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The showroom concept welcomes guest to a new form of plcae for automotive sales: prime downtown sites in critical general cities – from Berlin and London to Istanbul and Beijing. It is a initial place where – with a compress magnitude – a whole indication portfolio of a four rings can be gifted roughly loyal to life, in virtual technology.

Using innovative media technology, fans and business of a code can customize their dream Audi from several hundred million opposite probable configurations, afterwards knowledge it on roughly 1:1 scale on floor-to-ceiling mega-screens .

Audi City offers a special code experience, with no pressure. It doesn’t matter either visitors are there to roller by a universe of Audi out of ideal curiosity, find out some-more about a latest technologies and services, or configure their possess particular indication with a specific goal to buy and place an order. On tip of that, any guest visiting Audi City can opening roughly a whole operation of services charity by a classical dealership – given in organizational terms a cyberstore acts as a satellite opening of a compulsory dealership.

AUDI AG is evenly fluctuating a pioneering sales concept: Following on from a opening of a initial Audi City tighten to Piccadilly Circus in London in 2012, it has determined additional locations in a heart of Beijing (2013) and on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm (2014). In May 2016 a latest phenomenon of a format assimilated a network in Istanbul, with a offer extended knowledge factor. The practical Audi models are now represented with photorealism, and a digital technologies are now even some-more fit in terms of appetite expenditure and cost.

In parallel, a premium manufacturer is strengthening a formation of Audi City into a general play network by building executive elements from a digital salon for flexible, modular use within dealerships. By a start of 2016, 30 dealers worldwide had already introduced digital modules from Audi City on their premises, with a figure set to strech around 200 dealerships by a finish of 2016.

Audi City: The mission
The automotive universe is changing quick – and with it, a expectations and needs that people move with them when looking to squeeze a reward car. Today, nine out of ten business meditative of selling a new automobile initial do some fact-finding online. Ratings of products and brands on social networks are some of a many distinguished sources of information accessible today, amid an roughly sum operation of digital formats. With many of a initial information being collected in allege of a revisit to a dealership, a expectations surrounding a sales conference with dealership experts make a charge all a some-more perfectionist – when it comes to comparing, weighing adult and selecting from a usually flourishing product offering. When deliberation tailor‑made financial services, too, discourse with a play is essential for add‑on services such as mobility solutions, investigation packages or a trade-in of a used car.

For many people, extemporaneous and basic hit with a code is apropos increasingly important, be it on digital platforms or in genuine life – in a lunch break, during a weekend shopping trip or from a preference of their possess home. Audi has set itself a charge of bringing together a advantages of a genuine and a digital worlds, to wholly confederate them and so emanate a ideal code knowledge for a patron in a seamless alloy of a two worlds.

Audi City is one of a Company’s responses to this development. The judgment was grown privately for prime locations during a core of general metropolises – for those places where trends are born, where social diversity is lived and breathed and heading brands from other sectors are located. Here, in a best sell locations, Audi City presents itself as a real‑life cyberstore that connects earthy space with a virtual world.

Center-stage is a digital and roughly true-to-life illustration of Audi models on floor‑to‑ceiling projection surfaces – a powerwalls. They capacitate dealerships to arrangement for a very first time a finish Audi portfolio. In a march of a indication initiative, a code has stretched a product lineup roughly over a final few years – from 23 basic models in 2007 to now over 50 during a finish of 2015. With all colors, apparatus options and functions there are now several hundred million probable configurations to select from opposite a whole model range. Audi City evokes any singular one in detail, so picking adult on a worldwide trend towards tradition offerings. More and some-more business wish to expostulate their really own, customized Audi, and they wish to see it in as many fact as probable right there in a dealership.

For that, business have a assistance of a Audi expert. These staff members duty as executive contacts for all services – from a squeeze of a new automobile to after sales matters. For some-more minute discussions, there are Customer Private Lounges accessible in a Audi City – these are gentle conference suites in a character of an disdainful studio.

The Audi expert continues to yield assistance to their business even after a sales review – organizing, for instance, Collect and Return services. To that end, any Audi City plcae is dependent to a circuitously Audi dealership. It serves as a core of imagination and a channel for arranging exam drives and servicing, for example.

With Audi City, a code is successfully building reward automobile sales to a successive turn and is conquering new business for a four rings. The response during a locations already non-stop confirms usually how successful a judgment is. In Beijing, on normal roughly 5,000 visitors pass by a doors of Audi City any week. In London, a sales sum compared with a former code opening during a same plcae soared by around 70 percent, and 60 percent of all business are new to a Ingolstadt carmaker. In Berlin, too, Audi City has warranted a repute as a reward sales plcae – a business spend around one-quarter some-more on Audi cars with additional high-specification apparatus compared with a code normal for Berlin.


Audi City London
The initial Audi City in a universe non-stop in summer 2012 in a British capital, not distant from Piccadilly Circus. The ancestral masquerade of an bureau building conceals a cutting‑edge salon on dual floors, with around 850 square meters of building space. On a belligerent building there are 4 multi‑touch tables with touch-sensitive surfaces for determining a powerwall module. Each of these – like a room itself – is 2.67 meters high, 4.60 meters far-reaching and comprises over two million pixels. The sum digital wall area of a powerwalls is about 50 square meters.

Audi City London also incorporates 3 Customer Private Lounges for personal sales consultations, any of them versed with a possess multi-touch list and mega-screen. There are 17 high-performance computers and 3 servers using in a credentials of a multi-touch tables and powerwalls. The digital salon also has space for 4 arrangement vehicles. There is a apart loll indifferent for a handover of vehicles to their new owners.

Audi City Peking
The initial Audi City in Asia non-stop in early 2013 on Beijing’s Chang’an Avenue, a critical highway really tighten to Tiananmen Square. At 2,100 square meters, Beijing is a largest Audi City location. The ground floor alone houses six powerwall modules fluctuating over a sum arrangement area of 94 square meters. On a top building visitors are perceived in 4 Customer Private Lounges, any with a possess multi‑touch table and mega‑screen.

The two‑story showroom has space for 14 display vehicles. Behind a scenes there are 18 high‑performance computers and three serverspowering a digital multi‑touch tables and powerwalls.

Audi City Berlin
The first all‑digital salon in Germany is situated directly on Kurfürstendamm, that has recaptured a standing as an disdainful selling highway and is during a really heart of a rebirth of a former West Berlin’s downtown district.

Including a organic and bureau areas, a flagship store occupies around 800 square meters of building space on a initial two levels of a mixed-use building housing both stores and offices. The caller is immediately greeted by a absolute matter of IT capability on a opening turn of Audi City, with three multi‑touch tables communicating with 5 powerwall modules. Each floor‑to‑ceiling procedure is three meters high and five meters wide, with a sum of some-more than 120 million pixels operative in harmony. The practical projection surfaces during Audi City Berlin magnitude roughly 90 square meters in total. The top and reduce floors of a salon residence 3 Customer Private Lounges.

There are nine high‑performance computers and six servers operative in a background, with a appetite to broadcast around 20 to 30 gigabytes of information per Audi model. Four physical arrangement vehicles also element a practical code and product presentation.

Over and above a brand’s core business, Audi City Berlin acts as a critical height for occasions and events; this creates it a pivotal plcae for a brand’s wider purpose in a informative life of a German capital, such as a Berlinale, that AUDI AG has been partnering given 2014.

Audi City Istanbul
The fourth Audi City plcae internationally non-stop in May 2016 in Istanbul’s İstinye Park selling mall. The mall, one of a many disdainful of a kind in a Turkish metropolis, attracts some 17 million visitors any year.

For a latest growth theatre of a Audi City concept, both appetite expenditure and a hardware and using costs were halved. The digital technologies are even higher-performance and now offer photorealistic representations of a practical Audi models.

The Istanbul plcae likewise uses a accessible space rarely efficiently. The whole Audi portfolio can be called adult on reduction than 250 square meters of building space. This involves three powerwalls travelling a sum of 87 square meters of wall surface. Tablets communicating directly with a powerwalls are used to configure and control a digital content. A Customer Private Lounge finish with a possess multi‑media wall is also available. 

Technology and architecture
In rarely fascinating city-center locations, space is in quite brief supply – a Audi City judgment turns this to a advantage: At an normal of around 400 square meters, these compress stores have a building area hardly one-third of a salon space accessible in many classical dealerships. This is done probable by digital product presentation, that gives Audi City a high grade of flexibility.

The calm of a practical presentations in Audi City can be blending to a specific conditions of a particular markets and a categorical interests of a internal visitors with usually a few clicks. All Audi City locations are networked with one another and with a central server in Ingolstadt. Current product information, promotion campaigns and news from a universe of Audi, as good as new cognisance options, are directly uploaded into a arrangement program.

Furthermore, a particular powerwalls in an Audi City can be switched together to emanate one giant screen – enabling room-filling broadcasts of events such as Audi motorsport activities or informative events in that a Company is a ancillary partner. These mostly benefaction opportunities for well-developed events during a city stores. Audi City creates new contexts for a code in dialogue, creation it an constituent partial of civic life.

Audi City opens adult new possibilities in product arrangement – consciously fixation a architectural judgment in a background. Being clad roughly wholly in digital projection surfaces and carrying a minimalist pattern denunciation and tone selection, a space takes a behind chair to a content. The high‑performance record stays mostly invisible to a visitor. Take a worldly sound concept, for example: It leads a sound so that usually certain visitors can hear it – so formulating experiential spaces but a need for manifest segregation.

Within a environment, a Audi City structure blends into a surrounding architecture. The salon but defines a streetscape by enabling large-area media projections that are manifest from outward by a roughly wholly glassy facade. It stands for a honesty of Audi City and connects a code to a open space of a city street.

Visiting Audi City 
Audi City creates automobile selling a noted experience, even before a first test drive. Visitors bucket their comparison automobile on tablets or a multi‑touch tables and roller by a menus with finger gestures to try a options in HD quality. If they so wish, they can deliberate a Audi guides, who will afterwards explain a endless information accessible and a digital experiential technology.

With a hand gesture, a patron can afterwards send their personal pattern to a floor‑to‑ceiling powerwall, where they can knowledge a automobile roughly on a 1:1 scale. The energetic acoustic complement ensures that a sounds that can be listened in front of a wall are a ones that fit privately to a comparison automobile and a calm presented – e.g. engine sound, special song or oral information.

For guest with a specific goal to buy, there are also apart Customer Private Lounges versed with their possess multi-touch tables and mega-screens. To capacitate visitors to personalize their particular dream automobile further, there are tangible fabric, leather and paint samples, any with their possess QR code. If a patron would like to try out opposite tone and apparatus combinations to consider their altogether effect, a codes of a materials and colors on uncover can be scanned and integrated into a digital pattern on a powerwall.

Together with a Audi expert, a caller can afterwards place a approach sequence for their new automobile with a Audi factory. Alternatively, there is a choice of saving an particular multiple on a customer’s smart phone around a QR code combined during a finish of a car pattern process. This enables them to take their personal preference home and work on it there, during a successive revisit to Audi City or during another Audi partner.

There are also reading inclination on a multi‑touch tables that commend a customer’s current pattern around a QR duty and can reload them to a powerwall in a matter of seconds. In a conversation, a Audi City worker can immediately balance into a stream standing of a customer’s decision-making process, so saving time and improving a peculiarity of recommendation provided.

Technology send to a dealership
In special locations, Audi City complements a brand’s international dealership network and is an critical creation lab for a four rings in a margin of digital sales technology. The Audi City judgment is closely related to classical sell operations, that offer as a cunning core of a civil stores for many sales and use processes. And a send of digital technologies from a cyber showroom to a classical dealerships has already done some headway.

If they so choose, Audi dealers can take certain judgment modules that have been privately optimized for this purpose and confederate them flexibly into their possess operations, as required. AUDI AG has satisfied critical potency advances in a march of a ongoing growth work. The latest evolutionary theatre of a Audi City judgment has halved both appetite expenditure and a hardware and using costs.

In many cases, by installing digital modules – as for instance integrating a costumer private lounge ‑ dealers can boost arrangement ability during their premises during reduce cost than by building extensions.

Supported by an Audi expert, any partner play decides that procedure best meets a particular mandate of their dealership. They can also flexibly adjust a border and pattern of a components to a specifics of a location. Around 30 dealers worldwide have already incorporated modules from Audi City; a figure is set to strech 200 by a finish of 2016. The digital strengths of a salon are now gradually creation their approach into dealerships – another step toward bringing together a real-life and digital worlds of a Audi brand.

Audi City facts


  • A sell format grown for city-center locations in critical general cities
  • Digital product arrangement in disdainful stores of tiny to middle size
  • Lifelike arrangement of a whole indication lineup, including all Auditechnologies, apparatus options and customization variables
  • Personal recommendation and an unusually high use level
  • Combination of endless information options and superb experience quality
  • Complete spectrum of sales and use offerings by networking with classical dealership
  • Downtown locations for disdainful events
  • Flexible formation into existent architecture
  • Modular send of core technologies into a classical dealership format

Average arrangement area

  • Approx. 400 m²

Number of probable car arrangement combinations 

  • Several hundred million



London: Since Jul 2012 
Beijing: Since Jan 2013 
Berlin: Since Feb 2014
Istanbul: Since May 2016

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