Audi achieves plain financials in initial half of a year and anticipates flourishing challenges

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“We successfully mastered a initial half of this well-developed year and kept Audi right on track,” pronounced Alexander Seitz, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Finance, IT and Integrity. “The response to a new models and technologies shows that they will significantly pierce Audi brazen again. To those ends, we are mastering a stream proviso of shake and transition. Because with a consummate of a renovation of a indication operation and a enormously perfectionist changeover to a WLTP standard, hurdles will boost again in a entrance months.”

In a stream third quarter, a new era of a Audi A6 – a Four Rings’ bestselling full-size indication – will be launched in a initial markets. In addition, a Q8 will extend Audi’s indication operation in a reward tip segment. The fourth entertain of 2018 will underline a marketplace launch of a array chronicle of a entirely electric Audi e-tron prototype, as good as a government of prolongation ramp-ups and phase-outs in a compress segment. With a new Audi A1 and a new Q3, a association will also grasp critical milestones in a realignment of a prolongation network in sequence to serve optimize synergies within a Group. In parallel, Audi is stability a worldwide marketplace rollout of a new A8 and A7 models; a code will start a status commencement also in a US marketplace in a fourth quarter.

From Jan by June, a association delivered 949,282 automobiles of a Audi code to a business (2017: 908,683). The worldwide boost in deliveries of 4.5 percent was essentially driven by a certain expansion in Asia and North America. The Audi Group’s income increasing by 3.9 percent to €31,183 million in a initial half of a year (2017: €30,011 million). With an boost in handling distinction of 3.0 percent to €2,761 million (2017: €2,680 million), a handling lapse on sales was 8.9 percent, as in a initial half of final year. Operating distinction does not embody a formula of a joint-venture business in China, where Audi achieved a strongest expansion in deliveries to business in a initial half of a year. Assigned boost from a Chinese joint-venture business are presented underneath financial result.

The significantly increasing net money upsurge of a Audi Group amounted to €2,672 million in a initial 6 months of this year (2017: €1,925 million). The net money upsurge in a prior-year duration was impacted by aloft money outflows in tie with a diesel crisis.

The strong financial health of AUDI AG is increasingly upheld by a systematic doing of a Group-wide mutation devise that was instituted during a commencement of a year. By a year 2022, this module of measures should grasp certain gain effects totaling €10 billion and prioritize resources for pivotal creation areas of a focused devise “Audi.Vorsprung.2025.” By a center of this year, a association has already implemented a initial measures in a context of a Audi mutation devise with a certain impact on handling distinction of some-more than €0.5 billion in a full year, and will continue with consummate concentration of a program.

With stricter spending discipline, a ratio of investigate and expansion output to income was 6.5 percent in a initial half of a year (2017: 6.9 percent) and a collateral output ratio was 3.4 percent (2017: 3.9 percent). The 2018 categorical investment concentration will be in a second half of a year.

The Audi Group confirms a foresee for a full year. During a serve march of a year, a association will invariably investigate and weigh a ongoing expansion of risks, in sold those outset from a composition of a indication portfolio to a new WLTP measuring method. As announced in a annual report, a association expects poignant fluctuations during a year in production, inventories and deliveries, as good as in a pivotal financials. In this context, a initial half of a year featured a poignant boost in prolongation levels for anticipatory stockpiling: In a entrance months, an optimized supply of a placement and sell network will be required due to a Audi indication commencement and above all a changeover to a WLTP exam cycle. This is meant to capacitate dealerships to overpass interruptions in a openly configurable operation of certain models that start as a outcome of a WLTP changeover, partially with cars accessible directly on site.

For a year as a whole, deliveries by a Audi code are approaching to strech a prior year’s level, with a slight boost in income for a Audi Group. The Audi Group continues to expect an handling lapse on sales within a vital aim corridor. The association expects a investigate and expansion output ratio to be somewhat above a long-term aim mezzanine of 6.0 to 6.5 percent. Audi also assumes that a collateral output ratio will be somewhat above a aim turn of 5.0 to 5.5 percent.

Selected pivotal total of a Audi Group

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