An talk with Jens Marquardt and Michael Andretti – “We element any other really well.”

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Munich. The march has been set for BMW to join a FIA
Formula E Championship as an central manufacturer with a works team
in Season 5. In an interview, BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt
and MSAD Andretti Formula E CEO Michael Andretti pronounce about the
tighten partnership and their expectations for a destiny of Formula
E. In a loose discussion, they also discuss about their personal
interests divided from engine racing.

Mr Marquardt, Mr Andretti, Season 4 of Formula E is already
underway. What are your goals with a MSAD Andretti Formula E team?

Michael Andretti: “Our thought is apparently to do improved than in
a past. Last year was not a best for us. we wish we can urge on
that. A picturesque thought would be top-five finishes, if we can get
there. Maybe we can also collect adult a peculiar lectern here and there if
things work out.”
And from a BMW perspective?

Jens Marquardt: “We are apparently immersing ourselves even
deeper into Formula E this year, and will be some-more heavily concerned in
a MSAD Andretti Formula E team. We have 3 employees working
full-time with a group this season. We are also ancillary wherever
and however we can to remove a limit out of a package, together
with a drivers. It goes though observant that we are also regulating our
resources behind in Munich. At a same time, we during BMW Motorsport and
BMW i are apparently also entertainment information, that will assistance us to
rise a powertrain for Season 5. That programme is running
together to this.”

Michael, we have been actively concerned in Formula E from day
one. How has a array grown in that time?

Andretti: “It is illusory to see how a dream of Formula E
owner Alejandro Agag has turn reality. His prophesy was for Formula
E to offer companies like BMW a entertainment on that to contest against
other manufacturers out on a racetrack. He has achieved that. It is
a good honour for us to have been concerned from a outset. We are a
partial of a destiny of engine racing.”
Jens, did we trust that a array would rise so well?

Marquardt: “Yes, we did. And it was also critical that BMW was
concerned from a start as Official Vehicle Partner of a series.
There were apparently a few things that we discussed with Alejandro and
his guys. Our impasse was contingent on a few changes being
implemented in Formula E. The roadmap that Alejandro drew up, with all
a technical steps, indeed happened. That simplified a decision
to be concerned as a manufacturer out on a track. We afterwards found a
team, in Michael’s outfit, that operates during a tip turn in motor
racing and has a resources of Formula E experience. That was unequivocally an
ideal unfolding for us. Taking this partnership to a subsequent level
operative together in Season 4, while during a same time looking brazen to
Season 5, is unequivocally sparkling for all of us.”
You have both gifted motorsport in many opposite racing
categories. What do we find so fascinating about a Formula E project?

Andretti: “For me personally, it is essentially a venues. we am
unequivocally tender when we arrive during locations like New York, Paris,
London and Hong Kong, where other racing array have been perplexing to
competition for decades. It is extraordinary what Alejandro and his group have
Marquardt: “For me, it is some-more the
technological side of things. In a past, we have mostly oral about
transferring things from engine racing to a prolongation side. Never
has that practical some-more than in Formula E. Here, we have a genuine tech lab
for a prolongation technology. Everything we do here is cutting-edge
technology. We have accurately a same engineers as grown a BMW i3
and a electric powertrain for a BMW i8. We told them: ‘forget all
a bounds we routinely have to cruise in development, and just
concentration on performance, limit efficiency, lowest weight, and a best
altogether package’. Once we have achieved that point, we will consider
how accurately we can confederate that in prolongation – for example, for the
BMW iNext models and all destiny BMW i models. For us, this is the
ideal realization of a motto: from a racetrack into a travel car.”

Before your partnership began, what did we know and consider of
your destiny partners? Michael, what did we know about BMW Motorsport? 

Andretti: “I have always followed what BMW Motorsport have done,
and they win in all they do. Our group already has a strong
partner in Formula E, in MSAD, with whom we work together
superbly. The fact that we are also constantly stepping adult our
partnership with BMW is a illusory situation.”
Jens, we have worked in a USA for many years. Did a name
Andretti already have special definition for you?

Marquardt: “Yes, it unequivocally did. But that goes a prolonged proceed back. I
don’t consider Michael indeed knows this story. As a ten-year-old, I
always used to competition my hermit to propagandize on a bikes. He was always
Jackie Stewart, we was Mario Andretti – since Michael’s father used
to expostulate that pleasing black and bullion John Player Special Lotus. I
even won a few races to propagandize as Mario Andretti. we came to America in
a late 1990s, where we was concerned with IndyCars, in that Michael
was a hero. He won a lot of races, including many opposite a group I
was operative for. This family name – and Michael himself, with
all he has achieved: we don’t find that kind of thing very
mostly in motorsport.”
How good do Germans and Americans work together? 

Andretti: “I consider it works well. Sure, a cultures are a
small different, though we are all racers in a end. That is what it is
all about, so we pronounce a same denunciation in that regard. We have seen
for a few years, with a partner MSAD Insurance, how well
opposite cultures can element any other in motor
Marquardt: “I consider we element any other very
well. What Michael and his guys move to a party, total with the
infrequently rather realistic and parsimonious German proceed unequivocally works well,
since we need both to be successful. It is loyal that a cultures
differ a little, though during a finish of a day we are joined by the
passion we share for racing.”
What is your roadmap for Season 5? Is there a BMW roadmap and
a group roadmap? 

Andretti: “That is already all together. At a impulse we are
operative unequivocally tough together toward a powertrain for Season 5. At the
same time, we are also operative to be as successful as probable this
deteriorate with a MSAD Andretti cars. The roadmap is a same on
both sides.”

Marquardt: “It is unequivocally a challenge, and is substantially more
formidable for Michael and his group during a impulse than it is for us at
BMW. They have to be entirely focussed on Season 4, a racing side of
things, while during a same time environment adult a tests for a new car,
as shortly as it is ready. Development of a powertrain is currently
mostly finished in Munich. However, from subsequent year we will work even
closer together on a exam and growth side. The thought is to have
limit opening and potency from a start of Season 5.”
The subsequent competition will take place in Marrakech. Is pushing in
Africa special? Are we looking brazen to it?

Andretti: “I adore a fact that a array races on so many
opposite continents. It is cold to conduct from Hong Kong to Marrakech,
afterwards on to South America. And we are not only going anywhere in these
countries, though to a unequivocally heart of them, to a city centres. That is
what creates Formula E so unique.”
Marquardt: “The tour in
Africa only goes to uncover that Formula E is a truly tellurian series. At
a same time, it also says that E-mobility is global. The major
cities of this world, no matter that continent they are on, will be
electrified in a nearby future. BMW, as a tellurian actor and pioneer,
has to be involved. We are looking brazen to appearing in Marrakech
in January, afterwards on to South America, North America and Europe.”

The scurry interview: Quick questions – discerning answers.

What is a biggest plea we face using a racing team?

Andretti: “Having a right people in a right
Marquardt: “And afterwards gripping them motivated, sharp
and ensuring their hearts are in it – by a good times and a bad.”
What pursuit would we do, if we were not in engine racing?

Andretti: “Honestly? we have no idea. we unequivocally don’t know what I
would do. we am unequivocally propitious to be means to do what I
Marquardt: “I would substantially be a teacher.”

Which is your favourite racetrack?

Andretti: “Spa is my favourite racetrack.”
Marquardt: “I
agree. It is a virile track. Michael knows it as a racing driver, I
know it as an engineer. It is a healthy track, and a genuine challenge
for each driver.”
What is your biggest success to date?

Andretti: “When we came behind from Formula 1 and won a very
initial IndyCar competition behind in Australia. That was a large impulse for
Marquardt: “Obviously 2012, when we returned to a DTM with
BMW and won all 3 championships in a initial year back.”
Which is your favourite car, or racing car?

Andretti: “Racing car… we would have to contend a Lotus 79, with
that my father won a Formula 1 World Championship. That automobile was
only beautiful.”
Marquardt: “I would rather go for a highway car:
a BMW 507.”
Who, in your opinion, is a best racing motorist we know?

Andretti: “My father, Mario, was always my hero. Nobody has
achieved what he has achieved: winning in each difficulty he has driven
in. we don’t consider that will ever be repeated.”
Marquardt: “For
me, it is Jackie Stewart. we have met him a few times, and was very
tender with how indifferent he was.”
Which is your favourite airport?

Andretti: “Indianapolis.”
Marquardt: “Munich. we associate
it with home.”
What is a many critical thing in life?

Marquardt: “Two things: health and happiness.”
Andretti: “I agree.”
V8 or BMW eDrive?

Marquardt: “That’s unequivocally easy: currently V8, tomorrow
Andretti: “Nice answer.”
Steak or fish?

Marquardt and Andretti (simultaneous): “Steak!”

Suit or hoodie?

Andretti: “Hoodie.”
Marquardt: “Politically scold answer:
suit. Private answer: hoodie.”
Travel by craft or car?

Andretti: “That is easy: plane.”
Marquardt: “That depends
on a distance. Within Germany and beside countries, I
apparently cite a BMW vehicles. The craft afterwards comes into play on
prolonged journeys.”
Champagne or beer?

Andretti: “Depends on a situation.”
Marquardt: “Mineral
water, if we am driving.”
Andretti: “Another crafty answer
Marquardt: “Beer on normal days, champagne when we am
celebrating a win with Michael.”
Top speed or balance?

Andretti: “Balance.”
Marquardt: “Top speed.”
Le Mans or Nordschleife?

Andretti: “Le Mans.”
Marquardt: “Nordschleife. Even Le Mans
can't tip that.”
Stairs or elevator?

Andretti: “Stairs.”
Marquardt: “Stairs.”
Fastest path or stick position?

Andretti: “Pole position.”
Marquardt: “Pole position.”
Blockbuster or theatre?

Andretti: “Theatre.”
Marquardt: “Theatre.”

Metallica or Madonna?

Andretti and Marquardt (simultaneously, laughing): “Metallica!”
Baseball or soccer?

Marquardt: “Soccer, by a mile.”
Andretti: “Oh goodness, I
theory soccer.”
Diving or hiking?

Marquardt: “Definitely hiking. we don’t like
Andretti: “Hiking for me too.”

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