Andrea Dovizioso: “I’m only going to suffer it”

Posted on 29. May, 2019 by in Audi Canada

How was it operative with Mattias (Ekström) and a team?
I consider we worked really good together, though with a man like Mattias we hadn’t approaching it to be otherwise. The same relates to a whole Audi Sport crew. The support we perceived was simply overwhelming. We done ideal use of a time we had accessible for testing. We not usually incited a lot of laps though also unnatural many situations that will stand adult during a race, for instance, my starts, array stops and tire management. 

What are your expectations for your DTM entrance subsequent week? 
As distant as a finish outcome is endangered we have no expectations. The turn of foe in a DTM is scandalous for being intensely high. I’ve watched a lot of races and they all seem really close. I’ll try to keep adult with a field, though that’s about it in my view. In many situations knowledge is needed, that we apparently don’t have. For this reason, I’m not going to set myself impractical goals; I’m only going to suffer it. 

The foe weekend is right between dual MotoGP races. How do we conduct your full racing calendar? 
I acknowledge it’s not easy, though I’m kind of used to it now. Otherwise, I’m mostly on a highway between MotoGP races, for instance in motocross. we like a variety.

Will your family and friends be examination a Misano races? 
Yes, we consider so. Many of my family and friends follow my outings and are generally really ardent about motorsport. we wish they’ll have fun examination my DTM races.

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