Audi continues tellurian expansion in August

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AUDI AG delivered around 132,350 cars to business in August. As such, tellurian sales exceeded a prior-year month by 2.9 percent. Most recently, a direct for automobiles with a Four Rings grown definitely generally in China (+8.8%), a United Kingdom (+13.2%) and Spain (+23.3%). By contrast, weaker conditions of some markets in South America, Eastern Europe and a Middle East were also reflected in Audi’s sales balance. Cumulative tellurian sales augmenting by 4.9 percent given Jan to around 1,234,900 cars and are adult in all a brand’s core regions: in Europe (+7.4%), Asia-Pacific (+3.8%) and North America (+5.2%).

“In August, Audi achieved a 80th month of expansion in a row. This considerable method shows that a business is geared towards plain long-term success,” says Dietmar Voggenreiter, Board Member for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG. “In a generally formidable marketplace environment, a healthy, tolerable expansion is therefore a tip priority for us.”

In Europe, Audi augmenting a deliveries by 6.6 percent to around 48,750 units in August. The accumulative boost in a shred is so 7.4 percent; around 572,450 business motionless to buy an Audi given January. In a past month, a Four Rings continued to grow neatly in Spain (+23.3% to 2,935 cars); France also achieved estimable expansion of 7.7 percent totaling 3,987 sales. In a United Kingdom too, where a era changeover for a A3 indication had led to dwindling sales in July, total picked adult again for Audi in Aug with an boost of 13.2 percent to 6,336 customers. In Germany (+10.9% to 17,678 cars), a association exceeded a 200,000 deliveries symbol only after 8 months for a initial time; here accumulative sales stretched 11.6 percent to 208,378 units sole given January.
The new A4 done a estimable grant to a certain month in these markets, augmenting 60.1 percent to around 12,850 units in a whole of Europe. In August, Russia remained one of a countries where altogether direct in a marketplace fell. Audi sole 1,650 cars in a country, 25.0 percent reduction than one year ago. In Turkey (-46.7% to 853 cars), sales in Aug were also next a before year’s month following a severe marketplace environment.

In a U.S. market, Audi of America continued to grow with 19,264 cars delivered in August, adult 2.5 percent. Despite a new reduce marketplace gait and descending sales in a reward competition, Audi continues to grasp new record-breaking total month after month. From Jan by August, sales went adult 3.5 percent year-on-year to 134,562 units. The brand’s SUVs in sole sojourn a organisation favorite among U.S. customers; in Aug sales of a Q models augmenting 9.1 percent to 9,004 units. While Canada (+6.9% to 2.597 cars) also played a partial in a continued certain expansion in North America in a past month for Audi overall, a newcomer automobile markets in South America again valid some-more challenging. In Brazil, a region’s largest market, Audi sealed Aug with 1,065 cars delivered to customers, 24.5 percent reduction than one year ago.

By contrast, a company’s sales in China once again were really certain year-on year: 49,154 deliveries in Aug paint an 8.8 percent increase. Once again, expansion for Audi was fueled quite by a reward compress models. Demand for both a A3 (+25.7% to 7,444 cars) and for a Q3 (+45.6% to 8,121 cars) continued to arise neatly in a month. Across all models, a code sole 385,734 cars in China given a commencement of a year, a yearon- year boost of 6.8 percent. Additionally, a new A4 L is now being premiered in Chinese dealerships and is set to continue a predecessor’s success story. With this model, Audi became a initial reward manufacturer to offer a long-wheelbase sedan also in a mid-size shred from 2009 onwards. Since afterwards a annual sales total for a A4 have augmenting roughly sixfold in a largest tellurian sales market.

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