AI for bee research: we4bee becomes partial of a Microsoft ‘AI for Earth’ program

Posted on 20. May, 2019 by in Audi Canada

Schools and educational institutions will take caring of a bee hives and safeguard that they send information continuously. Each bee cluster is additionally looked after by a beekeeper. With a we4bee app, participants can lane that information is eliminated to a cloud. This includes information on temperature, humidity, atmosphere pressure, weight, sound and particulate-matter pollution. Every user can use a app to review his or her hive with others in a cloud. Gamification collection inspire some-more interaction. For example, an AI-supported flower scanner allows participants to take photos of flowers and afterwards displays that flower they are.

Under a “AI for Good” motto, Microsoft supports organizations and projects that foster issues such as tellurian rights, accessibility, and environmental protection. The Microsoft “AI for Earth” module helps researchers and organizations to use synthetic comprehension to rise new approaches for a insurance of water, agriculture, biodiversity and climate. The beginning aims to solve a good hurdles confronting amiability with a assistance of synthetic intelligence.

“We are unapproachable that we4bee is one of a 298 projects upheld by ‘AI for Earth’ and are gay to have Microsoft as a profitable supporter,” says Rüdiger Recknagel, Head of a Audi Environmental Foundation. Christine Haupt, General Manager Microsoft Services of Microsoft Germany, says: “For Microsoft, it is a avocation and requirement to make record serviceable by all and to request it responsibly. Artificial comprehension can be an critical building retard for a improved future. We are really gratified that with we4bee, we are ancillary a plan from Germany that uses record to offer critical investigate commentary for a insurance of bees.”

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