AUDI AG: initial entertain of 2019 still influenced by inauspicious factors

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From Jan by March, a association delivered to business 447,247 cars of a Audi brand, that is 3.6 percent fewer than a year progressing (2018: 463,750). While serve expansion was achieved in China (+3.3%) notwithstanding a disastrous altogether market, deliveries in Europe decreased (-5.5%). This was still due to a temporarily singular accessibility of a indication operation as a outcome of a WLTP changeover, that was quite conspicuous in a second half of 2018. Meanwhile, Audi has roughly all engine-transmission variants behind in a portfolio. In addition, Audi continues to conduct a transition to new generations of countless high-volume models in 2019. For example, a marketplace ramp-up of a new A6 L in China started in January.

The Audi Group’s income in a initial 3 months of a year amounted to €13,812 million (2018: €15,320 million). The year-on-year diminution is generally attributable to a new stating structure of a Audi Group implemented in Jan 2019. Due to a prior inclusion of several multi-brand import companies, Audi’s total financial statements also enclosed income from a sale of cars of other Volkswagen Group brands in prior years. These are now reported during Volkswagen Group turn for a initial time as of 2019. By contrast, a Q8 and a Audi e-tron recently launched in a full-size shred had a certain impact on income in a initial quarter. At Lamborghini, a same relates to a super SUV model, a Urus; overall, a Italian brand’s income roughly doubled compared with a initial entertain of 2018.

For a initial entertain of this year, a Audi Group posted handling distinction of €1,100 million (2018: €1,300 million). In further to a reduce sales volume, gain were adversely influenced by a phase-out and ramp-up conditions of critical models as partial of a ongoing product initiative, as good as by aloft allege output for new technologies. The handling lapse on sales fell to 8.0 percent (2018: 8.5 percent). The revenue-reducing effects from a deconsolidation of a multi-brand importers had a certain impact on a lapse ratio and dampened a decline.

“The start to this year has also shown that we are now some stretch divided from a possess targets. We contingency grasp quick and estimable swell with a cost structures to make 2019 a branch indicate for Audi,” says Alexander Seitz, Member of a Board of Management for Finance, China and Legal Affairs during AUDI AG. “Especially in times of radical technological change, it relates some-more than ever that to rise reward products, we need a reward margin. So with a Audi Transformation Plan, we’re going to change adult a gear.”

The association started deliveries of a all-electric Audi e-tron in Europe in March, presented a Q2 L e-tron privately for China during Auto Shanghai 2019 in April, and will have a universe premiere of a third e-model with a Audi e-tron Sportback before a finish of a year. From 2019 until a finish of 2023 alone, Audi skeleton approximately €14 billion of allege output for electric mobility, digitalization and rarely programmed driving. This includes investments in property, plant and apparatus as good as investigate and expansion expenditure. Overall, a sum output earmarked for a five-year formulation duration amounts to about €40 billion.

To financial a destiny course, Audi increasing a targets for a mutation devise during a commencement of 2019 and now aims for certain gain effects totaling €15 billion in a duration of 2018 by 2022. In a extra work package of a program, a company’s collateral employed is to be optimized. As partial of a realignment, a Audi Group is adjusting, among other things, a destiny allocation of indication lines to a plants with a fit bundling of automobile architectures, as good as a analogous placement of tasks and ability expansion in a general expansion and prolongation network.

For a initial entertain of this year, a Audi Group reports distinction before taxation of €1,196 million (2018: €1,426 million). This includes a financial result, that decreased to €96 million (2018: €127 million), partially due to dimensions effects.

Even underneath a formidable conditions of a initial quarter, a Four Rings generated a significantly certain net money upsurge of €1,207 million (2018: €1,919 million). Compared with a aloft prior-year figure, a disastrous one-time outcome influenced money inflows in tie with a deconsolidation of a multi-brand importers. Moreover, there had been a certain impact in 2018 from changes in equity interests in a HERE mapping use provider.

For full-year 2019, a association continues to foresee a assuage boost in deliveries by a Audi code and anticipates expansion procedure generally in a second half of a year. Delivery total will also simulate a rebate of inventories in a sales and sell organization, that were privately built adult for a WLTP changeover. The Audi Group therefore anticipates a slight boost in revenue. In transition year 2019, a handling lapse on sales is approaching to be between 7.0 and 8.5 percent and a net money upsurge between €2.5 and €3.0 billion.

Selected pivotal total of a Audi Group

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Fuel expenditure of a models named

Audi e-tron:
Combined electric energy expenditure in kWh/100 km (62.1 mi)*: 26.2 – 22.6 (WLTP);
24.6 – 23.7 (NEFZ) CO2 emissions total in g/km (g/mi): 0
Information on fuel/electricity expenditure and CO2 emissions in ranges depending on a apparatus and accessories of a car.

Audi Q8:
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 9.1 – 6.4;
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 207 – 169
Information on fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions as good as potency classes in ranges depending on a tires and amalgamate circle rims used.

Lamborghini Urus:
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 12.7;
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 325
Information on fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions as good as potency classes in ranges depending on a tires and amalgamate circle rims used.

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