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The Audi bond SIM is a henceforth commissioned SIM card, famous as an embedded SIM or eSIM, that business in Europe will accept in multiple with a discretionary Audi bond apparatus package. This transforms a automobile into a mobile communication center. The SIM label brings Audi bond services on house around an LTE/UMTS procedure with a download speed of adult to 100 MBit/s. Services embody navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View, travel, trade and parking information. In addition, drivers can entrance their Twitter and e-mail accounts and their smartphone’s calendar. The new SIM label contains an total information volume for regulating these services. Another advantage: In many European countries, a Audi bond SIM automatically accesses a provider for any specific country, as needed. This eliminates high, country-specific roaming charges and untimely roaming confirmations for a customer.

Customers can also squeeze additional information packages for a Wi-Fi hotspot, eccentric of a integrated Audi bond services. This is a member of a discretionary navigation systems. It allows all passengers to roller a internet during appealing rates with adult to 8 mobile devices. If a patron selects a European information package, a information send also automatically works accordingly when channel an general limit – and so when changing internet provider – during bound prices.

Customers can strech a online emporium of a partner Cubic Telecom by their myAudi account. After a once-only registration, they can obtain a information package for a Wi-Fi hotspot from this shop. Once a compulsory entrance is postulated in a online shop, information packages can be fast and conveniently purchased directly by a MMI complement in a car. Customers might also continue to use their possess SIM label in a automobile and settle Wi-Fi internet entrance by their possess mobile provider. In this case, a information volume used by Audi bond services will also be charged to a customer’s SIM label and a Audi bond SIM temporarily deactivated.

With a new SIM card, entrance to a use of Audi bond services is postulated when a automobile is purchased – and in multiple MMI Navigation plus, is giveaway for 3 years (depending on a model). With MMI Navigation, use is enclosed for 3 months or, for an additional fee, for 3 years. After this, business can ask their Audi use partner to extend entrance for a fee.

The Audi bond SIM is used in all new models that embody a second era of a modular infotainment platform. These are now a Audi A3, a A4, a new A5, a Audi Q2 and a Q7. Other indication array will follow. The Audi TT, a R8, a A6 and a A7 are now released from this new offer.

The offer is a initial outcome of a partnership between Audi and a Irish association Cubic Telecom, a heading retailer of seamless worldwide connectivity solutions. 

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