Alex Zanardi completes successful Vallelunga DTM test: “The swell is massive.”

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8th Aug 2018




  • Alessandro Zanardi has continued preparations for his guest
    DTM start during Misano with a two-day Vallelunga test.
  • Technical modifications to a BMW M4 DTM operative unequivocally well.
  • Zanardi: “A lot is new, though we am entrance to terms with it lap
    by lap.”


Vallelunga. Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) reached another milestone
on a approach to his guest DTM start during Misano (ITA) with a two-day
exam in Vallelunga (ITA) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Over a course
of a dual days, Zanardi finished 294 laps during a circle of a BMW
M4 DTM, that has been specifically mutated to accommodate his requirements.
The categorical idea of a tests was to adjust as good as probable to the
pushing poise of a BMW M4 DTM and a approach a many
modifications in a cockpit function. Zanardi was unequivocally positive
when deliberating his impressions after a initial few laps.


“The exam was great; all went unequivocally good and we are streamer in the
right direction. A lot is new, though we am entrance to terms with it path by
lap. Thanks a lot to BMW – we´re removing prepared for Misano,” was one of
Zanardi’s initial comments after his initial exam laps in a BMW M4
DTM. The 51-year-old will indeed be entering new domain in several
regards when he creates his guest start during a DTM competition weekend at
Misano on 25th/26th August. It is not usually the
racing array and a automobile that are new; to contest during a highest
turn of engine racing as a double amputee, Zanardi’s automobile has undergone
cockpit modifications that are dramatically opposite to those of BMW
competition cars he has driven in a past.


The biggest creation is a stop system. For a initial time,
Zanardi will stop regulating his hand, and no longer use a prosthetic leg
trustworthy to a stop pedal in a footwell. In a eyes of the
Italian, this is a miracle in development. “The swell from the
prior complement to a stream one is massive,” pronounced Zanardi. “Driving
a competition automobile like a BMW M4 DTM is physically unequivocally demanding. For me,
it would be distant some-more eager if we were to continue to stop with my
prosthesis as we have finished adult to now.”


Zanardi was essentially somewhat distrustful about a modification, but
that questioning was shortly overcome. “I acknowledge that it felt unequivocally strange
to have a totally dull footwell with no pedal box in front of me
a initial time we pulled out of a garage,” pronounced Zanardi. “I thought:
‘That’s strange!’ But we have to say, a whole complement worked very
intuitively for me. we am removing along excellently with it.”


Zanardi’s problem with a aged complement was essentially that he sweated
too most underneath a prosthetic leg. This not usually led to him becoming
tired some-more quickly, though also to him losing a small of his feeling
for a right braking pressure. To solve this problem, he and a BMW
Motorsport engineers have been operative tough on a some-more efficient
system, that should make life easier for Zanardi, quite on his
long-distance tour during Daytona (USA) in 2019.


“It is totally opposite to what we was used to,” Zanardi confirmed
during a test. “I won’t be faster, though we wouldn’t had never accomplished
all we did during a dual days in Misano with a aged system. we completed
so many laps with a automobile that we had never driven before, a BMW M4
DTM, and after not carrying raced for scarcely dual years. That would just
have been unfit with a resolution we had before. It’s like we am,
from a earthy indicate of view, a opposite driver.”


On Zanardi’s “Road to Daytona”, a guest start in a DTM is now a
acquire exam run for a new system, that has been integrated
substantially 1:1 in a BMW M4 DTM. However, his home tour during Misano is
apparently distant some-more than usually a exam underneath rival conditions. “It
is going to be a outrageous eventuality for me – and substantially one of a most
formidable tasks we have ever faced in my engine racing career,” said
Zanardi. “In my opinion, a DTM is now a most
fiercely-competitive racing array in a universe and a one with the
best margin – even improved than Formula 1. we will try to finish forward of
during slightest one car. Let’s see either we conduct it. It is going to be
tough, though unequivocally interesting.”



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