AUDI AG: More than 1.5 million automobiles delivered to customers

Posted on 16. Dec, 2013 by in Audi Canada

“Our whole group is creation Audi story today: In 2005, we set ourselves a really desirous goal, and given afterwards have sparked an forlorn code and indication initiative,” pronounced Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG. “We will continue to write this success story and enhance a product operation from a stream 49 to 60 models. We see a good understanding of potential, quite in a SUV shred and in a generally prestigious full-size category.”

With over 1.5 million deliveries in 2013, AUDI AG will have doubled a tellurian sales within a singular decade. In 2003, Audi sole around 769,900 cars annually.

“Today, we are reaching a middle aim significantly progressing than planned, notwithstanding intensely severe conditions in many markets,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales during AUDI AG. “We are now environment a sights on a subsequent aim and are in a clever position to grasp a dual million symbol by 2020.”

The association recently achieved record total for a 47th month in a quarrel given Jan 2010. The brand’s tellurian sales now surpass a prior record set in 2012 by 7.4 percent.

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