AUDI AG: Sales in a Americas boost 11 percent in May

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At around 153,850 cars, Audi’s worldwide deliveries in May were somewhat above a total from a same month final year (+1.2%). In further to a arriving indication changes for a Audi Q7 and a A4, a brand’s top-selling model, a stream privacy to buy in a Chinese oppulance shred was quite noticeable. The design in a Americas is, however, really different: here sales of a 4 rings continued to boost sharply, adult 11.1 percent to around 24,500 vehicles. The Audi TT, whose tellurian sales doubled in a month (+96.6%), also helped expostulate a company’s sales. Across all models, Audi has delivered around 744,900 cars to business given January, an boost of 4.3 percent.

“In a arriving months we design to see an additional boost from a new Audi Q7. It will come to European dealerships in June,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG: “We are now saying a good many resisting developments in a markets; a SUV bang is, however, a uniform tellurian trend. Sporty off-roaders are flourishing some-more strongly than a marketplace in all regions.”

In a United States, a world’s largest SUV market, a Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 achieved total expansion of only underneath 37 percent in May. Across all models, a U.S. sales total of a Ingolstadt association grew by 11.0 percent to 18,428 units. As such, Audi achieved a second-best monthly outcome in association story in a United States. Audi deliveries have climbed by 11.7 percent in a marketplace given January. Audi also saw substantial expansion in Canada, with sales adult 26.2 percent to 2,880 vehicles. In a initial 5 months of a year, a association delivered only underneath 10,800 cars to business in Canada (+18.6%), roughly as many units as in a whole of 2009.

In Western Europe, Audi managed to surpass a outcome from May 2014 (+1.4% to 64,900 units). Italy (+23.3% to 5,336 cars), Spain (+13.4% to 4,037 cars) and Portugal (+38.2% to 1,002 cars) achieved expansion rates here good into double digits. In Germany, a 4 rings increasing a deliveries somewhat by 0.8 percent to 24,727 units. The new Audi TT valid one of a tip sellers, with sales doubling in May (+157.8%). The Audi A6 was also really renouned among business in Germany in a past month. Sales of a Avant chronicle of a A6 increasing by only underneath 17 percent. Across all indication variants, Audi has delivered only underneath 123,600 cars in Germany given January, an boost of 6.1 percent. In contrariety to Western Europe, there are really few signs of a annulment of a trend in Eastern Europe, where a downturn in a economy continues to be felt. In Russia, for instance, a direct for Audi models fell by 37.1 percent in May.

In China, Audi also felt a impact of a stream privacy to buy in a oppulance segment: The brand’s deliveries came in somewhat next a 2014 figure with 47,410 units (-1.6%) in May. Since Jan a association has sole 226,022 cars in China – an boost of 3.7 percent. By contrast, Japan is display a initial certain signs of a marketplace recovery. Here, Audi sales climbed 16 percent to 2,502 vehicles in May, a strongest expansion for 14 months.

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