An talk with BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt: “Marco has set a bar really high for a other drivers.”

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Munich (DE), 20th Oct 2016. Marco Wittmann (DE) was crowned DTM
champion for a second time during a Hockenheimring (DE) on Sunday. He
became a initial BMW motorist to grasp this feat. In a Team
competition, BMW Team RMG finished runner-up, forward of BMW Team RBM,
creation it a best-placed BMW group for a third deteriorate in a row. BMW
also finished second in a DTM Manufacturers’ Championship.

In an interview, BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt discusses
Marco Wittmann’s pretension win and looks behind on a fifth deteriorate since
BMW’s lapse to a DTM.

Mr Marquardt, how do we rate Marco Wittmann’s pretension win?

Jens Marquardt: “Marco Wittmann unequivocally lived adult to his nickname ‘Mega
Marco’, that he has had given winning his initial pretension in 2014. His
tip speed, nerves of steel and artistry done Marco a estimable champion
in 2016. He has set a bar really high for a other drivers.”

What creates Marco so strong?

Marquardt: “He doesn’t indeed have any weaknesses. Marco is
intensely discerning when it depends on one drifting path in qualifying, during the
same time he can also gait a foe ideally and expostulate very
intelligently. This multiple of tender speed and smarts is what
champions are done of. This is a same in any racing series. There
are not many drivers with these attributes. Therefore, we are very
happy to have Marco among a ranks.”

How did we suffer a deteriorate culmination in Hockenheim?

Marquardt: “That was a genuine thriller, in front of a good backdrop. A
sum of 142,000 fans watched a final dual races live during a track,
and were treated to what was flattering many a compress chronicle of a 2016
season. It has been impossibly tighten and a infancy of races have
been intensely exciting. Edoardo Mortara constructed dual really strong
races during a finish to plea Marco once again. However, a champion
showed what he is done of again – and quietly cumulative his second title.”

What place in a DTM story of BMW has Marco Wittmann
already earned?

Marquardt: “Marco is a initial BMW motorist to win a DTM Drivers’
Championship twice. Only dual drivers have ever won some-more titles than
Marco in this series. What some-more do we need to say? Although he’s only
26 years old, and still has a infancy of his career forward of him,
Marco is already positive of a place in a story books of a DTM
and BMW Motorsport. He is one of a greatest.”

BMW M has dedicated a special BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition to Marco…

Marquardt: “Yes, that has turn something of a tradition. Bruno
Spengler perceived a BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition in 2012, as did Marco
following his initial pretension win in 2014. It is illusory that BMW M GmbH
has now once again combined an disdainful special book of only 200
cars. The attribute between BMW M and BMW Motorsport has always
been really close. The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition is a clever pitch of
this tighten connection.”

How would we sum adult a 2016 DTM deteriorate in general?

Marquardt: “I consider a fans have enjoyed one of a many exciting
seasons ever in a DTM. We have seen 10 opposite winners. Eighteen
of a 24 drivers have done it onto a podium. In qualifying, the
drivers were frequently distant by small fractions of a second. The
pretension foe was a thriller, right down to a final laps of a final
race. This all shows that a measures taken before to a start of the
deteriorate have been effective. The packages of all 3 manufacturers
were of probably a same standard. Marco done a disproportion for us.
That shows what an critical purpose a motorist plays in a DTM.”

How would we consider a performances of a particular BMW teams?

Marquardt: “On a whole, we once again showed illusory group spirit
and, with a Drivers’ pretension for Marco Wittmann and second place in
a Team and Manufacturers’ competitions, we achieved an awful lot
together. BMW Team RMG was a many successful of a teams for the
third time in a row. Stefan Reinhold and his guys are doing a really
superb job. However, we am quite gratified that all a teams
done it onto a lectern this season. BMW Team RBM finished third in
a Team competition, while BMW Team MTEK had a fastest array organisation in
a whole DTM field. BMW Team Schnitzer enjoyed a good finish to the
deteriorate in Budapest and Hockenheim with dual stick positions and a
podium. We can be unapproachable of all a teams.”

We have seen dual BMW drivers for a final time in a DTM, in
a form of Martin Tomczyk and António Félix da Costa…

Marquardt: “That is right, though both will sojourn partial of a BMW
family and will take on new projects with us. Martin Tomczyk has had
an unusual DTM career. He has been an instrumental partial of this
array for 16 years. Above all, however, he is a good guy. With his
ability and personality, he is certain to be really profitable to us in
general GT racing in a future. The same goes for António Félix
da Costa in a FIA Formula E Championship, in that he has been
racing from year one. He is an intensely gifted racing driver, as he
showed emphatically again during this season’s DTM culmination with his two
stick positions. Martin bid farewell with another clever foe and was
rewarded with a point. Both enjoyed a estimable send-off.”

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