An talk with Ricky Collard: “I will do all we can to get to a DTM.”

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Munich. Six earnest gifted youngsters are partial of a BMW
Motorsport Junior Programme in a 2017 season. They are all during the
start of their careers, though already have an engaging background
behind them. As partial of a array of interviews, we deliver the
particular BMW Motorsport Juniors. This time: Ricky Collard (GBR).


Ricky Collard (GBR) constructed some convincing performances in formula
racing early in his career, before apropos partial of a BMW Motorsport
Junior Programme in Apr 2016. Since then, he has been gaining
knowledge in GT and furloughed automobile racing, following a trail taken by
his father Rob, who has been competing successfully with BMW cars in
a British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) given 2008. In 2017, Ricky
Collard competed in a BMW M6 GT3 for BMW Team Schnitzer, in a ADAC
GT Masters. Together with Jörg Müller (GER) and Jens Klingmann (GER),
he also took partial in a 24 Hours of Dubai (UAE), that saw a race
entrance for a BMW M4 GT4. During a DTM Young Driver tests in 2016,
he had a event to benefit knowledge behind a circle of a BMW


Ricky, your father is a successful furloughed automobile driver. Did he
deliver we to motorsport?

Ricky Collard: “Actually, my grandfather was some-more responsible
for that than my father. The motorsport story started with him. My
father had bought me football boots, though we wasn’t meddlesome in that.
we had always left to watch my father and my grandfather racing, so I
wanted to foe as well. we started off with motocross bikes and then
switched to mud bikes, offroad buggies and karts. From there, we moved
into veteran karting, on inner circuits only during weekends, as
propagandize and preparation were critical to my parents. we thereafter changed on
from bar and inhabitant level, adult to European and worldwide kart
racing. we had a critical collision though we managed to make my quip and
began racing in Formula Ford, Formula 4 and Formula 3 in England. I
finished second three-times in 3 years, in 3 championships,
and thereafter we done it to a BMW Motorsport Junior Programme.”

How did we father and grandfather support your career choice
after we had motionless to combine on motorsport?

Collard: “Motorsport can be unequivocally expensive, so it was really
critical that they helped me financially with a racing. But they
were also useful as mentors. My grandfather was prohibited rod world
champion after all. My father was always unequivocally tough. While my
grandfather was only as strict, he maybe wasn’t utterly as tough as my
father, who also pushed me to quarrel harder. My grandfather was always
unequivocally proud, and happy. When we assimilated a BMW Motorsport Junior
Programme, he pronounced to me that we had to pierce to BMW and take it
seriously. That is because we prioritised BMW, and we have been means to
expostulate in DTM tests and GT tests during a immature age. we have also had
support from mentors like Jörg Müller or Dirk Adorf, and some other
good personalities. BMW does a unequivocally good pursuit in that respect.”

How did this hit with BMW come about?

Collard: “After a unequivocally successful year in a British Formula
4 series, we was invited to go to Munich and speak about my skeleton with
a government of a Junior Programme. we also met adult with other
Juniors. Later on, we had a shoot-out with 6 other Juniors in Dijon.
Those dual days were unequivocally successful for me and thereafter we was asked
either we wanted to join a programme and spin a BMW Motorsport
Junior. we was delighted, and thereafter we finished second in a British
Formula 3 series. we chose not to foe in regulation cars this year, so I
could combine entirely on BMW. Now we am pushing GT cars and we was in
movement in a DTM foe cab in Moscow. we have won my initial foe in the
ADAC GT Masters and we am unequivocally happy to have driven with a legendary
group like Schnitzer.”

Your long-time co-worker Lando Norris became European Formula
3 champion this year, and now he is knocking on a doorway of Formula
1. However, we have motionless to pierce to foe cars. Are we happy
with that decision?

Collard: “I have left adult opposite some unequivocally clever competitors
during my career. Lando was my team-mate and is now on his approach to
Formula 1. we have also driven with Max Verstappen. we kick Lando quite
mostly though we are good friends, regardless of a on-track rivalry. I
am unequivocally happy for him now that he has a agreement with McLaren and is
going to be a Formula 1 exam driver. GT racing is good for me and it
is fun to drive, generally in an unimaginable group like Schnitzer,
with Charly Lamm and all a mechanics who do such a veteran job.
Of course, it would have been good to continue pushing regulation cars
this year, maybe in a European Formula 3 Championship or GP3, as
good as competing in GT races. But that would have been very
difficult, and unequivocally expensive. we come from a tillage family – we keep
cows and pigs so that creates it formidable to get a income together for
racing. we am happy and of march we will do all we can to get to
a DTM, and to combine on that and on Formula E. we wish to
remonstrate everybody that we have all compulsory to acquire that place.”

How do we get on with a other Juniors?

Collard: “I consider that we are all good friends, and we have a
lot of honour for one another though when we are out on a track, we
wish to kick a competition. We are on a right lane and wish to
uncover everybody that we have warranted a right to expostulate for BMW.
Unfortunately, we have not been pushing so many with a other Juniors
this year, as we was especially competing in a Schnitzer automobile with Philipp Eng.“

How would we report your impression in 3 difference – on and
off a racetrack?

Collard: “Fiery, stirring and professional.”

What do we do detached from racing?

Collard: “I work full-time for my father’s dispersion company,
pushing dumper trucks for example. we also spend a lot of time in the
simulator, and we work on my fitness. we like to float my towering bike
and we am a fan of impassioned sports – anything that is a bit mad.”

And what about football?
Collard: “Not so much,
I’ve got dual left feet.”

Do we have any motorsport purpose models?

Collard: “One of my many critical sponsors is Nicky Grist, who
was co-driver for Colin McRae. Colin was inspirational for me in terms
of motorsport, interjection to his passion and his ability to give
everything, right when it was required. Nicky has common a few
personal stories with me, about how insane he was and what he had to do
to spin universe champion.”

What have been a best and misfortune moments of your career?

Collard: “That’s utterly an peculiar one for me. My critical karting
collision is concurrently a best and misfortune impulse of my career. I
gathering into Max Verstappen, and Lance Stroll, who is also in Formula 1
now, crushed into me. we pennyless a few vertebrae, 5 ribs, my
collarbone, and pennyless my shoulder in dual places. we also had a ruptured
lung and inner bleeding. we was in sanatorium in Italy for about three
months and had to use a respirator, as we was not means to breath
properly. My whole family came over and it was a unequivocally tough time for
all of us, as there was a possibility that we competence not make it. However, it
all incited out good in a finish as we done a full liberation and managed
to make a quip interjection to perfect willpower. Many people told me that
we would never lapse to a foe automobile and suggested me to use with my
left feet and play football instead. But we only wanted to get back
into a automobile and infer to everybody that we could put such a serious
collision behind me. we consider that we came behind stronger after the
collision and we had copiousness of time to consider about what to do with my
career and what we wanted to achieve. Maybe being means to make a
quip after such a brief duration creates a collision a best moment
of my career, as we was means to spin something so bad into a certain experience.”


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