Agile, versatile, electrifying: The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4.

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Characteristic MINI pushing fun is now accessible in fascinating,
tolerable form. The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is a first
indication of a British reward code in that a plug-in hybrid drive
provides a choice of mobility that is quite electric and
therefore emissions-free, in further to charity a disturb of
jaunty lively and autarchic versatility. The pursuit of providing
fit brazen thrust is common between a 3-cylinder petrol
engine and a synchronous electric motor. Together they furnish a
complement outlay of 165 kW/224 hp. Equally considerable is a average
fuel expenditure of 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres and a CO2
emissions figure of 49 grams per kilometre (EU exam cycle figures
for plug-in hybrid vehicles). The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is
so a ideal automobile for civic aim groups who wish to enjoy
a advantages of quite electric mobility when travelling between home
and work any day, for example, while during a same time benefiting
from sum long-distance bearing during a weekend.

The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 combines the
non-static space judgment of a new indication generation’s largest member
with a sustainability of BMW Group eDrive record and an
electrified all-wheel expostulate system. The front wheels are powered by
a explosion engine, a back wheels by a electric motor. The
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is means to run on electricity alone
not usually in civic trade though distant beyond, too – during a tip speed of
125 km/h and with a operation of adult to 40 kilometres. Drawing on a power
of both expostulate forms, it offers pushing fun divided from flush roads,
too. “The plug-in hybrid judgment ideally matches a new MINI
Countryman since it offers intelligent all-wheel expostulate as good as
being means to run on electricity alone both in civic areas and over
longer distances, too. This is singular in a segment,” says Uwe Seitz,
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 plan manager.

The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4: an overview of the
– The brand’s initial ever plug-in hybrid
– High-quality BMW Group eDrive components, configured to
fit this specific model, that pull on imagination gained from the
growth of BMW iPerformance automobiles.
– 3-cylinder petrol
engine and electric engine mix to furnish a sum complement outlay of
165 kW/224 hp.
– Fuel expenditure in a EU exam cycle: 2.1 litres/100 km, CO2
emissions: 49 g/km.

– Electric pushing during speeds of adult to 125 km/h with a operation of
adult to 40 kilometres.
– Novel pushing knowledge due to the
electrified all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4.
– Lithium-ion
high-voltage battery can be charged during a wallbox in 2:15 hours.

– Three handling modes accessible for welfare around eDrive
toggle switch.
– Hybrid-specific displays.

MINI is a colonize in a margin of electric mobility.

The BMW Group’s technological imagination and operation of
models have given it a heading purpose in a area of electric mobility.
MINI was an early colonize here: a MINI E presented in 2008 was the
BMW Group’s initial ever quite electrically powered automobile and was
driven by private users in bland trade as partial of a large-scale
margin experiment. More than 600 of this automobile formed on a MINI
Cooper were used for unsentimental contrast functions worldwide. The project
yielded critical insights into a use of electrically powered
automobiles, and these were incorporated in a growth of a BMW i3.

MINI TwinPower Turbo and eDrive record combined.

The plug-in hybrid expostulate of a MINI Cooper S
E Countryman ALL4 combines a best of dual worlds. The informed space
underneath a carp is assigned by a 3-cylinder petrol engine with MINI
TwinPower Turbo Technology from a latest era of a BMW Group
engines. From a ability of 1.5 litres this mobilises a rise outlay of
100 kW/136 hp. The limit torque of a engine is 220 Newton metres,
that goes on tide during 1 250 rpm. In a MINI Cooper S
E Countryman ALL4, a explosion engine is sum with a modified
6-speed Steptronic transmission. This transfers a appetite to a front
wheels formed on a evil MINI principle.

The second appetite section of a MINI S E Countryman ALL4 is an
electric engine that is housed underneath a luggage cell floor.
Designed according to a element of a hybrid synchronous motor, the
electric expostulate offers an outlay of 65 kW/88 hp – that is particularly
high deliberation a distance and weight – and generates a limit torque
of 165 Newton metres that is specially accessible directly
from standing. In addition, it provides consistent appetite smoothness even
in high engine speed ranges as good as a really high turn of
efficiency. The electric engine leads a appetite to a back spindle via
a two-stage single-speed transmission.

Lithium-ion battery: compact, absolute and constructed using
disdainful expertise.
The lithium-ion battery is
positioned directly in front of a electric engine underneath a rear
seat. It is done adult of 5 modules, any comprising 16 battery cells,
and like a electric engine it is constructed during a Dingolfing plant,
a BMW Group’s cunning centre for eDrive technology. The
high-voltage battery has a ability of 7.6 kWh. At a wallbox with a
charging ability of 3.6 kW it can be entirely charged in 2:15 hours.
Charging during a unchanging domicile hollow takes 3:15 hours.

Intelligent appetite government optimises pushing fun and
The intelligent appetite government system
tranquil by a appetite wiring of a plug-in hybrid system
ensures that a interplay between a explosion engine and the
electric engine is optimised for both pushing fun and potency in all
situations. Using a appetite of a electric engine alone, the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is means to yield locally
emissions-free pushing fun with hallmark code suggestion in many
situations in day-to-day traffic. In a eventuality of some-more intense
acceleration, a electric engine supports a explosion engine around a
boost function. A sum complement outlay of 165 kW/224 hp and a combined
torque of 385 Newton metres are accessible for jaunty sprints. The
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in
6.9 seconds.

Two appetite units, 4 expostulate wheels.
Only one of
a dual appetite units is used when a automobile is moving, while a other
one can be additionally enabled during any time to optimise traction, ride
fortitude and agility. The vigilance compulsory for this purpose comes from
a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) unit, that henceforth analyses
both a conditions on a highway and a driver’s wishes. “The outcome is
an intelligent all-wheel expostulate complement that ensures ideal transformation in
all weathers and on all highway surfaces,” explains Uwe Seitz,
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 plan manager. The precisely
tranquil communication achieved in a powering of a front wheels by
a explosion engine and a back wheels by a electric engine is the
same as a element that is practical in a BMW i8, usually a other
approach around: it is a pivotal cause that contributes to a exceptionally
fascinating impression of a plug-in hybrid sports car.

The eDrive toggle switch: quite electric appetite during a press
of a button.
The motorist can also use a eDrive toggle
switch to select between 3 handling modes.

In a customary environment AUTO eDRIVE, the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 runs on electrical appetite usually adult to a
speed of 80 km/h. At aloft speeds and in a box of really intensive
loads, a explosion engine is automatically enabled in addition. In
MAX eDRIVE mode a automobile is powered by a electric engine alone at
speeds adult to 125 km/h. What is more, a SAVE BATTERY mode can be
comparison so as to soothe a ability of a high-voltage battery or
lift a assign state to during slightest 90 per cent so that sufficient
electrical appetite stays for locally emissions-free pushing after on.

If a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is propitious with a
navigation complement and track superintendence is activated, a anticipatory
appetite government complement ensures that suitable sections of the
track are run on electric appetite alone. Taking into comment the
navigation data, a handling plan of a hybrid complement is geared
towards sketch on a appetite ability of a high-voltage battery to
limit extent.

Versatile and non-static in a interior,
Thanks to a compress structure and arrangement of
a eDrive components, a plug-in hybrid indication several of a new
MINI Countryman has a versatile interior. The high-voltage battery is
housed underneath a somewhat lifted back seat, as is a 35-litre
fuel tank. When all seats are in use, a luggage cell volume
in a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is usually somewhat reduction than in
a conventionally powered indication variants. The back backrests offer
a probability of a
40 : 20 : 40
split; they can also be folded down and sundry in their lean angle.
“The whole hybrid record is commissioned in such a approach that you
don’t notice it inside a automobile during all,” says Uwe Seitz,
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 plan manager, “with a exception
of a controls used to activate a several pushing modes.”

Hybrid-specific pattern facilities and
Discreet though equally observable indications
of a pioneering impression of a car’s expostulate form are supposing by
a model-specific pattern facilities on a MINI Cooper S
E Countryman ALL4 exterior. The tie for a charging wire is
underneath a strap in a area of a left-hand side scuttle. Other features
are a model-specific “e” badge on a side scuttles and also a
yellow “S” in a indication marker on a back as good as on the
radiator grille and doorway sill finishers.

The special facilities of a cockpit embody a yellow start/stop
section during a centre of a toggle switch row and a performance
arrangement in a instrument cluster on a steering column. The
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 comes as customary with a Radio MINI
Visual Boost featuring a 6.5-inch colour shade in a central
instrument. In further to a MINI Country Timer, this also displays
information such as a assign state of a high-voltage battery and
handling mode of a hybrid expostulate comparison by eDrive toggle switch.
In and with a discretionary Wired package including MINI
navigation complement Professional, operation is around an 8.8-inch screen
with a new distinguished pattern and touchscreen duty as good as around the
Touch Controller in a centre console.

Fittings: potency meets particular style.
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 combines rarely fit pushing fun
with a non-static space judgment and all a other advancements that
characterize a new book of a all-round indication for a premium
compress segment. Its strenuously fluent pattern and optimised use of
space are usually as distinguished as a increasing float comfort and refined
reward ambience. The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 comes with the
MINI Driving Modes as standard. Regardless of a handling mode
comparison around eDrive toggle switch, a automobile set-up can be adapted
to a quite sporty or fit pushing style, according to preference.

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