Audi CEO Stadler: “We devise to continue the expansion in 2016”

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This year, Audi will say a high speed of a product initiative. With a new Audi Q2 for example, a association intends to conquer a new marketplace shred and continue a success story of a Q family. At a same time, Audi is building a pivotal areas of foundation and digitization. Investment of some-more than €3 billion is designed in 2016. In Mexico, a totally new and ultramodern vehicle plant will be opened. In addition, some-more than 1,200 experts in vital areas for a destiny are to be recruited in Germany.

During a Annual Press Conference hold during a company’s domicile in Ingolstadt, Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG, stated, “We successfully mastered a year of challenges. We will now deposit in 2016 alone some-more than €3 billion for a mobility of tomorrow, and we will pull brazen with a foundation and digitization of a products.” With some-more than 20 new or revised models, Audi intends to benefit some-more new business and continue along a enlargement trail this year.

AUDI AG achieved record section sales in 2015: worldwide deliveries increasing to 1,803,246 automobiles (2014: 1,741,129), representing enlargement of 3.6 percent compared with 2014. The Ingolstadt‑based association shielded a marketplace care in both Europa and China. In a United States, some-more than 200,000 customers motionless in preference of an Audi for a initial time in one year. The association achieved enlargement in a sum of some-more than 60 markets.

Primarily due to a high turn of demand, a Audi Group set a new record also for revenue: Compared with 2014, income grew by 8.6 percent to €58,420 million (2014: €53,787 million).

Despite high output for a enlargement of a general prolongation structure and for new models and technologies, operating profit was during a high prior‑year level. In 2015, a Audi Group achieved an operating profit after special equipment of €4,836 million. Adjusted for special items, operating profit amounted to €5,134 million, and was so during a prior‑year level (2014: €5,150 million). This represents an handling lapse on sales of 8.8 percent (2014: 9.6 percent). Also after special items, a operating return on sales of 8.3 percent was within a vital aim mezzanine of eight to ten percent.

The special equipment are especially associated to a diesel emanate with a six‑cylinder TDI engines. They embody financial losses for technical measures, authorised risks and sales activities. CEO Stadler settled during a event: “We bewail what happened. We will safeguard full clarity and assure we that we will put things right.” Due to a current agreement with Volkswagen AG, a influenced four‑cylinder TDI engines have no approach impact on a profitability of a Audi Group.

As a outcome of countless marketplace launches among other things, a placement costs of a Audi Group increasing to €5,782 million (2014: €4,895 million). Financial income of €448 million was reduce than in a prior year (2014: €841 million). Audi achieved profit before tax of €5,284 million (2014: €5,991 million) and a return on sales before tax of 9.0 percent (2014: 11.1 percent).

In a participation of approximately 250 national and general journalists, Axel Strotbek, Board of Management Member for Finance and Organization of AUDI AG, explained, “We are in a center of a biggest investment proviso in a company’s history. Our operating profit and a significantly certain cash flow are justification of a strong business model.” Audi foresees collateral output of €3 billion in 2016. The concentration will be on technical innovations and new models. In addition, a manufacturer of reward automobiles intends to enhance a worldwide prolongation structures. Once again, all investment is to be saved out of a company’s cash flow.

At December 31, 2015, a net liquidity of a Audi Group amounted to €16.4 billion (2014: €16.3 billion).

With a Q3, Q5 and Q7 models, Audi is a world’s many successful manufacturer of reward SUVs. Now, a association will serve enhance a operation of Q models in 2016: The new Audi Q2 has only had a universe premiere in Geneva. The code with a Four Rings skeleton to enthuse additional business with this compress SUV. Furthermore, a manufacturer of reward automobiles will put another prolongation site into operation this year in Mexico, where a Audi Q5 bestseller will be built.

This year, a association skeleton to serve rise a vital areas for a destiny of electric mobility and digitization. Thomas Sigi, Board of Management Member for Human Resources during AUDI AG, stated, “We intend to strengthen a core competencies with 1,200 additional experts in Germany alone.” Audi also skeleton to boost a series of apprenticeships it offers by some-more than 10 percent in sequence to cover a mandate for well‑qualified learned workers. For their efforts and joining in a year 2015, a employees will once again attend in a company’s success. Employees during a sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm paid according to common negotiate agreements will accept an normal profit‑sharing reward of €5,420 (2014: €6,540).

In 2016, a Audi Group skeleton to continue a worldwide enlargement and – presumption fast outmost conditions – anticipates a assuage boost in a series of cars delivered to customers. Along with a volume growth, ongoing routine and cost optimizations should have a certain impact on a company’s financial metrics. High allege output for a destiny – such as for pioneering technologies and a renovation and enlargement of a product operation – will during initial impact gain negatively. The high series of designed product ramp‑ups and marketplace launches and a enlargement of a prolongation network will have a same effect. Nonetheless, a Audi Group aims to grasp an operating return on sales within a vital aim mezzanine of eight to ten percent also in financial year 2016.

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