An talk with Beitske Visser: “I wish to expostulate in a DTM one day.”

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Munich. Five promising, gifted youngsters are partial of the
2017 BMW Motorsport Junior Programme. They are all only environment out
on their careers, though already have a fascinating tour behind
them. In a array of interviews, we benefaction any of a BMW
Motorsport Juniors. This time: Beitske Visser (NED).


Visser is a initial lady to have done it onto a BMW Motorsport
Junior Programme. She had spent a prior 3 years racing in the
Formula Renault 3.5 World Series – one of a strongest youth series
in single-seater racing. In 2013, she was partial of a youth organisation at
BMW Motorsport’s reward partner Red Bull. In her initial deteriorate as a
BMW Motorsport Junior, Visser’s knowledge has enclosed her first
track-time on a Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER) in a BMW M235i Racing.


Beitske, when immature girls are concerned with horsepower, it is
customarily in equestrian circles. What captivated we to a universe of motorsport?

Beitske Visser: “My father raced furloughed cars in a Netherlands.
Then we remember there being a 24-hour kart foe when we was 3 years
old. we went with him, and saw some small karts there. From that
impulse on, we told him roughly each day that we wanted a kart and to
have a go during karting. we was finally given one for my fifth birthday. I
immediately left my family and friends during home and headed true to
a kart lane to expostulate it.”


How critical has your father been in your career?

Visser: “When we was younger and racing karts, he used to assistance me as a
mechanic. He would transport to a races, and mostly to tests, with me.
As such, he played utterly a vast role.”


Do we infrequently ask your father for advice?

Visser: “When we was younger, he taught me everything. Nowadays, he
tries to give me a peculiar recommendation to assistance me make a right decisions.”


Is it some-more formidable for a lady to attain opposite male
foe in youth series?

Visser: “I unequivocally beheld that when we was younger. In kart races, a
few drivers forced me off a lane since they did not wish to lose
to me. When we afterwards started to win a lot of races, they started to
honour me. we don’t have those problems anymore.”


Do we always have to be better, in sequence to be taken seriously?

Visser: “I would not indispensably contend we have to be better. You
simply have to uncover that we are there to win, and not only to make up
a numbers. Then we are shown some respect.”


Do we have a motorsport idol?

Visser: “Not really. There are apparently a lot of good drivers that I
like to watch. However, we do not demeanour adult to any one sold driver.
we only concentration on myself.”


You were also a initial lady to be supposed onto a Red Bull
youth programme. How was that, and because did it come to an end?

Visser: “It was unequivocally special to be partial of that programme, and a very
good event for me. Unfortunately, we had a few problems that
year and did not get a formula we had hoped for so it was not
continued. However, we schooled a lot there.”


How did we come into hit with BMW?

Visser: “I gathering for Teo Martín in a Formula V8 3.5 array last
year. The organisation also runs a BMW M6 GT3. At a start of a year,
Dirk Adorf phoned to ask either we would like to take partial in the
shootout for a Junior Programme.”


And we did so in style. What does a BMW Motorsport Junior
Programme offer you?

Visser: “An awful lot. This year, my initial year, there was a
illusory training camp, we visited Munich, and we are operative towards
removing a assent for a Nordschleife. With that in mind, we have
already taken partial in a array of races with a BMW M235i Racing. I
gathering a BMW M3 GT2 foe cab during Spielberg, and will also get an
tour in a BMW M4 GT4. That is a good schedule.”


How is a attribute with a other Juniors?

Visser: “I know Mikkel Jensen, Dennis Marschall and Joel Eriksson
from my time with a German Motopark team. we had also met Ricky
Collard before we met again during a shootout in Miramas. we don’t know
Nico Menzel so good yet, though we have seen him during a Nordschleife. We
are a unequivocally good group.”


What 3 difference would we use to report your celebrity –
both on and off a racetrack?

Visser: “I consider we am utterly focussed, determined, and a bit of a perfectionist.”


What can we do best, detached from engine racing?

Visser: “I was flattering good during maths in school.”


What was a best impulse of your career so far, and what was
a worst?

Visser: “The best impulse was my initial Formula ADAC feat at
Zandvoort, one day after we had a large pile-up – and winning a European
Kart Championship. Losing a pretension in a World Kart Championship
when we had led a array was not so good.”


Do we have any set goals for your career?

Visser: “I wish to expostulate in a DTM one day.”

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