Audi becomes team-work partner of esports teams

Posted on 28. Nov, 2018 by in Audi Canada

Audi has been an active unite of normal sports for many years. With a new partnership in esports, Audi is expanding a sponsorship portfolio and formulating a tighten tie to gaming and entertainment. The code with a 4 rings is so complementing a communication plan on a digital turn with an concomitant boost in a participation on amicable networks and in a electronic sports environment. The flourishing significance of esports over a years has also brought new and innovative opportunities for code communication. For a Ingolstadt-based company, this new partnership is an critical serve to a successful formation in racing simulations such as a Gran Turismo mechanism diversion series.

FOKUS CLAN is a veteran esports organisation that plays a FIFA football make-believe from EA SPORTS. The organisation consists of a 3 German e-athletes Matthias ‘STYLO’ Hietsch, Lukas ‘Sakul’ Vonderheide and Danny ‘Proownez’ Liepolt, who recently competent for a general “FUT Champions Cup” in Bucharest (30 Nov – 2 Dec 2018). Under a care of STARK eSports, a still immature organization wants to rise into a best FIFA organisation in a world.

“We wish to continue a considerable growth of esports and are gay to have gained Audi as a clever partner,” explains Dennis Andreas Nirtl, Managing Director of STARK eSports. “We are unapproachable to have Audi on house as a really gifted actor in sponsorship and are assured that we can broach tolerable combined value for all those involved.

As partial of a partnership, instituted in team-work with STARK eSports, Audi will be benefaction on a organisation wardrobe and amicable channels of FOKUS CLAN, among other things. Numerous corner activities are also planned. Among other things, a reward code will yield a esports organisation with a specifically branded Audi Q7 e-tron with integrated Sony PlayStation 4 for a initial 6 months for corner promotional activities.

“esport opens adult new and sparkling selling opportunities for us. esport is energetic and distant some-more stretchable than many normal sports. This enables us to figure many things and actively attend in their serve development,” says Thomas Glas, Head of Sports Marketing during AUDI AG. “The immature and, above all, digital and technology-savvy aim organisation with an huge strech and clever tellurian networking is interesting. This creates a joining to esports quite appealing for Audi and ideally complements a digital communication strategy.”

Together with Media Markt, Audi will also support a esports organisation of FC Ingolstadt 04 with a professionals Hasan ‘hasoo19’ Eker and Andreas ‘ANDY’ Gube. The dual professionals will be managed by STARK eSports. With a assistance of a scouting eventuality on 9 Dec during a Audi Sportpark Ingolstadt, serve internal talents will be found who will have a event to element a team. After a designed coaching phase, they, together with ‘hasoo19’ and ‘ANDY’, will paint a Ingolstadt organisation in inhabitant and general competitions.

The automobile manufacturer is not a visitor to esports. The reward code sponsors Bayern Ballers Gaming (NBA2K), a esports organisation of FC Bayern München Basketball. In addition, Audi Denmark has already upheld a Astralis esports house as partial of a product campaign.

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