Alessandro Zanardi wins a bullion award in a time hearing during a Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games*.

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Rio de Janeiro (BR), 14th Sep 2016. Perfect start for
Alessandro Zanardi (IT) to a Paralympic* para-cycling competitions
during Rio de Janeiro (BR): In today’s time trial, a 49-year aged Italian
raced to bullion in a H5 difficulty with his handbike. For Zanardi this
is a third Paralympic bullion award of his career after winning twice
bullion and one china award during a London games in 2012.


The time hearing saw athletes tackle dual laps of a ten-kilometre course
along a seashore of Pontal nearby Rio de Janeiro. Zanardi completed
a stretch of 20 kilometres in a fastest time of 28:36.81 minutes,
securing bullion in a initial of a 3 races he is competing in in
Rio. He had an advantage of 2.7 seconds over china medallist Stuart
Tripp (AU). The bronze award went to Oscar Sanchez (US).


“It has been a prolonged journey, that fundamentally started a day after
a London games, when we motionless that we would concentration on a new horizon
in my life and that this would be Rio,” Zanardi said. “You also need
to know that a track and a comforts in Rio are built where
they used to have a Indycar circuit. we have always been quick on that
circuit, though never won a race. So low inside we suspicion that this
would be another event to scold this and to finally do
something in Rio de Janeiro. After a sparkling years of preparation
and entrance here to a march that was not unequivocally my kind of course, it
is usually illusory to finally suffer a ambience of bullion once more.”


“I knew that a march in Pontal was, technically speaking, not in
my favour, for many reasons. As such, my tutor and we done a detailed
devise of how we should tackle a foe and how to gait my effort, and I
stranded rigidly to that plan,” Zanardi continued. “I have to acknowledge that
it was tough when we realised after a initial path that we was usually third
and roughly 20 seconds behind Stuart Tripp, who was heading during that
time. But though we kept cranking, following my plan, executing
my project. And we unequivocally pulled off a spectacle on my second lap: not
usually we did not delayed down, though we indeed managed to boost my
normal energy and scurry towards a end. So to win a bullion award by
usually 2.7 seconds like this is even some-more juicy than otherwise. we am
very, really happy. we am really beholden to all a people who helped me
to be here and to suffer this good feat today.”


Next adult for Zanardi is a highway foe tomorrow, Thursday 15th
September. “This foe will be a gamble,” he predicts. “I am pretty
certain that all will be motionless in a scurry towards a finish. We have
a really parsimonious hair-pin, indeed a ‘u-turn’, usually 200 metres before the
finish. If we conduct to come out of this final dilemma in a good
position, we know that we have a really good sprint. So we have a great
chance. But this is what everybody is thinking. So everybody will try
to enter this dilemma forward of a rest of a field. As such, there is
even a probability of an accident. It will be a stirring race. I
will do my best and a pivotal will be to stay out of any trouble.”


The third and final foe will be a group send with the
Italian inhabitant group on Friday 16th September.




BMW is not a unite or partner of a 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio
de Janeiro.


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