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2012 Ford Focus
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  • New Ford Focus combines fluent pattern with an well-developed array of intelligent new technologies, high levels of craftsmanship and passenger safety
  • All-new Focus delivers adult to a projected 40 mpg on a highway, while charity a motorist enchanting opening and handling
  • Focus prolongation has started during a companys Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich.
  • North American Focus hatchback and sedan models will go on sale in S, SE, SEL and Titanium trim array levels during Ford dealerships soon

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2011 The all-new Ford Focus sets a new customary in a tiny automobile shred in North America, charity some-more record and facilities than some-more costly European cars, while delivering adult to an approaching unrivalled 40 mpg with an involuntary transmission. A sporty five-door Focus hatchback and a neat four-door Focus sedan are offered.

Focus brings a fascinating multiple of energetic design, superb motorist engagement, unmatched levels of record and considerable fuel economy, pronounced Mark Fields, boss of The Americas. The new indication should enhance Focus interest to a whole new era of customers.

Focus is Fords many poignant tellurian nameplate. With some-more than 10 million units sole given rising in 1998, Focus has turn a sales personality with consumers worldwide for a superb value, comfort, safety, record and pushing dynamics.

Following an rare tellurian expansion module underneath a companys One Ford strategy, a all-new Focus is set to continue a successful tradition. Focus demonstrates how Ford can scale to accommodate a concept needs of worldwide customers, while fine-tuning to fit informal preferences.

In any universe marketplace where Focus competes, business are looking for fluent design, suggestive technologies, manageable opening and well-developed fuel economy, pronounced Derrick Kuzak, organisation clamp boss of Global Product Development. Focus will set new standards for these comparatives and offer a class-leading operation of customary and accessible content, enabled by a tellurian scale.

Distinguished by a neat and sporty design, a new Focus is packaged with some-more affordable technologies and facilities than a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla or even incomparable competitors such as a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. In addition, Focus offers high standards of peculiarity and craftsmanship and class-leading fuel economy, and it takes pushing dynamics to a new level.

One of any 4 new vehicles sole in a universe currently comes from this tiny automobile segment, that we expect will see serve expansion in North America, pronounced Jim Hughes, arch engineer. Were aiming to widen Focus brandwidth by adding a prerogative Titanium array with oppulance levels of preference and comfort, appealing to an ever-expanding spectrum of buyers.

Developed in Europe and shortly to be sole in some-more than 120 markets worldwide, a all-new Focus is a pivotal component of a North American Ford product portfolio. Building on a peculiarity care of a prior model, a all-new Focus operation has been stretched to embody a high-series Titanium indication that will greatfully drivers changeable from incomparable and luxury-class vehicles.

Striking, streamlined design
Both new Focus bodystyles share a sporty character, imprinting a subsequent expansion of Fords acclaimed kinetic pattern form language. With a distinguished front end, neat profile, thespian rising beltline and jaunty stance, a new Focus offers a rewarding knowledge for drivers.

The all-new Focus four-door has a drag fellow as low as 0.295, compared to a stream models 0.320. This is a revoke drag fellow than Chevrolet Cruze and Volkswagen Jetta. The streamlined Focus figure and steeply raked windshield minister to significantly reduced drag. Optimized aerodynamics assistance to revoke Focus breeze sound during speed and minister to softened fuel efficiency.

The all-new Focus facilities new active grille shutters to retard airflow by a cooling complement when not required. In serve to an aerodynamic alleviation during aloft speeds, active grille shutters revoke underhood temperatures during low speeds, augmenting thermal efficiency.

Noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) levels have been reduced and pushing dynamics softened by a increasing acerbity of a physique structure, with 30 percent incomparable acerbity than a prior Focus model.

Stylish, organic interior
The energetic peculiarity of a extraneous is reinforced by a particular pattern of a interior. Focus has a modern, cockpit-style interior, with a stylish core console.

The many poignant interior creation is SYNC with MyFord Touch, that replaces many of a normal automobile buttons, knobs and gauges with clear, colorful glass clear arrangement (LCD) screens and five-way buttons. The screens can be personalized to arrangement information applicable to any motorist by regulating a elementary symbol click, voice authority or hold shade tap. MyFord Touch is powered by a new era of a companys award-winning SYNC system, that includes a worldly voice control complement for automobile functions, connected Bluetooth devices, a Wi-Fi hotspot, MP3 players and a far-reaching accumulation of outmost media.

The interior combines functionality with superb craftsmanship. The cabins confidant and contemporary graphics, a sculptured figure of a soft-touch instrument quarrel and a choice of higher trim materials mix to give occupants a premium-class experience.

Focus brings C-car interior space to a new level, rivaling incomparable vehicles. It offers some-more shoulder room than an Audi A4 and some-more front headroom than a Toyota Camry. In a atmospheric second row, a new Focus provides some-more hip room than a Audi or Toyota.

Smart record for reserve and practicality
The worldwide scale of Fords C-car module creates additional technologies and facilities some-more economically viable than ever for cars in this segment. This enables Focus engineers to make a far-reaching operation of innovative technologies accessible to greatfully tellurian consumers.

While a series of facilities offering in any marketplace will change according to internal patron approach and acceptance, a full operation of technologies has been engineered for a new Focus, definition that additional facilities could be done accessible to accommodate changing marketplace requirements.

The new Ford Focus was designed to surpass tellurian reserve standards for passenger and walking protection. Featuring next-generation front and side airbag technologies to tailor deployment to particular passengers, Focus also includes side screen airbags.

The extensive operation of intelligent technologies and facilities accessible on a new Focus for North America includes:

  • Active park assist
  • SYNC with Traffic, Directions and Information
  • HD Radio with iTunes Tagging
  • Ambient lighting
  • Torque vectoring control
  • Rear perspective camera
  • Intelligent Access with push-button start
  • Wi-Fi access

Unmatched pushing quality
The strange Ford Focus brought new levels of pushing lively to this shred of cars. Now a all-new Focus raises a benchmark to aim class-leading pushing quality, consistent communicative steering with significantly softened float quality. To grasp this, Ford engineers have optimized new designs for a Control Blade multilink back cessation and semi-isolated front subframe.

According to J.D. Power and Associates research, fun-to-drive is apropos a pivotal change to code loyalty. Superior Focus pushing dynamics give business another reason to lapse to a Ford showroom.

The new Focus framework pattern is complemented by a totally new electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system, that has been delicately tuned to broach accurate response during speed while remaining light and maneuverable for easy parking.

Ford engineers have extended Focus cornering fortitude and lively with an modernized torque vectoring control system, working like a limited-slip differential to constantly change a placement of torque between a front wheels. This formula in reduced understeer, softened traction and improved turn-in.

The complement is quite effective as a automobile accelerates by corners, requesting an inaudible volume of braking to a inside front circle so that some-more of a engine torque goes to a outward circle with incomparable traction. This creates a automobile feel smaller, some-more flexible and responsive. Torque vectoring control provides doing characteristics that will agree beginner drivers and prerogative a consultant ones.

Spirited opening with superb economy
The enchanting motorist interest of a new Ford Focus is magnified by an modernized powertrain delivering energetic opening while targeting class-leading fuel economy.

Focus is propitious with a totally new 2.0-liter gasoline direct-injection DOHC four-cylinder engine that combines high-pressure approach injection and twin eccentric non-static camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) for extended opening and fuel efficiency.

This engine delivers some-more energy than a stream 2.0-liter Duratec section featured in a North American Focus, while contributing to projected fuel economy gains of some-more than 10 percent.

To maximize a opening and mercantile advantage, a engine is corresponding with a latest dry-clutch six-speed Ford PowerShift involuntary transmission. A high-efficiency twin dry-clutch design, a delivery alone can assistance to revoke fuel expenditure by adult to 9 percent compared to a normal four-speed automatic. This modernized delivery is also offering with SelectShift Automatic functionality, permitting drivers to manually control rigging selection.

For drivers preferring a hang change and purchase pedal, Focus offers a five-speed primer delivery alternative.

The all-new Ford Focus goes on sale during North American Ford dealerships soon. It is made during Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich.

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