All BMW Group brands now underneath one roof during BMW Welt

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All BMW Group brands now underneath one roof during BMW Welt

Personal code knowledge a pivotal cause in patron faithfulness

Munich. Today, on a fifth anniversary of a opening of a BMW Welt, a BMW Group gave a press a hide preview of a new code experience. The central opening weekend for all visitors will be on 20-21 Oct 2012. From now on, a code worlds of MINI, Rolls-Royce and Husqvarna Motorcycles, and a sub-brands BMW i, BMW M and MINI John Cooper Works will be partial of a BMW Welt experience, as good as a BMW and BMW Motorrad brands. The BMW Group will also benefaction a possess association muster for a initial time in a Double Cone. Therefore, Bavaria’s many renouned traveller captivate will now residence a whole BMW Group code spectrum.

Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing BMW, on a stress of a BMW Welt: “The BMW Welt is now a heart of all of a reward brands and sub-brands, as good as a suggestion of a BMW Group. Enhancing a BMW Welt in this approach enables us to enlarge a patron experience. Customer course is a pivotal partial of a company’s truth and is undeniably critical in formulating a genuine personal and romantic connection. We demeanour brazen to welcoming many some-more visitors from all around a universe to a Munich location.”

Harald Krüger, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for MINI, Motorrad, Rolls-Royce and Aftersales, settled during a opening: “We will be focusing even some-more courtesy on a BMW Group’s particular brands and business areas in a future. The participation of all brands is a initial miracle in this development. Here, a business can knowledge a core of a brands first-hand: from Rolls-Royce, a apex of luxury, to a unusual universe of MINI, to all of a Motorcycle brands.”

Opening weekend
To symbol a fifth anniversary, a BMW Welt is mouth-watering guest to attend a special weekend on 20-21 October. Both days will underline a sundry programme with a vast series of events and indoor and outside activities: from a BMW jazz matinee and Rolls-Royce teatime to a MINI conform dance show. More information can be found at:

The BMW Welt presents a latest BMW Group developments. These can be seen in a products, though also in a glance of destiny mobility, with examples such as electro-mobility and destiny charging technology. Visitors can already take advantage of a BMW Group mobility services DriveNow and BMW on Demand on-site. The BMW Welt provides insights into a BMW Group’s destiny sales concepts – in Germany, it is a colonize in a margin of destiny retail. Future sell is a extensive programme that offers new and opposite ways for business to correlate with a brands and products.

Exhibition content
At a redesigned BMW Welt, a BMW Group and any of a brands welcomes visitors in a possess interactive knowledge area: The BMW Group arrangement in a Double Cone focuses on a people who work for a company. BMW Group employees offer as avatars that correlate with a visitors and explain a work they do. In a BMW area, innovative display techniques are used to showcase pattern and technology, as good as a vehicles themselves. The exhibits concede visitors to know and actively knowledge perfect pushing pleasure. The BMW i display invites visitors to consider deeply about electro-mobility and associated issues, such as battery charging, appetite era and usage. In a BMW M code area, visitors knowledge motorsport in a purest form: Weathered blacktop, start signals, piles of tyres and standard racetrack markings along a walls and a building all ride a caller to a universe with a mindfulness for power.

Surprising and radical ideas concede a caller to knowledge all aspects of a MINI code in a fun, interactive way. For example, an oversized iPhone using a make-believe of a MINI Connected app demonstrates particular functions. In a MINI Lounge, visitors can post a design of themselves on a print wall for posterity. The Rolls-Royce display is stylish and modern: Films and exhibits prominence a large hours of prudent handwork that go into any Rolls-Royce. One of a Rolls-Royce cars is always open to visitors. Anyone who wishes to can lay inside a Rolls-Royce – hold it, see it, smell it, bite it. The BMW Motorrad area comforts some-more than only motorcycles. The Biker’s Lodge serves as a height for a singular motorcycle community, and provides a infrequent atmosphere for pity stories and recollections about travels, routes and tours. The Husqvarna code is staged in a approach that appears to challenge a laws of gravity: A motorbike is dangling in a atmosphere above a visitors’ heads, and even a red Husqvarna container, positioned above a whole code area in a tip turn of a BMW Welt, appears to be giveaway of gravity.

The singular BMW Welt code knowledge is complemented by a new eventuality concept, that allows a opposite brands to horde their possess events. Events like a BMW Welt Jazz Award or MINI Clubbing prominence code values and are geared towards any brand’s aim group.

If we have any questions, greatfully contact:

BMW Group Corporate Communications

Martina Napoleone, Business and Financial Communications, Marketing
Telephone: +49 89 382-14908, Fax: +49 89 382-24418

Alexander Bilgeri, Head of Business, Financial and Sustainability Communications
Telephone: +49 89 382-24544, Fax: +49 89 382-24418

Media website:

The altogether BMW Welt experience

The BMW Welt “ensemble” – shaped by a BMW Welt, a BMW Museum and a BMW Plant Munich – has fast turn one of Bavaria’s tip attractions. This is where a past, benefaction and destiny of a world’s many successful reward vehicle manufacturer come together to emanate a extensive code experience. Together, a BMW Plant Munich, a BMW Museum and a BMW Welt form a whole: a finish BMW Welt experience. The finish BMW Welt knowledge is an critical interface between a company, a brand, a products and a visitor. The vicinity of this singular building of a BMW Welt with a unconventional design to all vital areas of a BMW Group’s Munich location, total with a event of visiting a Museum and holding a guided debate of a Plant on a same day, creates this a singular three-pronged code experience. The garb of a BMW Welt, a BMW Museum and a BMW Plant represents a transparent joining of a BMW Group to a home city of Munich.

The BMW Group
The BMW Group is one of a many successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in a universe with a BMW, MINI, Husqvarna Motorcycles and Rolls-Royce brands. As a tellurian company, a BMW Group operates 29 prolongation and public comforts in 14 countries and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.
In 2011, a BMW Group sole about 1.67 million cars and some-more than 113,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation for a financial year 2011 was euro 7.38 billion on revenues amounting to euro 68.82 billion. At 31 Dec 2011, a BMW Group had a workforce of approximately 100,000 employees.
The success of a BMW Group has always been built on long-term meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore determined ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain, extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy. As a outcome of a efforts, a BMW Group has been ranked attention personality in a Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for a final 8 years.

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