Audi A3 celebrates 20th anniversary

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“20 years of a Audi A3 – that is 20 years of success in a compress class. Back then, we founded a new shred with a A3. Today, a high-volume A3 family is a bound member of a indication lineup,” says Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Audi Board Member for Production. “Two decades of a Audi A3 – and behind it a rarely competent prolongation team. Without them, such a success story would not have been conceivable.”

Peter Mosch, Chairman of a Audi General Works Council: “The Audi A3 is a really clever post for safeguarding jobs. That is because a Works Council supports continued prolongation of such critical models here during a home plant in Ingolstadt. Job expansion over a past 20 years alone confirms that this is a right path.”

When it done a debut, a Audi A3 was already environment new standards in a compress category with a sporty character, high‑quality workmanship and discretionary quattro all‑wheel expostulate system. At a Ingolstadt prolongation site, innovative prolongation technologies and limit coherence in physique prolongation have been guaranteeing this tip peculiarity right adult to today. Here, Audi produces a Audi A3, A3 Sportback, A3 Sportback e‑tron and A3 Sportback g‑tron models. In 2014 alone, this represented a sum of 188,465 automobiles.

Meanwhile, a compress automobile from Ingolstadt has turn a tellurian player. It has cowed a roads in over 100 sales markets, and it is also done during other Audi prolongation sites. In 2001, a Audi Group had already extended portions of A3 prolongation to a prolongation site in Györ. Today, a Audi A3 Sedan and A3 Cabriolet come off a public line during that plant, and in 2014 prolongation volume there was 117,578 models. Last year, a sum of 46,000 Audi A3 Sportback and A3 Sedan cars were constructed during a Chinese plant in Foshan. 10,000 additional A3 Sedans were built in Aurangabad, India. Very soon, a reward code will be producing a A3 Sedan in Brazil as well. Total prolongation volume given a automobile done a entrance 20 years ago is 3,647,833 A3 models.

Series prolongation of a initial plug‑in hybrid indication during a Ingolstadt plant is a ground‑breaking feat in a instruction of electric mobility. Here, Audi is producing a Audi A3 Sportback e‑tron in a same cycle time and on a same line as required A3 models. Demand is generally clever in a Netherlands where each second Audi A3 Sportback automobile sole is an e-tron. Chinese business have been means to buy a Audi A3 e‑tron given July. It will launch in a USA during a finish of 2015.

The code with a four rings also produces a low‑emission Audi A3 Sportback g‑tron on a existent A3 production line in Ingolstadt. The g‑tron is a initial natural‑gas powered automobile to be constructed by a brand. The indication can use possibly fossil‑based healthy gas or climate-protecting Audi e‑gas as fuel. The g‑tron is generally renouned in Italy where one out of 9 A3 Sportback cars sole is powered by healthy gas.

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