All-new 2018 Jeep® Wrangler Packed With More Than 75 Available Advanced Safety and Security Features

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November 29, 2017

, Los Angeles

Safety and certainty were peerless in a growth of a all-new 2018 Jeep® Wrangler, that offers some-more than 75 accessible active and pacifist reserve and certainty features. Available facilities include: Blind-spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path detection, ParkView behind backup camera with energetic grid lines, electronic fortitude control (ESC) with electronic hurl slackening and 4 customary atmosphere bags.
Standard and accessible reserve and certainty facilities on a all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler include:

  1. Active spin signals: Turn vigilance flashes 3 times when petiole is vexed for one second to prove a line change
  2. Adjustable conduct restraints: Helps extent transformation of occupant’s conduct during a collision.  Can be practiced to accommodate driver’s height
  3. Advanced multistage atmosphere bags: Selects an acceleration force suitable to a astringency of an impact. Meets FMVSS 208 modernized atmosphere bag mandate for smaller, out-of-position occupants
  4. All-speed traction control system: Part of a customary anti-lock stop complement (ABS), helps keep pushing wheels from spinning during acceleration from a stop or during all speeds by requesting particular brakes alone or in multiple with engine torque reduction to forestall circle slip
  5. Anti-lock stop complement (ABS): Senses and helps forestall circle lockup, charity softened steering control underneath impassioned braking and/or sleazy conditions
  6. Anti-lock stop complement with rough-road detection: Anti-lock stop complement is able of detecting if a car is pushing on a severe highway by a oscillations in a circle speed signals. When severe highway is rescued on off-road surfaces or trails, ABS enters a opposite circle outing control where it will concede some-more circle outing to build adult aspect component in front of a wheels
  7. Auto-dimming rearview mirror: Auto-dimming counterpart automatically reduces glisten from splendid light permitting a motorist to have a clearer perspective of a highway ahead
  8. Automatic headlamps: Headlamps spin on and off automatically depending on extraneous light levels and when a windshield wipers are incited on or off
  9. BeltAlert: Activates a carillon and/or illuminates an idol in a instrument cluster to remind a motorist and front newcomer to bend adult if a car is driven but belted front-seat occupants
  10. Blind-spot Monitoring (BSM): Uses twin slight rope radar sensors to support a motorist when changing lanes or if being upheld by or flitting secret vehicles. The complement notifies a motorist of vehicle(s) in their blind mark around bright icons on a side-view counterpart and with a driver-selected heard chime
  11. Brake-lock differential complement (BLDS): Allows a car to say brazen suit if adult to 3 wheels mislay traction by selectively and aggressively requesting brakes to a spinning wheels
  12. Brake-throttle override: Allows motorist to stop a car quicker, when stifle and stop inputs start simultaneously; electronic stifle control reduces engine-power outlay until car stops or pedal inputs cease
  13. Brake/park interlock: Prevents a delivery from being shifted out of “Park” unless a stop pedal is applied
  14. Center high-mount stop lamp: Illuminates when brakes are applied; creates a car some-more manifest in traffic
  15. Child-protection behind doorway locks: Disables a behind doors’ inside-release hoop by adjusting a tiny pull on a door-shut face
  16. Child chair anchor system: LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) designed to palliate designation of concordant aftermarket child seats
  17. Constant-force retractors (CFR): Helps umpire a force exerted on a occupants by a chair belts by gradually releasing seat-belt webbing in a tranquil manner
  18. Daytime regulating lamps (DRL): Lights that irradiate during daytime conditions, augmenting a vehicle’s prominence to other drivers
  19. Driver information arrangement (DID) instrument cluster display: Offers drivers a far-reaching operation of customization options, from a simple analog read-out to a full digital arrangement that clearly communicates car information with easy-to-understand icons. Information includes trip, outward temperature, tire vigour monitoring and more
  20. Dual-note electric horns: Produces dual opposite tones during a same time, to assistance cut by ambient noise
  21. Enhanced Accident Response System (EARS): Makes it easier for puncture crew to see and strech occupants in a eventuality of an collision by branch on a interior lighting, flashing a jeopardy lights and unlocking a doors on a Wrangler after atmosphere bag deployment. Also shuts off upsurge of fuel to a engine
  22. Electronic brake-force distribution: Assists a motorist to optimize interlude distances and control underneath all car loading conditions by determining braking vigour front-to-rear
  23. Electronic hurl slackening (ERM): An prolongation of electronic fortitude control (ESC). Uses submit from ESC sensors to assistance expect if a car might be during risk of entering a intensity hurl situation, afterwards relates a brakes divided and modulates a stifle position as indispensable to revoke a intensity of a car rollover
  24. Electronic fortitude control (ESC): Enhances motorist control and helps say directional fortitude underneath all conditions. Provides a advantage in vicious pushing situations such as turns, and is profitable when pushing on churned aspect conditions including snow, ice or gravel. If there is a distinct disproportion between motorist submit by a steering circle and a vehicle’s path, ESC relates resourceful braking and stifle submit to assistance beam a car behind onto a driver’s dictated path
  25. Energy-absorbing steering column: The steering mainstay has a tube-in-tube construction that absorbs appetite by permitting one tube to pierce relations to a other. It also employs a calibrated tortuous component that deforms during mainstay cadence for extended appetite management
  26. Energy government system: Three front bucket paths designed from high-strength steel conduct car vanquish and minimize cabin intrusion
  27. Express down windows: One-touch powered demonstrate down window symbol located on a instrument panel
  28. Fog lamps: Lighting to yield additional prominence in haze or other bad continue conditions
  29. Front chair belt adaptive bucket limiters: Designed to minimize a chest loading in an impact eventuality by determining a force exerted on a newcomer by a chair belt
  30. Front chair belt pretensioners: During a collision, impact sensors trigger front chair belt pretensioners to assistance mislay tardy in a chair belt system, thereby shortening a brazen transformation of a occupant’s conduct and torso
  31. Front and behind press zones: Specially shaped constructional members that press and catch appetite in a collision, assisting strengthen a newcomer cabin
  32. Front-seat mounted side pelvic thorax bags: Provide extended word to a motorist and front outboard newcomer in certain impacts. Each side atmosphere bag has a possess impact sensor that sends a vigilance to a Occupant Restraint Controller, that afterwards triggers a atmosphere bag on a side where an impact occurs. Standard side atmosphere bags are housed within a outboard side of any front seat
  33. Full-size gangling tire: Spare tire for use as a deputy for prosaic tire
  34. Global position sensor (GPS): Used for navigation superintendence and electronic car tracking
  35. Headlamp turn-off time delay: Headlamps sojourn on for a set duration of time following car close off, clearly educational a walking trail forward of a vehicle 
  36. Heated sideview mirrors: Prevents buildup of sleet or ice on sideview mirrors to assistance say visibility
  37. Height-adjustable chair belts (front-row): Outboard chair belts underline tallness adjustment, permitting a chair belt to be placed absolutely for drivers of all sizes
  38. Hill-start Assist (HSA): Assists drivers of vehicles versed with primer transmissions when starting a car from a stop on a mountain by progressing stop vigour for a brief duration of time after a driver’s feet is private from a stop pedal. If stifle is not practical within that brief duration of time after a driver’s feet is private from a stop pedal, stop vigour will be released
  39. Hill-descent Control: This underline allows a all-new Jeep Wrangler to deplane high grades with minimal motorist input
  40. Hydraulic boost compensation: In a eventuality of detriment of stop upholder vacuum, additional stop boost vigour will be granted by a ESC hydraulic siphon to assistance say normal braking assistance
  41. Intelligent battery sensor (IBS): Continually measures a upsurge of stream into and out of battery; if a battery is regulating low, a complement shuts off less-critical electrical systems to preserve power; an idol in a cluster denotes activation
  42. Keyless Enter-N-Go: When an particular enters a vehicle, electronic sensors detect that a car pivotal fob is present. The car will afterwards concede a particular to pull a symbol to start a car but carrying to insert a pivotal into a ignition
  43. LED headlamps: Provide extended light outlay than compulsory halogen counterpart lamps for softened night illumination
  44. LED tail lamps: Provide dual-function enlightenment (brake, stop, spin and regulating light functions); light-emitting diode record ensures light outlay is unchanging around a tail lamp
  45. Electric Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS): State-of-the-art GPS-enabled stolen car liberation system. EVTS includes national tracking including 24/7 puncture use dispatch, certainty fence, arrival/departure notification, extreme speed presentation and snippet maps of past locations (in comparison markets)
  46. Occupant patience controller: Detects an impact and, in frontal collisions, determines either frontal atmosphere bag deployment is suitable and either a primary or delegate theatre acceleration is appropriate.  In addition, a controller detects side impacts and determines either a side seat-mounted (thorax protection) atmosphere bags should deploy. Activation of front chair belt pretensioners and adaptive bucket limiters are also managed by a controller
  47. Panic stop assist: Assists a motorist to minimize interlude distances in a panic braking conditions by building and progressing a limit stop vigour even when a motorist does not ask limit vigour to a stop pedal
  48. ParkSense behind park support system: The complement utilizes ultrasonic sensors during low speeds in retreat to detect still objects. If a complement determines that a collision is approaching afterwards it will yield a momentary, unconstrained stop apply/brake jerk afterwards release. At speeds next 7 km/h a complement will pierce a car to a stop before releasing
  49. ParkView behind backup camera: Provides a wide-angle perspective of a area immediately behind a vehicle, giving a motorist larger assent of mind when pushing in retreat during low speeds. Contains energetic grid lines to support a motorist when maneuvering into parking spaces or slight areas. Also aids in subsidy adult a trailer to a vehicle’s trailer hitch, when so equipped. The picture is displayed on a navigation shade when a delivery is shifted into Reverse
  50. Rain stop support: Uses a ESC complement to spasmodic pull a stop pads easily opposite a stop rotors in stormy conditions in sequence to keep a rotors dry
  51. Ready Alert Braking (RAB): Anticipates situations when a motorist might trigger an puncture stop stop and uses a ESC complement to set a stop pads opposite a rotors in sequence to diminution a time compulsory for full stop application
  52. Rear Cross Path detection: In parking lot situations, this complement warns drivers subsidy out of parking spaces of trade relocating toward their vehicle. It activates any time a car is in Reverse. The motorist is told of vehicle(s) channel behind a car around bright icons on a side-view counterpart and with a driver-selected heard chime
  53. Rearwindow electric defrost: Automatically activates with remote start when ambient heat is next a prescribed threshold
  54. Rear wiper: Maintain behind prominence during inauspicious continue conditions with Wrangler’s behind wiper, enclosed with a accessible tough top
  55. Remote keyless entry: Locks and unlocks doors and turns on interior lamps. If a car is versed with a certainty alarm, a remote also arms and disarms that system
  56. Remote start: Conveniently starts a engine and activates pivotal comfort settings formed on ambient conditions by regulating a pivotal fob while progressing car security
  57. Roadside assistance and SOS call: Overhead console-mounted buttons for puncture services, roadside assistance, Uconnect Customer Care and non-collision associated emergencies
  58. Safety enclosure physique structure: Helps to strengthen occupants by doing and determining appetite in a eventuality of an impact
  59. Seat Belt Latch Dynamic Locking Tongue: Latch image clamps a chair belt webbing when there is a pile-up and a newcomer loads a chair belt.  This boundary a volume of webbing that can be pulled into a trail apportionment of a belt 
  60. Security alarm: Deters desolation and theft, frequently obscure word premiums. The complement protects a car from burglary by monitoring door-ajar switches and a ignition circuit for unapproved entry
  61. Sentry Key engine immobilizer: Utilizes an engine pivotal that has an embedded transponder with a preprogrammed certainty formula to daunt car theft. When a pivotal is extrinsic into a ignition, a controller sends a pointless series to a transponder and a engine is authorised to start. If an improper pivotal is used, a engine will close off after a few seconds
  62. Side ensure doorway beams: Reinforcement beams inside a doors that might assistance raise newcomer word in a side crash
  63. Siri Eyes Free: Allows a user to use voice approval to authority a concordant Apple device but holding a hands off a wheel
  64. SiriusXM Traffic: Works with a vehicle’s navigation complement to arrangement trade speed and upsurge information, along with collision information to support drivers in routing around undiluted areas
  65. SiriusXM Travel Link: Real-time internal fuel prices, continue conditions, sports scores and film locations and times all featured in this subscription-based complement supposing by SiriusXM Radio
  66. Speed-sensitive Door Locks: System automatically thatch doors when car acceleration reaches prescribed threshold
  67. Steering Wheel-mounted audio controls: Lets a motorist change radio mode, hire and volume but holding eyes off of a road
  68. Three-point chair belts: Front outboard seating positions and all behind seating positions have trail and shoulder belts
  69. Tilt-and-telescoping steering column: Allows steering mainstay to lean and pierce toward or divided from a motorist to grasp gentle stretch from a atmosphere bag in a eventuality of a crash
  70. Tire-pressure monitoring (TPM) system: Informs motorist when tire vigour is too low
  71. Trailer-sway control (TSC): Reduces trailer lean and urge doing in inauspicious towing conditions caused by crosswinds and traffic. The complement monitors a vehicle’s transformation relations to a driver’s dictated path, afterwards relates swapping stop vigour to delayed a car and afterwards increases a vigour on one front circle in sequence to negate a lean prompted by a trailer
  72. Uconnect Access remote services: Enables purebred Uconnect Access subscribers with concordant dungeon phones to close or clear their vehicles or activate panic alarm; can also activate remote start
  73. Uconnect Access Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance: Leverages GPS data-sending capability to assistance authorities find stolen vehicle
  74. Uconnect Drag and Drop menu bar: Drivers can drag pivotal use buttons and pierce them to their Uconnect system’s categorical menu bar for easier access
  75. Uconnect Voice Command: An in-vehicle, voice-activated communication complement that allows drivers to work a Bluetooth concordant phone with their hands on a circle and eyes on a road. When a Bluetooth phone is primarily connected, a hit list is automatically downloaded, synchronizing as many as 1,000 phone book entries, that can afterwards be comparison by simply observant a hit name. It also allows drivers to switch radio modes, balance to AM/FM and SiriusXM Radio stations and ask real-time information (such as fuel prices) from SiriusXM Travel Link regulating healthy voice commands. The handsfree choice promotes safety, freedom, value and flexibility
  76. Universal garage doorway opener: Programmable radio magnitude codes for garage door, certainty embankment and certainty lighting

About Jeep Brand
Built on some-more than 75 years of mythological heritage, Jeep is a authentic SUV with class-leading capability, craftsmanship and flexibility for people who find unusual journeys. The Jeep code delivers an open invitation to live life to a fullest by charity a full line of vehicles that continue to yield owners with a clarity of certainty to hoop any tour with confidence.

The Jeep car lineup consists of a Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Renegade and Wrangler. To accommodate consumer direct around a world, all Jeep models sole outward North America are accessible in both left and right-hand expostulate configurations and with gasoline and diesel powertrain options.

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