Audi: around 1,455,100 deliveries in 2012

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“In 2012, Audi achieved new record totals in each shred worldwide, including in Europe. We managed to sire a disastrous marketplace trend and continued to grow there, fluctuating a lead as a strongest reward brand,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Sales and Marketing. “Worldwide, a new models in sole gave us an additional lift over a past year, many particularly a really renouned Audi Q3: It has helped a whole Audi SUV family turn a buttress of a success, now accounting for one-quarter of all deliveries for a initial time.”

The tellurian rollout of a Q3 began in Oct 2011, so 2012 was a initial full year on market. In Europe alone, Audi handed over around 78,700 units of a compress SUV to business over a past year. Another indication that has been on sale given tumble 2011 and has supposing a clever impulse on a brand’s home continent is a Audi A6 Avant. Around 60 percent of A6 business in Europe opt for a hire car chronicle of a full-size model; A6 Avant sales in a shred rose by 38.9 percent to around 63,100 automobiles in 2012. Across all models, AUDI AG sole around 739,000 cars in Europe in a past year, so advancing by a serve 1.8 percent amid a formidable marketplace environment.

While bottom effects from a prior-year month and a stirring indication changeover for a Audi A3 Sportback impacted December’s smoothness totals for Europe, a 4 rings achieved clever sales sum over a full year generally in a 3 biggest European markets: In Germany AUDI AG increasing a sales by 3.6 percent to a new high of 263,163 deliveries. This gave a association a tip marketplace share in a history: 8.6 percent. Over a past 10 years, a Ingolstadt-based carmaker has roughly doubled a annual sales in a UK. Business in 2012 contributed to this opening with expansion of 7.2 percent to 123,640 cars, again an all-time high. By comparison, Audi sole 65,552 cars in a United Kingdom in 2002. Amid a constrictive market, Audi France was means to repeat a prior year’s record sales in 2012. With 62,202 deliveries (+0.3%) a 4 rings reliable their heading position in a reward shred in France. The clearly disastrous mercantile conditions led to disappearing sales in Italy (-17.0% to 50,085 deliveries) and in Spain (-11.7% to 36,139 deliveries) in 2012. In both countries, however, a registration sum for Audi managed to reason their belligerent many improved than a marketplace as a whole. By contrast, Audi gifted energetic sales expansion in Russia in 2012: 33,512 cars delivered to Russian business paint an boost of 44.1 percent on a prior year – among Audi’s tip 10 sales markets worldwide, Russia was hence a fastest-growing. By comparison, AUDI AG’s sales sum for 2009 in Russia was 15,009 cars, reduction than half a stream figure.

In a United States Audi determined a new sales record in each singular month of a past year and serve accelerated expansion from 2011: By a finish of 2012 139,310 reward cars of a code had been shipped to a United States, 18.5 percent some-more than in a prior year. Within a space of 5 years, Audi of America has so increasing a 4 rings’ patron bottom in a United States by roughly 50 percent (2007 deliveries: 93,506 cars). 2012 saw generally a models in a prestigious full-size category give Audi a serve boost in a U.S. market: Combined sales of a A6, a A7 Sportback, a Q7 and a flagship indication A8 were adult 39 percent. Sales of a A6 Sedan alone, a new era of that was accessible during U.S. dealers for a initial full year in 2012, climbed to 18,998 units, a arise of 73.7 percent on a prior-year total. Audi’s sales opening in a dual other countries of a North American shred was further considerable in a past year: In Canada sales were adult 18.6 percent during 20,000 automobiles, and in Mexico adult 17.7 percent during 9,482.

In China Audi remained a transparent premium-segment personality during a tighten of 2012. With 405,838 deliveries in 2012 a Ingolstadt-based manufacturer pennyless by a separator of 400,000 cars for a initial time ever – carrying crossed a threshold of 300,000 units usually one year earlier. Main drivers behind a 29.6 percent expansion rate were a Changchun-built models: Despite a indication changeover in March, for a initial time ever Audi sole over 130,000 of a long-wheelbase chronicle of a A6 Sedan in China within a space of a year (132,872 deliveries). The A6 L so stays a top-seller in a brand’s Chinese indication operation and a many renouned reward vehicle in that market. 93,030 of Audi’s Chinese business opted for a Q5 final year, a poignant boost of 63.8 percent on 2011. Worldwide, too, a opening SUV was again a unchallenged personality in a shred in 2012 with around 206,000 units delivered.

A vast series of rising expansion markets further became increasingly critical for Audi in 2012 interjection to their high expansion rates: These embody for instance South Korea (+46.0% to 15,100 cars), South Africa (+15.5% to 16,771 cars) and India, where a brand’s sales gained 63.4 percent to 9,003 units. The company’s sales in Turkey, too, put on a emanate of 17.7 percent to 14,487 units, creation it one of over 50 markets where Audi determined a new sales record final year.

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