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The all-new 2011 Hyundai Sonata has warranted a series of accolades given a launch progressing this year. Today, automotive consulting organisation AutoPacific combined nonetheless another to Sonatas rsum, honoring a new sedan with a first-ever Presidents Award in approval of a record-breaking opening in a new study.

With a same methodology that AutoPacific has employed given it began compensation research, 975 drivers of a all-new 2011 Sonata rated their cars in 48 apart categories trimming from a basis of comfort and convenience, to opening and environmental friendliness.

Quite frankly, we were blown divided by a results, pronounced George Peterson, boss of AutoPacfic. The ideal bulk of a 2011 Sonatas measure done approval necessary. With a measure of 775 out of 1,000, a Sonata exceeded everyones expectations. The Sonatas singular styling was rated roughly ideal and was a pivotal motorist to a altogether higher opening in this research. Clearly, 2011 Hyundai Sonata drivers are intensely confident with their purchase.

From an chronological perspective, a measure of 775 has never been achieved before. The Sonatas tip measure surpasses anything AutoPacific has ever accessible in any product category.

Consumer response to a all-new 2011 Sonata shows a clever interest of Hyundais recipe of confidant design, good quality, a segment-best 35 miles per gallon, and superb residual values, pronounced John Krafcik, boss and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. This first-ever AutoPacific Presidents Award, noticing a top measure on this consult that AutoPacific has ever seen, is an good reverence to a California pattern team, a tellurian engineering group and a 2,700 group members during Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama for their uninformed meditative and loyalty in violation a mold of a undisturbed and tedious mid-size car.

Hyundais all-new 2011 Sonata represents a complicated proceed to a normal midsize sedan shred by regulating usually modernized four-cylinder engines, romantic pattern and oppulance facilities offering with Hyundais clever value proposition. The Sonata launched with a new Theta II 2.4-liter gasoline approach injection (GDI) engine and in-house six-speed involuntary transmission. The car offers class-leading fuel economy of 22 mpg city/35 mpg highway and 198 horsepower standard. Both hybrid and turbo powertrain options will be accessible during a finish of a year.

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