Audi A3 takes “Gelber Engel” for superb quality

Posted on 17. Jan, 2013 by in Audi Canada

The ADAC chose a Audi A3 out of 52 models as a leader of a “Gelber Engel” endowment in a “Quality” difficulty in 2013. The formula are formed on ADAC relapse statistics, a ADAC patron barometer (online), and a motoring organization’s use compensation survey.

Werner Zimmermann, Head of Quality Assurance during Audi, collected a endowment currently in a Allerheiligen-Hofkirche during a Residenz in Munich: “The A3 pennyless new belligerent in 1996 by substantiating a reward compact-class shred and has continued to set a benchmark in terms of peculiarity and trustworthiness ever since. We are really assured that we will also be means to say a superb turn of peculiarity with a third era of a model.”

The Audi A6 also found preference among readers, holding second mark in a peculiarity ranking, while a Audi A4 garnered fifth place.

The “Gelber Engel” is now in a ninth year and ranks among a many desired automobile attention awards. It is awarded in a 5 categories: Quality, Car, Innovation and Environment, Future, and Personality.

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