Audi analyzes a desires of immature IT experts

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“The mutation of Audi into a reward digital automobile association is also changing a approach we work,” settled Joachim Kraege, Head of Organization and Consulting during AUDI AG. “In serve to graduates in engineering and business management, IT experts are increasingly conversion a corporate culture. This is because we have now for a initial time analyzed in fact what drives and interests immature specialists in this margin and what they would like Audi to offer as an employer.”

For this survey, Audi polled roughly 5,000 members of “Generation Z” (born in or after 1995) and “Generation Y” (1980 to 1994). The association especially surveyed a possess employees, trainees, bachelors and masters students, persons on twin courses of study, and interns. Responses from roughly 900 outmost students were also enclosed in a study. In a apart evaluation, a comparison was done of a information perceived from students and graduates in IT, engineering and business management.

The formula uncover that distant fewer immature IT experts than engineering and business-management graduates devise to pursue a career in management. While 41 percent of a surveyed business-management specialists and 39 percent of a engineers demeanour brazen to a normal government career with a compared responsibility, a suit for informatics students and graduates is usually 32 percent.

However, a enterprise for rarely stretchable operative models is quite clever among a Generation Y and Z IT experts. Unlike a other groups, they place most reduction significance on clearly separating their operative and private lives. 43 percent of a surveyed IT specialists would like to have totally stretchable operative times, including evenings and weekends for example. This is appealing for usually 29 percent of a business government specialists and 30 percent of a engineers.

This consult will assistance Audi with a serve growth of a working models and a formula will be used in several destiny projects of a Human Resources department. In many areas, a changes preferred by a immature IT experts are already underway. With courtesy to mobile operative for example, a association has offering a employees a probability to work exclusively of plcae and time of day since 2016. Mobile work is probable in opposite places, both for full days or several hours during a time.

Audi also offers a immature talent sparkling career prospects over a normal trail into management. For example, employees can enter government along a dilettante trail though carrying care responsibility. Audi recently revised a crew preference and growth for government together with a VW Group, so employees now have some-more particular responsibility. The concentration is not usually on a operative context, though also on a candidates’ sundry activities and a personal development.

Audi continues to find experts for a destiny fields of digitization and electric mobility. Students can get to know a association by internships and thesis placements, and many entrance programs are accessible to university graduates. More information on career opportunities during Audi can be found during

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