Audi as trendsetter during Le Mans

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In 152 days from now, on Jun 14, a 82nd using of a French continuation classical will start during 3 p.m. Interest in a eventuality is already unusually high. For a initial time, Audi and Porsche, a race’s dual many successful brands, will be pitted opposite any other. Toyota, after pang dual defeats opposite Audi, is aiming to mangle a 4 rings’ fibre of feat during Le Mans. Plus, for a initial time, new regulations with a categorical concentration on appetite potency will be in outcome – for Audi, a contriver of a TDI, this will yield an event to again infer a good technical imagination not usually on a highway yet on a competition track.

Be it with a engine, hybrid drive, lightweight design, or by environment standards in active and pacifist safety: Audi’s Le Mans prototypes are front runners in terms of sporting opening as good as technology. “Le Mans is a singular exam laboratory for a technologies,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, who is obliged for Technical Development on a Board of Management of AUDI AG. “The extensive operation of new technical developments of a stream Le Mans competition automobile includes a headlights with laser light. They irradiate a lane for a stretch of adult to 800 meters. In a designed source for prolongation vehicles, they grasp adult to 500 meters, that is twice a operation of LED headlights. With that, Audi is creation an critical grant to reserve on a lane and in highway traffic.”

Advanced engine technologies for limit efficiency

In 2001, an innovative V8 engine powered a Audi R8. TFSI gasoline approach injection metered a fuel in a approach that reduced a expenditure of a V8 turbo power-plant, softened responsiveness and, due to a engine’s ability to immediately start again, condensed a interlude times in a pits while creation some-more appetite outlay available. Just shortly following a initial Le Mans success, Audi’s business were means to sequence a initial prolongation models featuring gasoline approach injection. This fuel initiation element shortly developed into a customary in large-volume prolongation series. Today, TFSI engines minister to a rebate of CO2 emissions in millions of cars.

Five years after this debut, Audi showed another pioneering achievement. In a 2006 season, a Audi R10 TDI powered by a direct-injection diesel engine won a continuation classical during La Sarthe right on a initial run. Winning Le Mans with a diesel-powered competition automobile had been deliberate sad meditative until afterwards – today, it is unchanging reality. To date, Audi has won a competition 7 times on TDI power, with training effects ceaselessly being fed into a pattern of crankcases, pistons, fuel injectors and other assemblies in prolongation development.

e-tron quattro hybrid expostulate takes Le Mans victory

Audi was a initial Le Mans member to win with a hybrid expostulate complement and therefore again done motorsport history. 2012 saw a initial feat of a Audi R18 e-tron quattro, a sports antecedent with a back spindle being powered by a TDI inner explosion engine and a front spindle driven by electric power. A entirely electronic control plan was a usually tie between a dual expostulate systems. In parallel, Audi also stretched a product operation by hybrid models.

The subsequent era is now prepared for launch. In 2014, Audi starts delivering a A3 Sportback e-tron, a latest-generation plug-in hybrid. In racing, a new 2014-specification R18 e-tron quattro is indicating a approach to a future. The Audi engineers have essentially redesigned it, as a competition automobile has to conduct both, using on a singular volume of appetite and achieving a best path times.

Highly worldly minute solutions for aloft reserve and reduce weight

In further to a pioneering powertrain solutions, Audi has been environment standards in other areas as well. Perfect lightweight pattern total with limit pacifist reserve is manifested in a reserve dungeon of a sports cars. The monocoque done of CO fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) in 2013 weighed usually half as most as a one used in Audi’s initial LMP competition automobile in 1999 – notwithstanding larger restrictions specified by a regulations. This element has prolonged done a approach into prolongation vehicles, for instance in physique components of a R8, a R8 Spyder and a RS 3. Active reserve has been significantly softened by Audi with ever new lighting technologies. The LED daytime using light in a Audi R10 TDI (2006–2008) was followed by full LED headlights in a R18 TDI (2011), pattern LED record in a R18 e-tron quattro (2012–2013) and a innovative laser light in a subsequent R18 e-tron quattro (from 2014). The digital rear-view counterpart with a camera raised a movement during a back on an innovative AMOLED arrangement in a cockpit, that has been used given a 2012 season, reflects another destiny trend.

“The ubiquitous open and a motorsport assembly have come to design Audi to play this partial of a trendsetter,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “We are unapproachable to be during a really front with these innovations in a motorsport commitment, while benefiting from Audi Sport being a partial of a Technical Development of AUDI AG on a daily basis. We aim to continue to infer a Audi-typical ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ in tough racing conditions with a Le Mans prototypes in a destiny – even yet in 2014 we’re no doubt confronting a biggest plea ever during Le Mans.”

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