It was an sparkling day for Jack Palazzolo, Ford Canada’s Vice President of Marketing, as he proudly introduced a Ford Atlas Concept to Canada in a heart of lorry nation during a Edmonton Motor Show.

For several decades, Ford has been a personality in trucks with a universe famous F-Series, and a new Atlas Concept is an prolongation of that history. Pairing attempted and tested pattern concepts from prior Ford lorry models with new technologies and performance-enhancing features, a engineers during Ford have combined a judgment car that has lorry enthusiasts vehement about a destiny of a code and their trucks.


The Atlas Concept presents extraordinary facilities like Trailer Backup Assist and Dynamic Hitch Assist to make towing and parking easier and some-more efficient. There’s also a 360 grade camera and centre shade arrangement that allows drivers a bird’s eye perspective of their lorry and vicinity in all situations. With these additions to a peculiarity and opening that Ford trucks have always been famous for, it’s no consternation lorry lovers are looking brazen to what a Atlas Concept is bringing to a table. For a some-more extensive demeanour during a concept’s features, check out a blog post on a destiny of pick-ups.

Built Ford Tough

Upon phenomenon Atlas to a lorry nation crowd, Palazzolo offering these difference about what it will deliver: “A preview of innovations that will renovate what people pattern from pickup trucks in a future, a Altas Concept showcases Built Ford Tough with design, capability, fuel potency and intelligent technology.”

However, a engineers during Ford did not stop there. Fuel potency stays a regard for all drivers and with that in mind, Atlas wowed a throng with a active grille, circle shutters and power-deployable front spoiler and using play that change a demeanour of a truck. All this while creation it some-more aerodynamic as we draw or journey down a highway.

“My initial greeting to a Ford Atlas is I’m unequivocally tender with a aerodynamic improvements, a active aero, a well-spoken underbody, (and) a active circle shutters,” offering Peter Dushenski of Add to all of that a next-generation twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine and this lorry is really some-more than only a attractive package to be vehement about.

Excitement abounds

The appetite during a Ford Canada counter in Edmonton was spreading with people opposed for a demeanour during a Atlas Concept and seeking when they will be saying these new facilities on their Ford trucks.

When you’ve been building a best trucks in a universe for several decades, it might seem that it can be tough to get too vehement about a latest models and developments. But with Atlas, there is fitting fad for both lorry lovers and members of a Ford family.

Paul Letourneau, of, might have pronounced it best when he told us, “I consider there’s going to be a lot of guys that adore this truck.”

We totally determine with Paul and can’t wait to see a Atlas Concept continue to drum adult a same reactions and fad from lorry lovers all over a country!