At a forefront of sustainability: Scania will broach about 1,500 biodiesel trucks in 2014

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Biodiesel is maybe a many renouned choice fuel among Europe hauliers today

The company’s extended joining to choice fuels and tolerable growth is now also apropos manifest in a form of clever lorry sales. In 2014 alone, Scania expects to broach about 1,500 Euro 6 trucks in Europe that use one of a 5 engine models that can run on adult to 100 percent biodiesel.

“The foresee indicates that this year we will furnish and broach about 1,500 Euro 6 trucks built for biodiesel operation,” says Christopher Podgorski, Senior Vice President Trucks during Scania. “This is a figure I’m really unapproachable of, since it shows that a investment in choice fuels is not usually a many extensive in a industry, though also a resounding blurb success. This is a petrify magnitude of value for Scania’s faith that a tolerable destiny is also a essential future.”

Scania manufactures 3 opposite Euro 6 engines for pristine biodiesel operation formed on a modular complement – 9-litre inline five-cylinder; 13-litre inline six-cylinder; and 16-litre V8). Together they yield a energy operation from 320 to 580 horsepower and a far-reaching accumulation of patron needs and pushing applications.

Biodiesel is maybe a many renouned choice fuel among Europe hauliers today. It is easy to use, can be churned with unchanging diesel when necessary, and during a same time mostly yields a CO2 rebate of 65 per cent or more, depending on how a fuel is produced.

“The usually environmental measures that count are those that are indeed implemented,” emphasizes Magnus Höglund, Product Director, Distribution shred during Scania Trucks. “Thanks to a extent of a product range, we broach biodiesel trucks to a series of markets for a accumulation of applications. In fact, many go to long-haulage customers, a organisation that don’t generally have many to select from when it comes to choice fuels. The indicate is that they do not have to give anything up; they can buy well-equipped trucks and get all a driveability they are accustomed to from Scania, while radically shortening their CO footprint.”

In 2014 Scania expects to broach many biodiesel trucks to markets such as Austria, Sweden and Germany, though seductiveness is usually flourishing as some-more markets turn wakeful of a possibilities. One of a singular largest purchases so distant is a 50 long-haulage trucks bought by Swiss Coop, with a direct aim of being carbon-neutral by 2023.

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