An talk with Tom Blomqvist: “I know what to design in a DTM in 2016.”

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Munich (DE), 12th Apr 2016. When a new DTM deteriorate gets underway
in Hockenheim (DE) on 7th May, Bruno Spengler (CA), Marco Wittmann
(DE), António Félix da Costa (PT), Timo Glock (DE), Augusto Farfus
(BR), Tom Blomqvist (GB), Maxime Martin (BE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE)
will take their seats in a 8 BMW M4 DTMs for BMW Motorsport. In
a run-up to a opening turn of a season, we are holding the
event to deliver we to any of a BMW DTM drivers in a
array of interviews.

Tom Blomqvist, BMW Team RBM, No 31 Ice-Watch BMW M4 DTM.

Tom, on a scale of one to ten, how would we rate your debut
deteriorate in a DTM in 2015?

Tom Blomqvist: “I would give myself a seven. The start of a season
was tough for me. we initial had to adjust to a dynamics, a unequivocally high
customary and a assertive pushing in a DTM. When it came to
operative with a team, everybody concerned had to get used to any other
during first. The branch indicate for me came in Moscow. From that weekend
on, we was always one of a tip qualifiers. That is something we was
unequivocally happy about. The comprehensive prominence of a year was apparently my
win in Oschersleben.”

Were we relieved in Oschersleben to see that we could
contest during a unequivocally front of a margin in a DTM?

Blomqvist: “The win unequivocally came as a relief. However, we already
knew that we had a gait required. It was usually a box of everything
entrance together in one race. That was a box in Oschersleben,
starting with qualifying. After a win, we was many some-more loose going
into a remaining competition weekends. It unequivocally helped me a lot.”

What astounded we many about a DTM?

Blomqvist: “How impossibly tighten it is. we was unequivocally astounded to see
how even a minute gaps, even usually half a tenth of a second, could
make a large difference.”

Looking forward to a entrance season, in that areas are you
looking to urge most?

Blomqvist: “I feel many improved prepared than we did for final season.
Back afterwards all was new to me. we now know what to design in the
DTM in 2016. The group and we have identified a series of areas, in
that we wish to improve. That is what we are operative on. After all,
we always have to keep improving.”

How do we like your new Ice-Watch BMW M4 DTM?

Blomqvist: “I unequivocally like a Ice-Watch colours and consider the
childish picture of a Ice-Watch code suits me unequivocally well. The
Ice-Watch BMW M4 DTM was unequivocally successful in new years with Marco
Wittmann during a wheel. Hopefully it will move me fitness too.”

As good as a new car, we also have a new team-mate. How are
we removing on with Maxime Martin?

Blomqvist: “He is a unequivocally good man and we get on good with him. As well
as that, he is intensely quick. He valid that emphatically final year,
quite towards a finish of a season. After Augusto Farfus we now
have another clever team-mate, from whom we am certain we will be means to
learn a lot.”

You recently done your entrance on a Nürburgring-Nordschleife
in a BMW M235i Racing in credentials for your start in a BMW M6
GT3 during a Nürburgring 24 Hours. How did it go?

Blomqvist: “I consider that was accurately a right approach to learn this
intensely formidable track. There was no vigour on me, and we was able
to usually drive. we spent 4 hours uninterrupted during a circle and got a lot
of kilometres underneath my belt. It was an heated experience, as the
circuit is a large challenge. However, it is also implausible fun.”

How did we ready for a Nordschleife?

Blomqvist: “I spent some time in a simulator and watched on-board
videos. To be honest though, that didn’t assistance me as many as we had
hoped it would. Driving on this track, with a undulations and bumps,
is a totally opposite world.”

You are now also pushing in GT races for BMW Motorsport. How
did that come about?

Blomqvist: “My concentration was, and remains, a DTM. However, we wanted to
take a event to get some-more competition experience. The some-more we drive,
a improved motorist we can become. In a DTM, we usually have limited
event to indeed get behind a circle of a car. Therefore, it
was good to be given this possibility by BMW Motorsport.”

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