All-new BMW X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance creates entrance during Chengdu engine show. Electric expostulate opening and ground-breaking luxury.

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    • Sets a new customary for a category with eDrive record from
      a BMW i line-up.
    • Intelligent appetite management, electrical appetite priority and
      fuel efficiency.
    • Developed concurrently with BMW X1 to yield oppulance and
      comfort with ground-breaking configurations.
    • 360° ELECTRIC programme provides reward services for electric travels.
    •  Model usually accessible for a Chinese Market.

Chengdu. The new BMW X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance has been denounced to
a universe during a Chengdu Motor Show 2016 as a latest further to
BMW’s family of new appetite vehicles (NEVs) and a initial plug-in
hybrid in a compress oppulance SUV segment. Manufactured by BMW
Brilliance, a new indication combines pushing pleasure with cleanliness
and environmental insurance in further to oppulance and quality.
Moreover, it is wholly in line with China’s growth process for the
NEV industry. All these underline BMW Group’s prolongation and RD
capabilities for sustainability in China and a Group’s loyalty to
heading a approach in a NEV market.

The new BMW X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance was grown simultaneously
with a new BMW X1 Series launched some time ago. Riding on the
powerful, ground-breaking product strengths of a X1, it borrows the
innovative eDrive record from a BMW i choice to yield unique
electric pushing pleasure, charity BMW fans nonetheless another choice for
immature travel.

Electric expostulate opening and perfect pushing pleasure.
Throughout a some-more than a century of innovation, BMW Group has
stayed loyal to a code hint of providing perfect pushing pleasure,
no matter how record changes.

The X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance runs on both electricity and fuel,
with a petrol engine and electric engine powering a front and rear
wheels, respectively, with a intelligent appetite government system
holding caring of on-demand appetite response and appetite efficiency
maximisation. This design, desirous precisely by a BMW i8 that has
been hailed as a destiny warrior, reflects BMW Group’s plan of
requesting a insubordinate innovations of a BMW i choice to other
series-produced models by a BMW brand.

With BMW’s latest turbocharger technology, a 1.5-litre petrol
engine during a front spindle is corresponding to a six-speed integrated
manual/automatic gearbox and churns out a limit appetite outlay of 100
kW with rise torque clocking in during 220 Nm. The electric engine during the
back axle, on a other hand, produces appetite adult to 70 kW and can
instantly broach a rise torque of 165 Nm during start-up. Thanks to
BMW’s exclusive eBoost function, both appetite systems can yield a
rise torque of 385 Nm permitting acceleration from still positions
to 100 km/h in usually 7.4 seconds with a total fuel expenditure as
low as 1.8 litres per 100 km. Plus, BMW’s xDrive record ensures
autarchic traction and protected pushing in all continue and highway conditions
while during a same time enhancing fortitude during puncture lane
changes or cornering. No matter that form of appetite is used, xDrive
optimises a pushing dynamics and provides an optimal float feel.

The X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance complement comes packaged with a
high-voltage lithium battery with a net ability of 10.7 kWh to
yield a quite electric cruising operation of 60 km and a combined
cruising operation of 630 km when operative in tandem with a 35‑litre fuel
tank. It delivers low glimmer and fuel expenditure to accommodate a needs
for pushing in any situation, possibly in a city, a suburbs or for
pushing prolonged distances.

BMW’s eDrive record offers 3 modes for determining a energy
source, all during a elementary hold of a button: The motorist can enjoy
perfect pushing pleasure – usually like pushing any other BMW – by safely
withdrawal all to a default Auto eDrive mode, which
cleverly selects possibly a singular or a multiple of energy
sources to maximize a total appetite potency with ease. For
example, electric expostulate is instituted during speeds of 80 km/h or below,
possibly we are cruising during a consistent speed or accelerating slightly.
However, during any time we step tough on a accelerator or when the
speed exceeds 80 km/h, a complement activates a petrol engine
automatically, vouchsafing both appetite systems work in tandem with each
other to supply plenty appetite and broach a higher driving
opening approaching by a driver.

In Max eDrive mode, a automobile runs quite on electricity with zero
emissions during speeds adult to 120 km/h and minimises a weight on the
sourroundings – generally in civic trade jams. When awaiting to run
into a trade jam, a motorist can spin on a Save Battery mode to
save a battery ability for after zero-emission, quite electric driving.

As with all other X1 models, a X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance comes
with BMW’s Driving Experience Control, charity Sport, Comfort and ECO
PRO. The Sport mode is performance-oriented and brings an even better
response from both a accelerator pedal and a engine. ECO PRO, on
a other hand, takes appetite potency as a priority and formula in a
comparatively amiable appetite response and reduced appetite expenditure of in-car
electrical apparatus such as air-cons. Also, a Comfort mode strikes
an optimal change between comfort and appetite efficiency.

It is value mentioning that BMW’s Driving Experience Control can work
together with a eDrive appetite government complement to yield customers
with richer pushing pleasure.

Intelligent appetite management, electrical appetite priority and
fuel efficiency.
The usually approach to minimise fuel consumption
and empty emissions is to prioritise a use of electricity drawn
from a grid. With a 220V / 16A charging wall-box, a high-voltage
lithium battery of a X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance can be wholly charged
in 3.7 hours and charged to 80% in usually 2.9 hours.

BMW has not usually given a expostulate complement a full overhaul, though also the
pattern of a automobile has been reinvented. The automobile air-con utilises an
electrically driven compressor powered by a high-voltage battery,
while a appetite expenditure of other in-car electrical systems also
comes from a appetite stored in a battery.

Another critical element of a intelligent appetite management
complement is sufficient improving fuel potency by gripping a engine
using as many as probable during rotational speeds within a efficiency
operation during start-up. For this reason, a complement determines when the
electric expostulate complement needs to supply additional appetite formed on the
appetite outlay from a engine. Conversely, as a approach to optimise the
altogether appetite expenditure of a system, some of a engine’s power
outlay gets converted into electrical appetite where suitable –
depending on a battery standing and pushing needs and afterwards stored in
a battery.

The high-voltage lithium battery container of a new X1 xDrive25Le
iPerformance, being placed in a center of a chassis, sits during an
optimally protected position of a car, proven to yield safety
insurance formed on pile-up tests from a front, side and rear. With
a charging and discharging occurring within an optimal capacity
operation and a use of a glass cooling system, a battery always
maintains an suitable handling temperature, bringing advantages to
a opening as good as prolonging use life.

Intuitive and user-friendly tellurian appurtenance interfaces concede more
proficient impasse of a motorist in appetite management.
Efficiencytainment, BMW’s singular appetite potency arrangement system, has
all appetite expenditure information covered. The appetite upsurge status
gets displayed in real-time on a executive shade as energetic red and
blue arrows or icons. Besides that, there are also indicators on the
dashboard for a cruising range, charging status, appetite consumption
and other applicable information that is presented in an easy to
know demeanour to assistance a motorist rise greener pushing habits.

Luxury and comfort with ground-breaking configurations.
Based on a pattern aesthetics of a new BMW X1, a new BMW
X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance highlights quintessential, recognisable
elements of a NEV family: double-kidney atmosphere estuary grille in blue
high-gloss, BMW i trademark underneath a assign pier and a C-pillar, door
damage and rigging push emblazoned with outlines indicating a use of
eDrive technology. The new BMW X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance is available
as Cross Country and Sport packages, charity adult to 10 physique colour
choices, permitting automobile owners to uncover a bit of their celebrity with a
abounding accumulation of options.

Due to a electric expostulate complement designed to lay wholly underneath the
frame, there is roughly no concede on a interiors. As with a new
X1, a X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance has a wheelbase of 2.78 m, comes
with a vast breathtaking sunroof permitting some-more healthy object to enter
and boasts a many atmospheric and gentle interior among a class.

Sporty seats during a front offer lifted comfort and support, while the
back seats slip front and abaft adult to 13 centimetres. Folding down the
40:20:40 back chair backrest allows foot ability to change between 445
and 1,550 litres. Electrically-powered foot opening also makes
operation intensely convenient.

The automobile also comes with Park Assist, a complement that is undoubtedly
really useful in complicated cities. This complement automatically detects
suitable parking spaces and helps we park with ease. All a driver
needs to do is to change rigging and control a stop pedal as prompted
while parking (curbside). Also, a zoned involuntary air-con has a
rarely fit micro-filter able of stealing excellent particulates
(PM2.5) with a filtration potency of 99%. Other intensely practical
configurations embody a rear-view counterpart open integrated with
electric folding, heating, parking support and memory functions, an
electronic handbrake and run-flat tyres.

ConnectedDrive – accessible and in control. In addition,
a X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance comes standardly versed with basic
BMW ConnectedDrive services, that are giveaway for 10 years.
BMW ConnectedDrive has always confirmed a heading position in the
industry. Other than heading with continual technological
innovations, a abounding content, easy operation logic, professional
services and a sound complement spin out a measureless advantages. The
simple services cover Teleservices and Emergency Call. Customers may
also supplement on discretionary reward value-added services such as Enhanced
ConnectedDrive, Concierge Services and Real Time Traffic Information.

With modernized BMW ConnectedDrive technology, a X1 xDrive25Le
iPerformance also comes with some singular accessible functions. You can
use a My BMW Remote app to spin on a air-con remotely, allowing
we to suffer a gentle ambient heat a impulse we step
into your car. The air-con runs on appetite granted from the
high-voltage battery and does not impact a quite electric cruising
operation even when connected to a charging wall-box for charging. You
can also use a My BMW Remote app to perspective a standing of your car,
appetite potency information as good as set pushing routes by your
smartphone. The navigation complement formed on BMW ConnectedDrive also
includes information on open charging stations, creation it easy for
a motorist to find accessible charging piles anytime.

360° ELECTRIC – extensive reward services for electric
BMW Group has generally come adult with a 360°
ELECTRIC programme to yield extensive services for electric travels.

First of all, home charging. A charging wall-box and basic
designation use will be supposing for giveaway to business vital in
areas where there is an certified X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance dealer.

Secondly, semi-public village charging services. For customers
but bound parking lots, BMW offers semi-public common charging
services within communities and a charging label package allowing
business to suffer dual years or 1,920 hours of giveaway services.

Thirdly, open charging. With ChargeNowTM, BMW Group partners with a
third celebration to build open charging infrastructures. The series of
charging piles is set to strech 1,500 this year.

Fourthly, worry-free services. The high-voltage lithium battery pack
of a X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance comes with guaranty services for
8 years or 120,000 km, withdrawal we worry-free when it comes to
battery durability.

Localisation joining and trailblazing. The new BMW X1
xDrive25Le iPerformance is an critical member of BMW Brilliance’s
plan for NEVs. BMW Brilliance has always been during a forefront of
a attention when it comes to a growth of NEVs in China. Our
harsh efforts in building energy-saving models and protecting
a sourroundings have done us a many tolerable and respected
reward automobile manufacturer in China.

BMW resolutely believes that creation and sustainability will define
oppulance in a future. Electric transport will be a tolerable mode of
travel for a really prolonged approach ahead. With sustainability during the
heart of a strategy, BMW Brilliance is heading a approach and actively
exploring a future.

The BMW X1 xDrive25Le iPerformance will usually be accessible in China.

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