An talk with Uwe Geyer: “A clever and successful tellurian racing family.”

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Munich (DE), 3rd Oct 2016. Racing movement with a BMW S 1000 RR
in countless championships on 6 continents, some-more than 200 customer
teams around a creation and one big, closely associated family: with its
endless patron sports programme, BMW Motorrad Motorsport has
combined a singular and outrageous world-spanning racing community. The number
of riders who take to a lane with a BMW S 1000 RR in
general and inhabitant array has constantly increasing over recent
years, and a village continues to grow. There is a reason for
this: The racing business know that BMW Motorrad is not usually a
manufacturer, yet also a clever partner during their side that co-operates
with them and who they can count on.


A really special foe brings a tellurian BMW Motorrad Motorsport
village even closer together: a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. BMW
Motorrad introduced this innovative judgment in 2014, and to date is
a usually manufacturer that unites a business from all continents
and many opposite championships in one competition. In a current
season, 20 general and inhabitant foe array with various
championship classes are personal for a Race Trophy. Each BMW S
1000 RR supplement who competes in one of these classes can enter a BMW
Motorrad Race Trophy for giveaway and, in proceed competition, conflict other
BMW riders from other series, nations and continents for a climax of
a best BMW supplement in a world. The success of this judgment mirrors
a expansion of a worldwide RR community: The array of participants
has constantly increasing and in 2016, a third deteriorate for a Race
Trophy, some-more than 120 BMW racers from all over a universe have registered.


In an interview, Uwe Geyer, Head of BMW Motorrad Motorsport
Marketing, talks about a vital proceed of a patron sports
programme and a Race Trophy, as good as about a truth of, as
a manufacturer, providing complete support for all customers, from
a pro in general universe championships to a pledge in
inhabitant championships.



2016 is a third deteriorate for a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. How
would we take batch of a Race Trophy so far?


Uwe Geyer: “It is a outrageous success and proves that we achieved our
goals – namely to emanate a unique, clever and successful tellurian racing
family, and to be a tighten partner with a riders and teams on all
continents. We are intensely gratified with a growth a Race
Trophy has taken in a initial 3 years. This season, 127 registered
BMW riders are competing opposite any other in a BMW Motorrad Race
Trophy in 27 opposite racing classes around a world. In 2015 it was
104 riders, and in a entrance year in 2014 it was 69 racers. The
acceptance of a BMW Motorrad patron racing programme is rising
annually, and it is increasingly substantiating itself as a permanent
underline of a Motorrad universe of motorsport. This and a success of
a competitors in their foe array are a explanation that a strategy
is working.”


How good did a BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders accept this
new competition?


Geyer: “The feedback we accept from a riders and participants from
all over a universe confirms how most they conclude a judgment of
a Race Trophy. Many riders shortly recognized a advantage and the
opportunities supposing by a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. We have a
vast array of repeat entrants from prior years. Being partial of a
outrageous tellurian family, we offer them a worldwide platform, increased
approval in general motorsport and many some-more benefits. Our
singular judgment of equal diagnosis is also mirrored by a thought of the
Race Trophy – and is another reason since a riders like this
competition. And last, yet not least, they are rival people –
and, of course, everybody is penetrating to be crowned a best BMW racer in
a world.”


What was your design when we started a Race Trophy, and
would we contend now, 3 years on, that a plan is a success?


Geyer: “Our design was, and still is, to invariably grow our
singular village and to move some-more and some-more BMW S 1000 RRs to the
racetracks worldwide. Being a clever and arguable partner for our
customers, a plan is to yield equal support to all a riders
and teams, so that any BMW racer around a universe advantages from
being partial of a BMW Motorrad Motorsport village and from the
imagination of a engineers. As a manufacturer it is critical to be
approachable, so to be means to assistance riders and teams. The continuously
rising array of entrants, and a sporting successes in particular,
infer that a judgment is a success.”


How critical is it to we that we have managed to establish
one of a largest tellurian communities in a motorcycle world?


Geyer: “We are really unapproachable to have combined this vast tellurian family,
that is rare in general motorcycle racing. Our BMW S
1000 RR racers fly a dwindle for BMW Motorrad all around a world, in
countless racing array on all continents, from universe championships to
inhabitant series. Every foe weekend, they infer with their successes
in all a opposite array that a BMW S 1000 RR is one of the
strongest bikes in production-based motorcycle racing. Therefore, they
are a ideal ambassadors for a code and a bike – and it is
good that they are apropos some-more and more.”


How does a sell with and among a members of this
community, a racers opposite a globe, work?


Geyer: “Many riders know any other by a general racing
theatre and some of them float in a same group in a World Endurance
Championship, even yet they conflict for points in different
general and inhabitant foe series. Naturally, a aim by the
village judgment is to couple all BMW racers around a world. Our
means of communication, such as a BMW Motorrad Motorsport
general Facebook page, yield riders with insights into the
array of a other Race Trophy competitors. It goes but saying
that BMW Motorrad Motorsport stays in consistent hit with the
riders and is on palm to residence their concerns. Communication is
always a BMW priority, and so is a picture that a Race Trophy
competitors benefaction in public. We place a lot of value on the
prominence and approval cause of a riders being a given in all
of a championships.”


What have we schooled from this community?


Geyer: “We schooled that a village promotes and strengthens team
suggestion among a BMW racers around a world. But we also need to take
caring of a community. This means being receptive and being on-site
during a races. Our element of treating a competitors equally is
really popular, since it honours a opening of any supplement no
matter either they win a Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, for example,
or are battling for points in a internal Superbike championship in
South Africa.”


What are a skeleton for a future?


Geyer: “We would like to serve strengthen a tighten partnership
with a customers. To extend a village of BMW racers around the
world. To turn even some-more appealing to riders who race. To include
some-more foe array in a Race Trophy, and to invariably rise the
judgment of this singular competition.”


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