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  • Ford employs a extensive proceed to safeguard a all-new Focus represents an environmentally obliged and tolerable car choice
  • A belligerent violation product sustainability index is used by Ford engineers to magnitude swell in improving environmental performance
  • Key Focus sustainability initiatives embody stretched use of renewable and recycled materials and rejecting of intensity allergens

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2011 Maximizing sustainability was a primary idea for a all-new Ford Focus, that incorporates a extensive proceed to improving a vehicles environmental performance.

In further to a vital efforts in minimizing CO2 emissions and augmenting fuel economy by a high-efficiency powertrain, weight assets and softened aerodynamics, engineers deliberate a accumulation of other factors to safeguard that a new Ford Focus represents a immature and tolerable car choice.

This holistic proceed addressed a whole car lifecycle and enclosed measures that ranged from maximizing a use of recycled and renewable materials to avoiding any intensity allergenic substances in a cabin.

Designed for sustainability
The swell in improving sustainability for a new Ford Focus was monitored regulating Fords belligerent violation product sustainability index (PSI). This index represents a automotive industrys many extensive proceed in assessing a environmental, amicable and mercantile impact of vehicles and demonstrates Fords joining to holding a heading purpose in addressing these issues.

The Ford PSI gives us a really transparent perspective of a sustainability of a vehicles, pronounced Jim Hughes, arch engineer. As we rise a new model, we can use a index to safeguard that any aspect of a product is as tolerable as possible.

The Ford PSI marks 8 product attributes identified as pivotal sustainability elements of a vehicle:

  • Lifecycle tellurian warming intensity (mainly CO2 emissions)
  • Lifecycle atmosphere peculiarity intensity (other atmosphere emissions)
  • The use of tolerable materials (recycled and renewable materials)
  • Substance government (including rejecting of intensity allergens)
  • Exterior sound impact (drive-by noise)
  • Safety (for occupants and pedestrians)
  • Mobility capability (seat and luggage ability relations to car size)
  • Lifecycle tenure costs (full costs for a patron over a initial 3 years)

These metrics simulate a multi dimensional inlet of sustainability and illustrate a extent of Fords holistic approach. During product growth a index allows new models to be compared to their predecessors, confirming sustainability opening is improved. This proceed has helped to safeguard a new Ford Focus provides a some-more tolerable choice than prior models.

Increased use of recycled and renewable materials
As a pivotal partial of a sustainability program, Ford has implemented difficult inner mandate to boost a use of recycled renewable materials within a products.
The new Ford Focus is partial of this initiative, that has combined some-more than 300 apart tools shaped with recycled material, ludicrous approximately 20,000 tons of rubbish divided from landfills any year.

Fords element engineers grown components from recycled element while ensuring no concede to car quality, continuance or performance.

The new Ford Focus facilities a operation of tools constructed regulating recycled content. These embody sound insulation element made from recycled denim jeans and string fabrics as good as carpets featuring recycled cosmetic calm and a series of cosmetic components constructed from a accumulation of consumer and industrial rubbish materials such as a battery housing, cover and bottom plate, circle arch liners and heating/ventilation components.

Elimination of potentially damaging materials
For some-more than 20 years, Fords limited piece government standards tangible what materials to equivocate or discharge in Ford products and in tools and materials supposing by suppliers.

To conduct materials opposite a car lifecycle, Ford has grown a tellurian materials government process. This helps Ford promulgate materials mandate to suppliers and lane a materials used in tools suppliers produce.

Focus Electric launched in 2012
As partial of a plan to offer a choice of tolerable car solutions, Ford is introducing a all-electric rechargeable Focus Electric as partial of a all-new Focus indication family.


About Ford Motor Company
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