Audi and Ericsson to colonize 5G for automotive manufacturing

Posted on 02. Aug, 2018 by in Audi Canada

Frank Loydl, Chief Information Officer during AUDI AG, says: “The entirely networked bureau will have a poignant impact on a prolongation of a future. A absolute network design that can respond in genuine time is of wilful significance for us. As partial of a plan with a partner Ericsson, we are contrast a opportunities offering by 5G technology for industrial applications in a smart factory.” In further to a Ingolstadt plant, Audi and Ericsson are exploring either 5G can be used in other Audi Group factories.

Erik Ekudden, Group CTO during Ericsson, says: “Ericsson is already regulating 5G industry programs all over a universe to assistance manufacturers boost capability and emanate new business opportunities. This plan is a good event to see what is probable when we move 5G into an vehicle prolongation sourroundings to truly capacitate intelligent wireless manufacturing.”

5G is a next-generation of mobile communications, that will extend a opening of today’s mobile networks to offer a destiny needs of consumers and industries. 5G networks will broach a improved and faster broadband knowledge for consumers, while for businesses 5G will be an enabler to open adult new applications for all from connected vehicles to a intelligent factories of tomorrow.

The record has many network characteristics that are essential for Industry 4.0 with increasingly stretchable and formidable prolongation processes. It allows for faster information throughput rates and some-more network capacities, as good as earnest rarely secure availability. Moreover, ultra-low latency ensures quick response times between apparatus in a bureau system.

In a initial proviso of a project, Audi and Ericsson will exam a latency-critical focus regulating wirelessly connected prolongation robots that are versed with a gluing focus – a ordinarily used technique in automobile physique construction.

The designed infrastructure during a technical core in Gaimersheim will embody a doing of 5G technologies in a unnatural prolongation sourroundings that mirrors those of Audi’s plant in Ingolstadt and other locations. The laboratory will be versed with Ericsson’s Proof-of-Concept (PoC) network that is an open hearing trickery to capacitate early deployments of 5G technology. The network is designed to confederate choice or interrelated technologies to a ones now in use, including WiFi or wireless LAN, or connected (Ethernet) connectivity of prolongation components. 

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