Application proviso for a fifth Volkswagen and BASF "Science Award Electrochemistry" has begun

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• Researchers of value might request adult until 12 Aug 2016
• International scholarship endowment is value a sum of €100,000, of which €50,000 goes
   to initial place
• For a initial time in 2016: Special endowment for Applied Research
• The endowment rite takes place in Berlin on 21 Nov 2016

The BASF and Volkswagen general “Science Award Electrochemistry” is now in a fifth year. With evident effect, scientists of value from all over a universe might request online during The website also explains a appearance conditions, procession and preference process. Deadline for applications: 12 Aug 2016. Contributions submitted will be assessed by a jury comprising experts from BASF, Volkswagen and member from a systematic community. The endowment rite takes place in Berlin on 21 Nov 2016.

The general “Science Award Electrochemistry” supports glorious systematic and engineering achievements and intends to yield uninformed procedure to a growth of high-efficiency appetite storage devices. The scholarship endowment has been hold each year given 2012 and is dictated for scientists operative in educational investigate all over a world. The esteem income totals €100,000 and initial place receives €50,000.

In 2016, on a arise of a 5th rite of a scholarship award, a special esteem value €15,000 will be awarded to recognize practical research. Different focus conditions request to a special endowment and they are listed during

Knowledge of electrochemical processes and their focus in a margin of materials, battery cells or storage systems is an critical bottom in sequence to rise destiny appetite storage devices. Without these technologies, it is not probable to yield meridian and resource-saving appetite reserve regulating regenerative appetite or grasp destiny expostulate concepts such as electric mobility. Current appetite storage inclination have so distant been incompetent to achieve a opening that appetite supply and mobility business are accustomed to. For this reason Volkswagen and BASF would like to motivate researchers of value operative in scholarship and corporate investigate to place even some-more joining to a margin of electrochemistry and a applications.

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