Alessandro Zanardi: “It will be a really beguiling experience.”

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Munich. The countdown is on: in one week’s time, Alessandro
Zanardi (ITA) will start his DTM adventure. The BMW works driver
will contest as a guest starter during a seventh turn of a 2018 DTM
deteriorate during Misano (ITA). For Zanardi, it will be dual firsts during once;
it will be his entrance in a renouned furloughed automobile array and he will
expostulate though his prosthetic legs for a initial time. His modified
BMW M4 DTM is versed with a hand-operated braking system. In an
interview, Zanardi speaks about his dream to competition a DTM car, his
impressions of a BMW M4 DTM and his expectations for Misano.


Alessandro, Misano is entrance closer – how many is the
fad growing?


Alessandro Zanardi: “It is growing, though a races are still a few
days away. we consider a fad will unequivocally hold a roof when I
get to Misano, when we get to see a other cars, when we get to see the
other transporters, when we start to spot a fumes, hear a noise.”


You’ve driven so many competition cars – before your collision and
after a accident. Was it a dream to expostulate a DTM car?


Zanardi: “Yes, in my career we have been advantageous adequate to drive
pleasing cars, generally in my days in a United States. The single
seaters were substantially a best among a whole motorsports story I
think. We had 1,000 bhp underneath a carp and a change between what
a automobile was able of doing around a turns and a acceleration,
a tip speed we could strech with it, was only fantastic. But I’ve
always looked during DTM like one of a things that down a highway we want
to do in my racing career. I’ve always been unequivocally many intrigued by
that form of automobile that in my viewpoint looks unequivocally voluptuous and performs
impossibly well. So I’m finally carrying this event and I’m very
blissful and grateful to BMW for giving it to me.”


You finished a successful exam during Vallelunga. What’s your
sense of a BMW M4 DTM?


Zanardi: “It is indeed a genuine competition car. It’s finished out of carbon
fibre; it is combined to perform. The suspensions are racing ones, as
are a brakes, a engine is a competition engine, a gearbox is incredibly
fast, it’s finished a approach we would make a Formula One
gearbox for instance. So all is utterly finished for racing. And the
automobile does perform like it. Around a turns, a BMW M4 DTM is capable
of producing extraordinary speeds. You can stop fundamentally in a blink of
an eye when we go from 300 km/h to holding a second rigging dilemma and
a automobile re-accelerates out of it unequivocally fast as well. It’s an
considerable machine.”


With your arm, we need to request 60 to 65 kilos on the
hand-operated stop pull to stop hard. This is no problem for you?


Zanardi: “I have to request a flattering good vigour though evidently my
arms are clever adequate to do that and to do it again a following
lap. And when we decelerate during those speeds indeed a longitudinal
army are assisting you. They move a weight of your physique to gaunt on
a pull anyway, so it’s harder in a garage than it is actually
when we do it on a circuit. And my aptness condition, with what I
have been doing on my palm cycle in a past few years, does not hurt.
It unequivocally helps.”


What are your expectations for Misano?


Zanardi: “I know utterly good what to design for Misano. we know that
DTM these days is substantially a many rival margin of motorsports,
no doubt about it. Formula One is not this rival from a driver’s
perspective, since a competitiveness out of a automobile mostly dictates
a name of a game. In DTM, a turn of the drivers is incredibly
high. The drivers are all good, there are no amateurs or drivers who
can't pull a automobile to a limit. But, on top, all cars performances
are unequivocally tighten and mostly we see a whole margin being packaged into
reduction than a second. And this of march suggests that for an aged guy
like me, with a miss of knowledge we have, with my personal problem,
with my age, it will be very, unequivocally tough for me to collect a unequivocally good
result. we will try to get a best out of it, and for certain in any case
it will be a unequivocally beguiling experience. The critical thing is that I
travel divided from Misano meaningful that we have finished my best, and knowing
that we did what my friends among a BMW Motorsport family know we can do.”



Alessandro Zanardi – Facts and figures.

Facts about Alessandro Zanardi.


Date of birth: 23rd Oct 1966

Place of birth: Bologna (IT)

Marital status: Married to Daniela, one son: Niccolo


Career in racing.



Main successes as para-athlete.




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