An talk with Martin Tomczyk: “It is always exciting.”

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Munich (DE), 15th Apr 2016. When a new DTM deteriorate gets underway
in Hockenheim (DE) on 7th May, Bruno Spengler (CA), Marco Wittmann
(DE), António Félix da Costa (PT), Timo Glock (DE), Augusto Farfus
(BR), Tom Blomqvist (GB), Maxime Martin (BE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE)
will take their seats in a 8 BMW M4 DTMs for BMW Motorsport. In
a run-up to a opening turn of a season, we are holding the
event to deliver we to any of a BMW DTM drivers in a
array of interviews.
Martin Tomczyk, BMW Team Schnitzer, Number 100 BMW M
Performance Parts M4 DTM.


Martin, preparations for a 2016 deteriorate are now complete. How
happy are we with a approach a tests panned out?
Martin Tomczyk:
“I am unequivocally happy, nonetheless contrast brazen of a deteriorate is very
limited. That is not an ideal conditions for a racing motorist in the
winter, yet we worked a approach by a lot of opposite points and
attempted to get a many out of a time as a team. we am definitely
encouraged and looking brazen to a new season, that will be my 16th
in a DTM. After a unsatisfactory deteriorate final year, we can
quietly contend that a customarily approach is adult for me.”
How did we ready over a winter?

Tomczyk: “When we don’t get to do a lot of driving, you
apparently try to recompense by doing a lot of exercise. Therefore, I
was really active in a winter and could not wait for a initial tests.
we also had a event to do a few tests in a BMW M6 GT3, which
apparently helped pass a time a bit.”
You are one of a some-more gifted drivers in a DTM. Are
there still new things out there that even we are nonetheless to discover?

Tomczyk: “There is always something new in a DTM when the
regulations change – as is a box again this year. We have a few
innovations, that meant we contingency adjust again and reorient yourself –
even if we have been around for a prolonged time. It is always exciting
and moving when a initial competition weekend comes around.”
What are we many looking brazen to in a 2016 DTM season?

Tomczyk: “The races. We showed final year that we put on exciting
races for a spectators. We had a lot of opposite winners. The
whole deteriorate was exciting, and a movement was great. When we bear in
mind that a cars underline a really latest record and are all
within one second of any other in qualifying, it is not a given that
there are also a lot of overtaking manoeuvres out on a track.”
What are your goals? What would make 2016 a successful season
for you?

Tomczyk: “If we get behind to a turn we indeed wish to be
pushing at. we don’t set myself any transparent goals, yet it is transparent to
me that we don’t go where we was final year – and we don’t wish to be
behind there again. we wish to measure points in each competition and to bridge
a gap, utterly when it comes to qualifying.”
Another subject on your bulletin is a Nürburgring-Nordschleife
and a 24-hour race. Does it make a good change to be concerned in that?

Tomczyk: “Definitely. For me, it is one of a best races on my
report this year. It is also fun to be concerned in a preparations,
to share a automobile with team-mates, and to work together on building the
set-up and strategy. Furthermore, conquering a challenging
Nordschleife with all a drivers and a group is moving and exciting.”
What creates a Nordschleife so special?

Tomczyk: “There is simply no other racetrack like it in the
world. No other circuit comes close. It is indeed utterly crazy, even
for a racing driver. However, it is implausible fun when we get it
right. At many racetracks, we can aim to finish a ideal lap. On
a Nordschleife, however, it is only a furious and crazy ride. You have
to consider differently each lap. The trade and conditions change
constantly. Every dilemma is a new challenge.”
The 24-hour competition is a totally opposite animal anyway. As a
driver, are we means to take in most of what is going on turn a circuit?

Tomczyk: “We collect adult on it, as we customarily arrive on Tuesday for
all a activities surrounding a race. Also, BMW is really well-known
for putting on a good uncover for fans divided from a track. We drivers
are apparently concerned in all that. we always consider behind fondly on one
of a best moments of my time in motorsport, when we pulled onto the
Nordschleife as a personality on path one, meaningful that there were over
200 cars behind me who would adore to pass me. When we are the
initial by a Nordschleife and see a initial flares being shot
into a sky, it is only an overwhelming feeling. we would like to repeat
that again this year, yet afterwards to hang onto that position for a bit
longer. Our idea is to win a 24-hour race. Obviously we always need
a bit of fitness on a Nordschleife, yet a altogether package is good
enough. We contingency now make certain that this package is a initial across
a finish line.”
Before a Nordschleife we have another tour as partial of the
BMW Motorsport Junior programme. How most do we suffer flitting on
your knowledge and expertise to a immature drivers?

Tomczyk: “Sixteen years ago we was a youngest motorist during the
time to competition in a DTM, and it goes but observant that we benefitted
from a some-more gifted drivers. Back afterwards we dripping adult all the
information they gave me. That helped a lot, so we am pleased, 16 years
down a line, to be means to give something behind to a new stand of
youngsters. we have already met both Juniors, Louis Delétraz and Jesse
Krohn, and have tested with Louis. It is good fun, as we can see the
enterprise and craving they both have.”
You have turn a father for a second time. Has that changed
your life?

Tomczyk: “Having children does change your life. It is difficult
to explain this to anyone who does not have children. But anyone who
does have kids knows how critical they are in your life. It is really
incredible, and we suffer each impulse with my children. From a sporting
indicate of view, it has apparently altered nothing. That is my job, and
one that we am still impossibly ardent about. However, when we am
finished working, we try to get home as discerning as possible. That may
not have been a box before, when we competence have stranded around for a
night. Now, though, we entirely suffer my time during home with a kids.”
Your mother is a discerning racing driver, and we are discerning too. Are
your children display any signs of racing talent?

Tomczyk: “They are positively really enthusiastic. You can’t really
equivocate it. Wherever we demeanour in a house, we will find engine racing –
either it be helmets fibbing around or a good BMW in a garage. You
pass on that affinity with motorsport to your children. My garage is
reduction full than a one with all my daughter’s pedal cars.”

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