Audi during Formula Student 2016: countdown during a Hockenheimring

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• Automobile manufacturer supports 5 tyro teams
• Information on entrance possibilities for immature gifted persons
• “Audi Vorsprung Award” for many innovative lightweight concept

Audi is removing prepared for Formula Student Germany (FSG) 2016. This year, a association is participating in a construction foe with 5 teams of students. In addition, a vehicle manufacturer will benefaction a “Audi Vorsprung Award” for a best thought for lightweight construction from immature engineering students. 115 teams from 28 countries will contest to furnish a best altogether judgment for self-developed racing cars during a Hockenheimring between Aug 9 and 14.

Formula Student Germany is an critical assembly place for immature gifted students and experts from a automotive industry. For example, gifted Audi employees are once again active in a array lanes as members of a jury, to give a tyro constructors recommendation and to consider their work. At a same time, a aged hands can be desirous by a youngsters’ ideas: “We are always astounded by a innovative solutions that a teams furnish in a brief duration of time,” settled Antje Maas, Head of International Human Resources Marketing during AUDI AG. “Our experts reason discussions with a engineering students on an equal footing. We distinction from a sell of ideas with a artistic immature people also for a destiny projects during Audi.”

The code with a Four Rings is sponsoring 5 teams this year: Schanzer Racing Electric –TH Ingolstadt, WHZ Racing Team Zwickau, University Racing Eindhoven and dual TUfast Racing Teams from a Technical University of Munich. The teams will erect their single‑seat racing cars themselves for a Electric and Combustion events and will ready a applicable financing and selling concepts. They will afterwards exam their cars” continuation and potency on a track. All particular scores are taken into comment in a altogether result. In addition, Audi is presenting a “Audi Vorsprung Award” for a best lightweight‑construction judgment once again this year. The teams can request to contest for a € 1,500 esteem in allege of Formula Student Germany. All finalists will benefaction their concepts to a jury of Audi experts during a Hockenheimring and a best group will take a endowment home during a finish of a racing weekend.

Audi is benefaction during a FSG-Forum with a human-resources selling mount for a whole week. The design is to away surprise immature motorsport fans and visitors to a FSG about career‑entry possibilities during Audi. In further to a novice module for example, Audi also offers options such as programs for doctoral students or for connoisseur trainees. Until September, university graduates and immature professionals can also request to attend in a new dilettante trainee module targeting careers in areas critical for a company’s future. And applications are also acquire for a new “Audi dual” investigate module in team-work with a technical universities of Ingolstadt and Munich during

Meanwhile, a countdown is using during a Hockenheimring: “Companies seeking a engineers of tomorrow can't omit Formula Student,” says Antje Maas. “Time and again, we are tender by a participants’ passion for record and radical ideas. We are really most looking brazen to an sparkling foe and some engaging discussions.”

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