notwithstanding, this is another feat that usually Honda has accomplished. 

But when we speak about “Only Honda” and The Power of Dreams in 2015, we’re articulate a accomplishment of some unequivocally large dreams. We’re drumming into a roots of Honda’s passion for creation in mobility powered by a technological tour-de-force unequaled in a tellurian automobile industry.

We can start with a all-new NSX, and while we listened copiousness about this new supercar yesterday, a NSX demonstrates a passion for engineering imagination and extended formed knowledge in powertrain innovation, hybrid systems, super-handling record and modernized physique construction, usually to name a few.

And today, we showcase these unequivocally same strengths, though in a conflicting form of modernized record vehicle, a Honda FCV Concept. Making a North American debut, this fuel dungeon automobile represents Honda’s some-more than 25 years of imagination in a expansion of fuel dungeon technology.

The new, some-more compress Honda fuel dungeon smoke-stack fits totally within a front engine compartment. This is a poignant feat for a destiny concentration of fuel-cell record in a industry. The new smoke-stack provides a 60 percent boost in appetite and a 33 percent rebate in size.

As a result, a FCV Concept delivers even larger newcomer space than a predecessor, including seating for adult to five. 

Moreover, a FCV Concept has a pushing operation of some-more than 300 miles and an expected refueling time of approximately 3 mins during a vigour of 70 MPa, that is significantly faster than battery recharging.

We all know that infrastructure is a vital concern. So, we also recently invested scarcely $14 million dollars in First Element Fuel to offer accelerate a network of open hydrogen refueling stations in California. This fasten adds substantial movement to a destiny infrastructure for fuel dungeon vehicles.

Importantly, a FCV Concept we will launch in 2016 serves as a initial of an whole new epoch of Honda’s destiny modernized record vehicles. And now in Detroit, we’re announcing that we will deliver an all-new battery electric model, and an all-new plug-in hybrid indication by 2018.

Together, these vehicles will assistance emanate a new volume sales post by assembly a accumulation of patron needs for mobility. 

So, while a FCV Concept and NSX competence be during conflicting ends of a record spectrum, they’re both emblematic of a passion for record and creation that advantages a patron and society.

This same severe suggestion and passion will be voiced in another Honda dream that has been decades in a making, and that will literally take Honda appetite to a skies. This year, Honda Aircraft Company will start patron deliveries of a rarely expected HondaJet, seen here in quarter-scale.

A pristine countenance of a fasten to creation in tellurian mobility, a many poignant of HondaJet’s many breakthroughs is a singular Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration. Engineered and proven by Honda after some-more than 20 years of endless investigate and development, this pattern helps make HondaJet a fastest, tip flying, and many fuel-efficient aircraft in a class.

And don’t let this scale indication chronicle dope you. It’s not a concept, it’s usually that while there have been longhorns on Jefferson Avenue, we couldn’t land a craft there. The fact is we’re already mass-producing HondaJet, even as we enter a final proviso of FAA approval.

Sixty-six years ago Honda’s initial motorbike was powered by a half-horsepower 50cc engine. The HondaJet is versed with a many absolute engine Honda has ever produced, a Honda-designed GE Honda HF120 turbofan, rated in additional of 2,000 pounds of thrust.

And given we’re here during a Detroit Auto Show, I’ll indicate out that a HondaJet is expected a initial business aircraft to entirely implement automobile interior pattern processes, improving peculiarity and potency in mass production.

And, like 98-percent of a automotive products, both a HondaJet and a turbofan engine are built in North America; in fact, both are built in a hearth of tellurian flight, North Carolina. 

Now, if creation is a heart of Honda, racing is a soul. And 2015 will see one some-more vital dream realized, and an countenance of a Honda Racing Spirit with a lapse to Formula One racing.

On theatre now is a entirely operational, accurate reproduction of a F1 automobile Richie Ginther gathering to Honda’s initial 1st Grand Prix feat in 1965. 2015 outlines a 50th anniversary year of that initial F1 mottled flag, a win that occurred in North America, in a Mexican Grand Prix. Now, in that video, it was long-time Honda IndyCar motorist and 3-time Indy 500 champion Dario Franchitti behind a wheel. And Dario is with us here today. Thanks Dario, for all we do to allege Honda’s Racing Spirit, and for remaining a loyal crony of Honda.

In a arriving 4th epoch of Honda’s F1 history, McLaren and Honda have reignited a partnership that warranted an implausible 8 universe championships, including a many winning singular deteriorate opening in F1 history.

We have a integrate of good drivers and proven champions as partial of a McLaren Honda organisation in Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, and we will contest to win in this initial season.  

Honda pennyless new belligerent in a 1980s by formulating a turbocharged engine that was forlorn in both outlay and efficiency. F1 engines have been downsized to 1.6 liters and interconnected with appetite liberation systems, identical to those on required hybrid and electric cars.

Honda engineers are leveraging a substantial knowledge with electric expostulate and appetite liberation systems in a prolongation vehicles to rise this F1 appetite unit. And in a future, a technologies grown by F1 will be fed behind to prolongation cars.

Let’s not forget motorcycle, MotoGP is a world’s tip racing series. And Honda won uninterrupted championships in 2013 and 2014 with a Honda RC213V ridden by Marc Marquez who dominated MotoGP final deteriorate winning 13 of 18 races. Last year, Marquez introduced an implausible antecedent travel chronicle of a RC213V championship appurtenance during a Milano Motorcycle show. It’s another instance of a Honda dream come true, and this RC213V-S Prototype is set to turn a ultimate travel bike.

To those of we not attuned to MotoGP racing, that would be like a travel authorised F1 car. 

So, what do all of these new Honda dreams have to do with a automobile business? It’s about spirit, a suggestion of creation that’s powering a clever intonation of innovative products streamer your approach in a entrance months, with a revitalization of a light lorry lineup, a vital enlargement of choice powertrain automobile sales, and a offer expansion of a tiny automobile lineup.

This includes a all-new 2016 Honda HR-V crossover this spring, a new benchmark in a flourishing segment. Shortly after, we’ll deliver an all-new Pilot SUV that will redefine what is probable with an 8-passenger mid-size SUV. And offer ahead, a totally reengineered Ridgeline pickup. And we have some some-more fad on a newcomer automobile side of a lineup this year as well. So, watch this space.

All this happens as we continue to rollout a new epoch of powertrains that are grown and done here in North America. And again, today, we’re announcing a initial concentration of a new Honda VTEC® turbo 4-cylinder engines, and that they will be done during a Anna Engine Plant in Ohio.

We will also enhance concentration of a 2- and 3-motor hybrid systems. It is all of these new products and powertrains that will offer to strengthen a competitiveness in pivotal expansion areas.

All of these new products and technologies are among a reasons we’re job 2015 a “Year of Honda.” It’s going to be an sparkling and groundbreaking year. And we’re targeting not usually a record year for a Honda brand, though an all-time symbol for sum American Honda sales, all achieved while progressing a concentration on sold buyers. And we demeanour brazen to carrying we along for a ride.

And vocalization of rides, we’re going to tighten out with one some-more record that usually Honda could create. Developed as a personal mobility device that’s concordant for use around people, this UNI-CUB facilities change control and other technologies, that issue from Honda’s robotics research. 

These technologies concede a supplement to pierce forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally as openly as walking, simply by changeable physique weight and disposition toward a dictated direction.

While we now surpass a GVW of this sold model, I’ve been positive they’re operative on a Mendel-sized version. But we competence have seen this singular countenance of Honda’s robotics imagination in a song video expelled several months ago by a stone organisation OK Go.

So, we appreciate we for fasten us, we demeanour brazen to pity this Year of Honda with all you, and now let’s OK Go!

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