Aluminum, Structural Adhesive Help Boost Cadillac Performance and Quietness

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Aluminum, Structural Adhesive Help Boost Cadillac Performance and Quietness

Bonding representative reduces squeaks and rattles; aluminum cuts ATS and CTS weight






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DETROIT – Greater use of constructional glue and aluminum is assisting Cadillac revoke altogether weight of a ATS and all-new CTS sedans, contributing to softened float and doing and reduced cabin sound in both models.

The new CTS uses 387 feet of constructional glue – some-more than a length of a football margin – as a fastening representative that binds together and stiffens load-bearing tools and components. The endless use of glue provides a damping effect, that reduces a delivery of quivering by a physique structure. That pays off in fewer squeaks and rattles reaching a driver.

The heavy-duty material, along with normal steel fasten processes like mark welding, also creates a stiffer, some-more durable joint. These modernized techniques, in serve to a use of high-strength steels and fit geometry helps make a new CTS sedan 40 percent stiffer than a prior model.

To serve urge performance, aluminum was used extensively to save weight.  For a initial time, all 4 doors will be assembled of aluminum; slicing 55 pounds compared with a steel doors on a prior era CTS. With a bottom quell weight of 3,600 lbs., CTS is a lightest automobile in a class, roughly 200 pounds lighter than a allied BMW 528i.

“Reducing altogether weight is a pivotal member in producing a automobile that delivers flexible doing dynamics,” pronounced John Plonka, CTS module engineering manager. “By rethinking really normal elements, such as such as materials used for bumpers and doors, we are means to save changed weight and stay loyal to delivering a automobile that is fun to drive.”

Other aluminum contributions to weight savings: 

  • 13.1 pounds by replacing steel bumpers on a stream era CTS.
  • 14 pounds by creation front strut towers of expel aluminum compared with steel used in stream CTS.
  • 7.2 pounds from a instrument row structure, where extruded and hammered aluminum transposed expel magnesium.
  • 36.5 pounds by regulating extruded and expel aluminum vs. a steel powertrain cradle on a stream model.

Strategic use of aluminum is also an constituent member of a ATS oppulance competition sedan, that shares design with a new CTS sedan. At usually 3,315 lbs., ATS is among a lightest vehicles in a class.

The ATS powertrain facilities endless use of aluminum, that not usually helps cut weight though also contributes to a car’s scarcely ideal 50/50 weight placement for softened pushing dynamics. The ATS also has an aluminum hood, cessation cradle and cylinder heads.

The 2014 Cadillac CTS ascends into a heart of a midsize oppulance marketplace with stretched performance, towering styling and worldly technology. The automobile arrives in showrooms this fall. The ATS is Cadillac’s entrance in to a many poignant oppulance automobile segment. Since a launch final fall, ATS has perceived several accolades, including a initial Cadillac to win a North American Car of a Year award.

About Cadillac in Canada

Cadillac has been a oppulance automotive manufacturer given 1902 and has a prestigious story of reserve and record innovation. This bequest continues currently as Cadillac engineers and builds technologically advanced, dramatically styled vehicles with a repute for luxury, opening and quality. More information on Cadillac can be found during

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