AUDI AG: Solar appetite for a e-tron

Posted on 30. Nov, 2010 by in Audi Canada

Audi is to use solar appetite for destiny mobility: during a Companys categorical plant in Ingolstadt, Audi e-tron models will in destiny have their batteries charged with stream performed directly from photovoltaic apparatus on a plant site. The Company is severely fluctuating a solar appetite capacity: by a finish of a year additional photovoltaic modules will have been commissioned on a 7,500 block scale area of a new Audi A3 physique construction buildings roof.

This judgment shows that Audi is rebellious a subject of electromobility systematically, pronounced Plant Manager Peter Kssler. The photovoltaic designation uses innovative thin-layer modules that prove a many difficult environmental protection, potency and coherence standards. We aim to set a standards in each area, combined Kssler.

Audi is again fluctuating a team-work with Green City Energy: in 2009 this Munich-based association commissioned photovoltaic modules on an area of 11,600 block meters during a Ingolstadt plant. Audi has now done an additional 7,500 block meters of roof area accessible on a Audi A3 physique construction building, with a rise outlay rating of 500 kilowatts. Approximately 460 MWh of electricity can be performed from this new installation, adequate to prove a annual needs of around 180 households. The prolongation increases a sum annual outlay from all a plants installations of this form to about 1,500 MWh, of that approximately one third is used directly where it is generated.

This is a initial time that solar appetite generated on site has been used directly in Audis electricity network. As good as a new battery charging stations for electric cars, other prolongation comforts will also use this immature electricity. By shortening delivery losses, expenditure during a generating indicate creates a inestimable grant to appetite era according to climate-friendly principles.

Audi also creates use of solar appetite during a second German prolongation plant in Neckarsulm. The photovoltaic designation there is located on a roofs of several garage parking facilities, and generates some-more than 1,000 MWh of electrical appetite annually.


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