“Ahoj Česko” – on a route of a Leipzig Opera Ball

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This year a 24th Leipzig Opera Ball is being hold underneath a ensign of partner city Brno in a Czech Republic. The sign for a angel story round night is “Ahoi Česko” (Hello, Czech Republic) and a Opera Ball raffle is as always a must, with a deduction going to amicable projects in a city of Leipzig. Porsche is once again donating a categorical prize, a china 718 Boxster with a red top. And where improved to put this car to a exam than on a slight switchbacks of a Bohemian roads that lead to Brno?

Influencer Magic Fox and conform blogger Masha Sedgwick started their tour to a Czech Republic during a Porsche plant in Leipzig. They not usually got to know a many facets of a Boxster though also enthralled themselves in a enlightenment of Germany’s neighbour. They followed a route of Ferdinand Porsche, visited a Konfit grill where conduct cook Pavel Rohoška total this year’s Opera Ball menu, and checked out a famous Villa Tugendhat. Masha wrote down her impressions and practice from a dual days in a travelogue.

To Brno and back: On a route of Ferdinand Porsche

Do we know that refreshing feeling that comes over we when we press down on a accelerator of a sports car? Your heart beats faster, your eyes thoroughness and time goes by in delayed motion.

Fashion blogger Masha in a Boxster 718 on her highway outing from Leipzig to Czech Brno.

Last week we got a possibility to unequivocally building a pedal on a racetrack.
In a Porsche 718 Boxster during that! This was done probable given Porsche is one of a car companies with their possess racetrack, and while it’s especially used as a contrast ground, it can also spin a dream into a genuine journey now and then. Before being delivered, any car is given a extensive pushing exam here to safeguard that it fulfils all of a company’s peculiarity requirements. You can exam and examination to a limit, take all a bends and make a tyres screech. You can theory that they didn’t have to ask me twice about holding a exam drive, am we right?

So we get behind a circle and strike a gas. we play around a small bit and make a few manoeuvres, though a car stays safely on a track. we pierce adult a gear, given who says that we girls don’t suffer a few additional hp? My thoroughness is razor-sharp and we confirm to exam a limits. we gaunt into a accelerator and adult a speed. Have we ever attempted full braking on a asphalt? Scary. After only a half-hour exam expostulate I’m soaked in sweat. My thoughts are focused, my physique full of adrenaline.

First a poison test, afterwards a large trip

But a racetrack was only a exam expostulate for a outing brazen of us.
So where to? To Brno, a partner city of Leipzig’s around 460 kilometres away. With Daniel Fuchs by my side we strike a road, aiming for a initial brief stop along a approach that’s a ideal compare for a car we’ve chosen: The hearth of contriver and fable of a automotive courtesy Ferdinand Porsche, where a association story of Porsche Holding originated.

So we conduct for this chronological site and after a brief expostulate we’re during a residence that’s utterly rare during initial glance. Only when we pull nearby do we conclude a bizarre appearance. What looked like an typical family home is in existence a museum. And in a center of a room is an ancient car that’s one of Ferdinand Porsche’s initial creations.

Masha Sedgwick, conform blogger, Daniel Fuchs aka Magic Fox, influencer, l-r, hearth Ferdinand Porsche, 2018, Porsche AG

Masha and Magic Fox stand aboard one of a initial cars done by Ferdinand Porsche.

Fascinated by this steer we enter a building and allege step by step, consumed by story and a inundate of information surrounding us in a silence. We learn a lot about a story of a car and a many technological developments – from a mill apparatus to a exoskeleton. We listen to a past, demeanour into a destiny and ask ourselves: Which developments have led to a standing quo? And what swell and commentary are going to take us brazen in a development?

On a highway to Brno: An tractable outing and a wonders of nature

Surrounded by halcyon landscapes and small villages, we continue along a highways of a Czech Republic toward Brno. We make a unwavering preference to equivocate a motorway, preferring to suffer inlet and live in a moment. We put down a tip of a convertible, breathe in a uninformed atmosphere and bask in a sun’s rays and a refreshing breeze issuing past us. We take it solemnly along a winding, slight nation roads, prolonging a outing a little, pushing 500 kilometres, 600 kilometres while frequency seeing a stretch we’re racking up.

Masha Sedgwick, conform blogger, 2018, Porsche AG

Fascinated by simplicity, timelessness and elegance: Masha exploring Brno.

Suddenly, during sunset, we arrive in Brno and check into a Barcelo Hotel, happy and exhausted. The design of a hotel is desirable and it has a smashing plcae in a center of a aged city of Brno, partnered with Leipzig given 1973. Brno is also a poignant industrial and executive centre in a Czech Republic that’s really renouned due to a sharp-witted informative stage and a architecture. I’m also fast taken with a latter as we take a travel and come opposite a many sparkling steer that a city has to offer: Villa Tugendhat, a precisionist architectural masterpiece of a complicated age. The architecture, a perspective and a interior had me in raptures straightaway. Everything is simple, undying and elegant. The walls are glassy and a dividers between a particular vital areas are done of onyx. The whole interior is flashy with costly mill and excellent woodwork. Only a really best was used in this building – it symbolises timelessness and category though even a smallest snippet of pomposity.

The right dress for a 718 Boxster

We’ve managed to parasite off many of a equipment on a Brno agenda, though we’ve got one goal left to fulfil: anticipating a ideal dress for a Leipzig Opera Ball! It has to paint both femininity and magnificence while also creation a good compare for a car – a china gleam and red interior of a Porsche 718 Boxster. We take a travel by a city centre, constraint a few moments with a camera and most event opposite my ideal dress. A pointed pinkish with asymmetrical, light ruffles, accurately how we had illusory it. I’m gay with it, as it’s a ideal reduction of prominence and restraint. A dress that doesn’t desire for courtesy though still gets it.

Masha Sedgwick, conform blogger, 2018, Porsche AG

The ideal dress for a Leipzig Opera Ball – and a expostulate in a china 718 Boxster.

So we leave Brno during a finish of a successful mission, full of durability impressions and smashing memories. An dull motorway though a speed extent opens adult brazen of us. We take full advantage, pushing 150 km/h, 200 km/h, 250 km/h. The breeze rushes past, Brno vanishes behind us on a setting and “Feel Good Inc.” comes on a radio, summing adult accurately how we feel.

The highway outing to Czech RepublicPlay

718 Boxster: Fuel expenditure total 7.4 – 6.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 168 – 158 g/km

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