Audi celebrates commanding out of new paint shop

Posted on 16. Jul, 2015 by in Audi Canada

“With ultramodern apparatus and prolongation technologies, we are ensuring a Vorsprung durch Technik in prolongation and so defence a top product quality. The new topcoat paint line stands for a continual expansion of a association and a superb significance of a Audi plant in Ingolstadt,” settled Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board of Management Member for Production during AUDI AG.

The new topcoat paint line introduces a new portrayal technology: In a future, a portrayal routine will be carried out entirely automatically by ultramodern apparatus regulating drudge technology. The robots can follow a contours of automobile bodies even better, permitting them to grasp an even some-more uniform covering of paint. The new topcoat paint line during Audi in Ingolstadt will also be one of a many environmentally accessible paint shops in a world. For example, a dry scrubbing routine will apart paint particles from a rubbish atmosphere with a assistance of stone flour. The plant will work with atmosphere dissemination so that 80 percent of a spotless rubbish atmosphere will be returned into a system, so shortening a expenditure of feverishness appetite and water. At a same time, a rubbish atmosphere will be spotless of probably all well-off emissions.

Since a start of construction in May 2014, adult to 300 workers have been bustling on a site any day. For a constructional work alone, they have used 20,000 cubic meters of petrify and 4,300 tons of steel. The building consists of a steel‑composite structure and concrete‑filled steel supports. This allows a hall, that is 324 meters prolonged and only 36 meters wide, to yield some-more space for a portrayal equipment. In a entrance months, that apparatus will be commissioned and tested, and a interior and extraneous of a building will be completed.

As of 2016, on a sum building space of approximately 12,000 square meters, about 200 employees and 100 robots will paint a new Audi A4, so covering adult to a third of a sum ability of 2,500 car bodies any day. In addition, Audi is gradually modernizing the existent topcoat paint lines.

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