AUDI AG: Further sales expansion strengthens tellurian reward marketplace position in a second quarter

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Audi has started a second entertain with serve sales growth. In April, a Ingolstadt-based association sole around 133,500 cars, representing an boost of 6.6 percent compared with a prior-year month. In sole direct for a new A3 family and a Q3, Q5 and Q7 SUV models strengthened business for a 4 rings. Since a commencement of this year, around 503,000 business in sum have motionless in preference of an Audi – a expansion of 6.7 percent. This is a initial time that Audi exceeded a threshold of half a million deliveries after only 4 months.

“Given a intensely formidable marketplace conditions in Europe, we see a tellurian sales outcome of Apr as positive. Especially a USA and China are now environment a gait for Audi,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG. And: “We are serve strengthening a position in China with a launch of a locally constructed Audi Q3, in a really energetic segment. Already today, some-more than each third patron in a Chinese reward marketplace decides in preference of an SUV.”

The Q3 went into internal prolongation a few weeks ago during a Changchun site as Audi’s fourth locally constructed indication alongside a A6 L, A4 L and Q5. The initial units of a compress SUV became accessible in Chinese dealerships in April. Also a new era of a Q5, a indication being intensely renouned in China, went into a showrooms final month. Together with a Q7, Audi’s SUV sales in China increasing by 31.3 percent to 11,784 units already in April. Also sales of a locally constructed A4 L saw clever expansion of 19.5 percent to 10,426 units. Across a whole indication range, Audi accessible a expansion of 13.1 percent to 38,710 cars delivered final month. From Jan to April, Audi handed 141,520 automobiles over to Chinese customers, an boost of 13.9 percent. 

Other markets as good contributed to Audi’s continued energetic expansion in a Asia-Pacific segment with clever double-digit expansion in April. In Japan for example, a code with a 4 rings stretched a business by 36.3 percent to sales of 1,858 cars, in South Korea by 35.7 percent to 1,711 units and in India by 37.0 percent to 770 automobiles.

In Europe, however, Audi was also not means to shun a ubiquitous mercantile development: In April, sales in this segment decreased by 1.9 percent to around 65,500 reward automobiles. In France, where Audi had achieved sales expansion of 13.7 percent in a prior-year month, deliveries this Apr decreased by a identical commission (-10.2 percent to 5,648 cars). In Italy, a drop for Audi accounted for 19.4 percent final month, analogous to 3,920 units sold. In comparison to a prior-year month, this outcome reflects a disastrous altogether marketplace condition as good as a fact that in Apr 2012, dual new models in a Audi portfolio, a A1 Sportback and a Q3, had only turn entirely accessible in this market. While in Germany a sales outcome of a 4 rings fell by 3.7 percent to 23,411 cars, generally Russia (+11.1 percent to 3,651 cars) and a UK posted quite clever expansion among a vital European sales markets. In a United Kingdom, direct for Audi models increasing by 9.4 percent to 10,205 cars in April. As in many other European markets, a successful start of a A3 Sportback and a newgeneration Q5 had a certain impact there. In total, European sales for a Audi indication operation in a initial 4 months of 2013 were during a prior-year turn with 253,050 units delivered (+/- 0 percent). This means that a business of AUDI AG in Europe is building in a most some-more fast approach than a region’s altogether market.

In a USA, Audi of America continued a clever opening of a prior months with estimable expansion of 14.2 percent to 13,157 deliveries in April. The code was again quite successful with a full-size models: 467 business took smoothness of a new Audi A8, 30.4 percent some-more than in Apr 2012. This month, a diesel powered chronicle of a brand’s flagship became accessible during US dealers for a initial time. As a year progresses, Audi will enhance a TDI descent in a USA with a A6, a A7 and a Q5. Audi’s second full-size sedan, a A6, also done good advance in a USA final month, with expansion of 21.7 percent to 1,905 units sold. Also a brand’s SUVs continue to be intensely renouned with US customers: Audi of America accessible 1,183 deliveries of a Q7 in Apr (plus 33.4 percent), and 3,241 of a Q5 (plus 31.6 percent).

Meanwhile, Mexico has determined itself as another expansion motorist for Audi in North America. With expansion of 54.7 percent to 3,553 units sole from Jan by April, Audi is a heading reward code in a Mexican market. In Apr alone, section sales climbed by 74.8 percent compared with a prior-year month, increased for instance by clever direct for a new A3. As of 2016, Audi will furnish a Q5 for a universe marketplace in a Mexican city of San José Chiapa; final Saturday, a Board of Management of AUDI AG laid a substructure mill for a new automobile bureau there.

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