An talk with Bruno Spengler: “You are always really shaken before a initial race.”

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Munich (DE), 7th Apr 2016. When a new DTM deteriorate gets underway in
Hockenheim (DE) on 7th May, Bruno Spengler (CA), Marco Wittmann (DE),
António Félix da Costa (PT), Timo Glock (DE), Augusto Farfus (BR), Tom
Blomqvist (GB), Maxime Martin (BE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE) will take
their seats in a 8 BMW M4 DTMs for BMW Motorsport. In a run-up
to a opening turn of a season, we are holding a eventuality to
broach we to any of a BMW DTM drivers in a array of interviews.

Bruno Spengler, BMW Team MTEK, #7 BMW Bank M4 DTM.

The DTM does not start until 7th May, though we have already
been racing in a USA, where we done it onto a lectern in
Sebring. Was that a good approach to comfortable adult for a DTM season?

Bruno Spengler: “That was apparently a good start to a season. It
was good to be means to expostulate in Daytona and Sebring, as it authorised me
to find my stroke again. Driving a BMW M6 GTLM in America is really
enjoyable. we was unequivocally unapproachable to be partial of a initial foe with this
car. It was also my initial foe in Sebring. We were indeed a bit
detrimental not to win. Still, second place was an superb outcome for
a whole team, that had worked unequivocally tough to get that automobile ready. Now
we can frequency wait for a DTM deteriorate to start again.”

In a DTM, we are on your possess in a BMW Bank M4 DTM and the
races final 40 and 60 minutes. In America, we share a automobile with
your team-mates for 12 or as prolonged as 24 hours. How formidable is it
to adjust to a opposite situations?

Spengler: “Switching from a DTM automobile to a GT automobile is some-more difficult,
given we always have to reason behind a little. The automobile is heavier and
has opposite aerodynamics and opposite brakes. we always pull too
tough for a initial few laps, given a DTM automobile is faster in the
corners and we can stop later. However, we get used to that after a
few laps. Sharing a automobile with other drivers is an interesting
experience. Many people contend there is reduction vigour in a group than when
we are pushing alone. However, that is not true, as we have to
deliver. Every motorist has to do their best. If anyone creates a mistake,
it affects a whole team. Both formats are good fun, and we am happy
to be means to expostulate for BMW Motorsport in both series. It is good for
me, as we still have a lot to learn in engine racing – quite when
it comes to continuation racing. Learning is a everlasting process.”

You trafficked true from Sebring to a DTM aptness stay in
Italy. How critical is it to sight with your associate BMW drivers and
to have fun together before a deteriorate gets underway?

Spengler: “It is unequivocally critical that we all accommodate up. We have a packed
calendar, so now is about a customarily time when we can sight together and
do a bit of group building. Not customarily is it unequivocally critical for us all as
a team, though it is also good fun. Because we had trafficked straight
from Sebring, a jet loiter done a initial few days a bit some-more tiring,
though we was blissful to be there.”

How mostly do we sight any week when we are during home?

Spengler: “If we am during home for a week, we sight any day. we might do a
small reduction weight training, though we do extract in other sports like
tennis, cross-country skiing and biathlon in a winter, and golf in
a summer. Golf is good for your concentration, tennis for your
reactions. On tip of that, we also go using and cycle. we try to do as
many sports as possible, as we am a large sports fan.”

Biathlon is not indispensably your standard convenience sport. Did
we get most possibility to do it this winter?

Spengler: “We had a biathlon foe as partial of a BMW Bank
Winter Challenge. we have been skating on cross-country skis given I
was 12 years old.”

2016 is your 12th year in a DTM. Does it, to a certain
degree, turn slight after a while?

Spengler: “Before a start of any deteriorate we always ask yourself how
good a automobile is, either we are competitive, and how we will fare.
There is always a bit of excitement. You are always unequivocally nervous
before a start of a initial race, no matter how many seasons you
have underneath your belt. we feel a same approach as we did during my unequivocally first
DTM foe any time. we consider that is how it should be. we am very
desirous and will not relax only given we have been champion and won
a lot of races. we always wish to grasp more, so naturally put myself
underneath vigour any year.”

What, in particular, did your preparations for a 2016 DTM
deteriorate concentration on?

Spengler: “It is critical to urge a opening in qualifying.
That cost us profitable points during a start of final season. We contingency try
to be some-more unchanging in qualifying. This is not easy, given the
singular opportunities to exam forward of a season. However, a whole
group is doing a best to safeguard we are as rival as possible
come a initial race.”

What can you, as a driver, do to improve?

Spengler: “It is tough to name one sold thing. You always have
things we can improve. Every morning when we arise adult we consternation what I
can do improved during a racetrack. It is critical to have that kind of
attitude. The categorical idea is to get a best out of a automobile and me as a
driver. we try to do that any year. At 32 years of age, we am still
young. we still have a few good years forward of me, and am unequivocally motivated.”

What are BMW’s strengths?

Spengler: “BMW is a unequivocally energetic and complicated manufacturer.
Furthermore, BMW never gives up, no matter how formidable a current
conditions might be. Last year was fatiguing explanation of that, as things were
not going good during a start of a season. In a finish we came behind to
win a Manufacturers’ Championship. That is a unequivocally critical title
and unequivocally formidable to grasp in a DTM.”

Augusto Farfus is your new team-mate during BMW Team MTEK. How
prolonged have we famous any other?

Spengler: “We initial met a few years behind on a karting scene. We
have apparently come to know any other improved during BMW. we am pleased
that Augusto is now during MTEK, nonetheless we also got on unequivocally good with
Timo Glock and we worked good together. we am certain it will work only as
good with Augusto.”

You take on a purpose of pushing instructor during “Drive like
Bruno”. What creates a eventuality so special?

Spengler: “Drive like Bruno is positively fantastic. It customarily takes
place during a finish of a season, when we have some-more time. we spend the
whole day during a racetrack with a participants and uncover them what I
have desired doing given we was a child – pushing a automobile during a limit. I
also answer any questions and am always diversion for a laugh. We all want
to have a good day together, so a atmosphere is always excellent.
BMW Bank does a good job. Every year they come adult with something to
make a eventuality even better. It is good fun, and deserves a lot of praise.”

As partial of “Drive like Bruno”, we also finished a special
path in Hockenheim with a 360° camera on board. This was a first:
never before had anyone seen a DTM automobile from that viewpoint (
). Is this a kind of thing that needs to be introduced in
a future, in sequence to feature a DTM knowledge for fans?

“Firstly, it was impossibly good fun. we gave a using commentary
during a lap, to give my practical passengers an even improved feel for
what is critical in Hockenheim. we consider a video is fantastic. It
allows any fan to step into a purpose of my passenger. The experience
is ideal when we watch a video wearing VR glasses. we consider this
is accurately a kind of thing we need to broach to move fans even
closer to a DTM, offer them glimpses behind a scenes, and to make
a DTM even some-more captivating. The immeasurable infancy of spectators only
ever see a DTM automobile from a outside. Now everybody can take a virtual
demeanour around and see what unequivocally goes on in a cockpit. we can only
suggest we watch a video – preferably with VR glasses.”

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